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One main cover on the back, 4 screws removed and you now have access to servicing and cleaning the fan heatsink assembly.
Thermal Paste creates a thermal seal between the chip and heatsink, removing the heatsink breaks this seal.
Old must be thoroughly clean from both heatsink, cpu & gpu, clean, smooth, and fresh thermal paste re-applied.
Failure to follow this step, even WITH a clean exhaust will definitely overheat the laptop! The main culprit to the overheating temperatures was the dust buildup blocking the internal cooling exhaust on the laptop. The laptop cannot exhasut the heat, heatsink cannot cool to cpu & gpu down, heat builds up inside of laptop casing. Product sticker on the laptop was original at Windows 7 Home Premium, so that told me to look through device manager, and his program list.

So for normal office, internet type of work, laptop runs lower cpu frequency,, much lower temps now. If he games, or watches a movie cpu automatically adjusts up to a higher frequency, and drops back down when not needed. So program alone WHEN installed, setup and functioning properly lowered temperatures down even more. Other type laptops must be fully disassembled just to get to the fan, so Lenovo was smart in keeping this area easy to get to. The main heat source is the laptops CPU, the blocked heatsink exhaust is the cause of excessive high temperatures, overheating, hard drive problems and eventually complete failure due to the heat inside.
Anytime the fan is completely removed the old thermal paste MUST BE completely cleaned off, AND fresh thermal paste applied.
Otherwise this will contribute to hot temperatures even after the heatsink vent is cleaned. Everything is described so clearly, even an inexperienced person such as myself could do it.

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