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In seismically active, emerging nations that have suffered through devastating earthquake damage, rebuilding communities doesn’t just end with repairing homes, schools and other community structures – it ends when a foundation has been laid for a safer, more prosperous community.
Working alongside world-class architects, builders and engineers from around the world to overcome challenges involved with teaching basic earthquake-resistant construction principles to locals, global nonprofit social enterprise Build Change is indeed changing what it means to design and rebuild communities in these disaster-prone communities with safe, practical and long-lasting solutions. More recently, the architects and engineers have been working with local builders and construction material manufacturers in Haiti to provide practical training in the most optimal processes of mixing and building with concrete using methods that outlast future natural disasters – while builders in Nepal have been trained similarly with their traditional building materials of mud and stone. In order to develop these design and construction blueprints on the fly – often far from the comforts of a traditional work environment – the engineers and architects from Build Change now rely on Lenovo ThinkStations and ThinkPads to help them make informed design decisions in tandem with using Autodesk design software. Regardless of the project at hand, be it a stone and mud house or a larger community center, the reliability that the Lenovo ThinkPad P70 mobile workstation ensure that Build Change can design and communicate consistently with build assignments across the globe. To date, these informed and accurate design decisions made on site have resulted in over 245,000 lives having already been impacted by the Build Change team’s rebuilding efforts – with the goal of reaching 10 million people by the year 2024. Through providing the right training and skills for communities and involving them in each step of the construction process, Build Change not only leaves behind the knowledge to build seismically sound structures, but also the innovations needed to help a community thrive long after the program ends. As for what’s next for the team, Build Change will help families living in informal settlements in Metro Manila increase their resilience to the effects of natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes by helping them to retrofit their existing houses.
To find out more about how Lenovo ThinkPads help provide Build Change with the right technology for every condition, find out how you can get involved, and view two other ways Build Change is helping, visit Lenovo here. Build Change has partnered with Lenovo to be a part of its “ThinkRevolution” customer engagement program, which celebrates Lenovo workstation users who are using Lenovo technology to revolutionize their industries and make a significant impact in their communities and the world. At Lenovo Tech World, Lenovo announced the addition of two new SAN storage arrays to its lineup, the S2200 and the S3200. Both arrays offer single or dual controllers in a 2U form factor with 12- and 24-drive bay configurations. Lenovo S2200 SAN array front and back.For additional speed, both arrays provide Intelligent Real-Time Tiering. Lenovo S3200 SAN array front and back.For reliability, both arrays offer Rapid RAID Rebuild, which minimizes recovery time when rebuilding the RAID array.
The new Lenovo S2200 and S3200 SAN arrays are scheduled for worldwide availability starting in June 2015. Don't miss each week's most important technology trends, insights and decision-making advice, right in your inbox.
Liu: We started the company with 11 researchers in November of 1984 with RMB 200,000 in funding from the Computer Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Liu: Prior to the integration we mapped out every possible risk, so when it came time to combine the two companies, it went pretty smoothly.
Liu: With the previous management, when it came time to make a major decision, the CEO at the time would discuss it with only the head of the function that the decision directly affected.
Liu: In the old status, the company focused on mature markets with little emphasis on emerging markets. Liu: I think for computers being used by people around the world, 70% to 80% are physically made in China.
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With a budget that hasn’t risen in years and $12 billion in deferred maintenance, the National Park Service is expanding its corporate sponsorship program. Former Westfield CMO Beth Ann Kaminkow discussed different facets of digital transformation and the changing role of the CMO. Hear what CEOs, Wharton faculty, and other commentators have to say about the latest business trends, breaking news and market research in their own words.

