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This is a 100% compatible battery for eZeebikes manufactured by a high end battery manufacturer and always fresh of the production line. I am suprised you went to so much trouble and expense with this.FYI - RIDGID has lifetime warranties on their batteries if you register the info on-line.
First, be sure that your new cells have the same voltage (in my case they had 3.78 V each). Whether you’re looking for a replacement product, or rebuild of an existing battery, we can help. We can also build custom battery assemblies using high quality cells to a customer’s specifications. We are authorized distributors for Alinco, ICOM and Motorola OEM parts and accessories while they are still in production.
NiCd Lady Company has been in the business of assembly and distribution of batteries since 1994, supplying government, industry and retail with a wide variety of batteries, and production of assembled products. Then I researched getting bare batteries and rebuilding, recell, refilling the pack myself. I found out that one of the major problems with totally rebuilding a pack was tying the batteries together.
Around a year went by and I happened to receive a catalog from Harbor Freight that had a bunch of cheap junky battery powered tools. The next issue was to transplant the battery connector from the Milwaukee battery pack to the new one. I roughly aligned the Milwaukee connector on top of the new battery pack using the top of the Milwaukee case as a guide. If you like the content on this site, please support it by using this link to order from Amazon. I also want rebuild libretto 100ct battery (2 cells x3) ,but Shall i must reset battery chip (PCB) ?
After unwrapping the Motorola Engineering Samples, I found that one pack is made out of Sony Energytec US18650GR battery cells, while the other pack is made out of Toshiba LGR18650P. I pulled the older cells out of the PCGA-BP51, being very careful not to pull the metal tabs out of the circuit board.
To be precise, there is at least two types of Li-Ion batteries, that was in use in older laptop batteries. We currently have no date for when these may come back in stock.descriptionspecificationsvideosdocumentsaccessoriesreviews & questionseZee Lithium battery rebuild. From the basic individual cell to the completed product, we can help with your battery needs. I routed and cut the red and black wires from the Harbor Freight battery pack to the Milwaukee connector leaving a little slack.

Especially stuff that I use on a daily basis, such as my Sony VAIO PCGA-505TS SuperSlim notebook. I even sliced the wrapper off to see if there are any other designations, but there were none other. Their web-site could have been designed better, as I tried two web browsers, Mozilla and Firefox, neither worked with their shopping card. While transporting the battery to the location of my notebook, I managed to drop the battery 4 feet to concrete. Upon plugging the battery, the computer was able to boot up solely on the amount of juice in the new cells.
Newer LiIon packs use SMBus(SMartBus) controllers to charge in a way suited to each individual pack.
We have an excellent reputation for great service and competitive pricing with a complete inventory to handle any of your battery needs.
It went totally dead about a year ago and I tossed it out leaving me with one that was good and one that was on its way out. I was quite upset, because I figured that if I had not burnt out the circuit board, I surely have damaged it by dropping it. I was quite happy that the battery pack still worked and immediately proceeded to give it a full charge.
That is the same amount of time a brand new PCGA-BP51 could expect on a Sony VAIO PCGA-505TS notebook. When the computer is plugged in, the charge light will continuously flash.I think it is not ok to leave the battery plugged in while always connected to the wall socket. After rebuilding the battery pack, the battery pack did not power the laptop, nor did it charge, even though the charge indication was on. I'm thinking about replacing the batteries in my laptop battery pack and want to know if I have to keep power to the circuitry in the pack while replacing the batteries. It was an ideal match.But I didn't know what the pinout was, and I didn't want to hack it apart as I wanted to keep the case intact to use as part of the solar USB charger. I typed in the "18650" keyword and found that there are several brands of 18650 battery cells.
When I put the new cells into the configuration, I must have been quite careless, because I smelled an electronic burning smell. It was lasting ~1h even a week back, but after I dropped it I seems to have sprung loose connections. Cells like that rarely perform as advertised unless they are genuine, such as being true Panasonic cells.
It was a little intimating at first, since there was no screws or any other fasteners externally.

I immediately realized that I forgot to look at the polarity of the original configuration, and had mounted the new battery cells without even thinking of polarity. My goal is to make it as energy efficient as possible, so I can basically just keep running it all day long listening to music whilst I'm doing other things on my other computer(s). Unfortunately there are tons of Chinese fakes who get a high capacity label, but not the same cell build quality. There are 2 black wires that attach at thermistor that is glued between a couple of batteries in the pack. I had to use an X-ACTO knife to pry the two shells apart so that a flat-head screwdriver blade can be inserted.
Further, they are rated at 1-2C, which is in line with the 4-6A listed on the site you linked.
This brute force approach ruin the edges on the two shells, which had to be straightened out later before the shells can be put back together. I only install it on the notebook when I need to actually use it or charge it.Therefore, I think the battery will last a long longer if you charge it and remove it.
I took apart the original sony 11.1V 1500mAh 3 cell battery, and there was no way for me to take it apart nicely without breaking it, anyways I just wanted to take out the charge controller circuit and I did. After pulling the shell apart, I realized that the shells are held together with small tabs and mostly a rubber-like glue on the battery cells. Unfortunately by the time I found this forum I ended up frying the charge controller circuit. Looking a bit online, and using your pictures, the batteries should have a ~48 Wh capacity. They power the little vaio perfectly, I tested it today playing MP3's (340KBps rate) and I got over 3 hours out of it playing sound through external speakers via the headphone out! Pre to the '' - '' negative pin does ENABLE the battery and battery starts pumping juice through the '' + '' and '' - '' pins. The laptop pack has more range, but drops steadily in power (~1500 watts draw down to about ~1100 draw).
The A123 pack maintains its full power for the entire discharge, then drops off of a cliff when they're empty. I would suspect that if you tested the cells you purchased you would not see close to the stated 3.1AH capacity.
I hope your pack works well for you, but due to the differences in cell chemistry, I am curious about the longevity.

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