Unfortunately, many rebuilding efforts are based on routine cookie-cutter procedures that are incapable of any permanent improvement lasting long after the rebuilding crew has gone home. While many take cutting-edge, disaster-resistant buildings for granted, many emerging nations do not have access to the resources necessary for building or maintaining structures that, in many cases, rely on new solutions to meet the needs of a wide array of people across an even broader locale. To ensure they are meeting their goals of rebuilding a community rather than just a structure, the group focuses on five distinct elements of designing with impact.
Additionally, the team is supporting cities and towns in Latin America through increasing the resilience of existing buildings.
Whether they’re creating concept models, performing a structural analysis, rendering full-fledged architectural visualizations or just simply creating a video demonstration to help explain various techniques and processes, the ThinkPads are bringing these advanced technologies to on-site locations including Haiti, Colombia, Nepal, Guatemala, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This pre-disaster retrofit project was chosen as one of the eight winners out of 350 entries of OpenIDEO’s Urban Resilience Challenge. Lenovo will be working with Build Change and other “ThinkRevolutionists” across the world and many industries that embody this spirit – helping them to share their unique accomplishments and promote their important missions to create an even larger impact. Stored data that is used most frequently moves to the highest performing drives every five seconds. In addition, a snapshot feature captures point-in-time copies of live data without any performance hit, nor the need for additional backup software. The deal made Lenovo the third largest PC maker in the world, and marked the first time that a Chinese company had taken over an American one. Yang Yuanqing, who had been at the helm before the IBM deal, was renamed chief executive officer after CEO William Amelio, an American, resigned; Liu resumed the chairmanship and the company also launched a new business strategy. The first thing we wanted to integrate into the company was the [laptop computer] brand ThinkPad. The top management had a budget year to year, but every quarter when they couldn’t deliver, they revised down their expectations. But the new management is thinking differently, and we’re spending on emerging markets. This year we introduced ThinkPad Edge, a light, powerful notebook for the small-business market; we launched [the] Skylight smartbook, a combination mini-PC and smartphone, and we will also bring out the IdeaPad U1 hybrid, a notebook with a detachable screen. For some of the components, like storage and display, only 20%, or 30% or 40% are made in China. These include using local materials and skills that are available and sustainable, working with homeowners to create designs around the needs of their families, kickstarting the local economy through working with available resources and hiring from within the community and finally, creating jobs that last long after the Build Change crew has left the area. However, instead of responding to a disaster with a program focused on rebuilding a community, the Build Change team is working in seismically active areas to retrofit existing buildings and make them disaster-resistant before the next disaster hits.
The Thinkpads will allow Build Change engineers to analyze the existing housing, design improvements, and retrofit the buildings with speed and reliability even in the field. In addition, both SANs offer thin provisioning and SSD read caching, while storage pooling can virtualize storage across multiple drive types to improve IO. Both SANs are also equipped with redundant power supplies and hot-swappable fans and drives. Funding was an issue too — at that time a computer cost about $10,000, so we could only afford three computers. When it comes to a major decision, they look at the macro environment and the details of the company — each one thinks about how this decision affects his function. And when we are successful, we need to give back to our employees with incentives and rewards. And do you think this latest news is emblematic of the state of American and Chinese technology?

But for those software components like operating systems, the technology is not in the hands of the Chinese. Currently, the team is working on a retrofitting program in Bogota, Colombia and will be moving to the city of Medellin shortly afterwards. Currently, Build Change is learning the priorities of homeowners and government partners, and testing the techniques necessary.
In addition, the S3200 supports multi-protocol connectivity, allowing simultaneous use of Fibre Channel and iSCSI. The company said that with these features, the S3200 can provide up to 120,000 IOPS, close to All-Flash-Array (AFA) performance, but at much lower cost than the equivalent flash only system. This ensures that individual hardware failures do not bring the array down, and that fixes can be made while the systems continue to run without having to migrate data first to avoid downtime.
When the financial crisis hit at the end of 2008, the company reported a loss of nearly $97 million for its fiscal third quarter.
The third thing we needed to integrate were the global resources: the sales channel, the distributions channel and the employees. And number three: Would there be potential conflicts in management between the Chinese management and the Western management?
Yes, decision making does take longer this way, but for critical issues, this kind of strategy is the best one.
We’ve already seen examples of Chinese influence on how certain technologies evolve and become popular.
The next phase will be a 50-100 house pilot project, when the team will use the Thinkpads to design and implement these retrofits, improving the safety of hundreds of people and the resilience of an entire community. We needed to import components, but the state wouldn’t cooperate so we had to buy from the black market.
I remember that after the acquisition I gave a speech at a Chinese business school for a group of Executive MBAs.
When it came to drafting targets, the subordinate would sometimes come up with targets that were too high, or too boastful.
When we propose a target, we think it through, and we have a clear idea of how we’ll execute to meet it.
These difficulties and challenges are different from the ones faced by entrepreneurs today; the Chinese market economy has made things much, much better. I asked the audience how many people felt confident about the acquisition, and only two people raised their hands. But even despite these challenges, we became very successful: We competed against global brands, built confidence in Chinese companies and helped pave the way for our country to enter the World Trade Organization. Or on the other hand, sometimes a manager would come up with unrealistic targets for the subordinate, but the subordinate wouldn’t speak up so as not to criticize his or her boss.
In China, at the New Year or during the Spring Festival, it’s a customary tradition to send greetings to family and friends.
Calling people takes a lot of time so when this technology became available many people chose to send texts.

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