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In the last article, we have introduced "how to hack dead laptop battery" to our readers, but it is too simple. Kidding, it's not really a DeWalt edition rifle, it's just an M-16 some guy modded to look like one. The one with the integrated stock and grip is one I designed for Cav Arms (formerly of Chandler, AZ). Then, I went down to the DeWalt factory service place a few miles from the house to get a sticker.
For this reason, we decided to write a article about,laptop battery repair industry to help notebook users know what to do when laptop battery broken.
Ama garantide full performans çal?sacak diye birsey demiyor ancak pil sarj tutmazsa garanti kapsam?na giriyor.

The batteries cells supply the power and the proctection panels protect the board safety when charging. Battery cells are consumable items, the capacity reduce in each using, which directly determine the quality of notebook batteries. Of course, there may be due to damage of the protection board, but this possibility is very small. Now, let me introduce the whole process of laptop battery cells changing First, we use professional equipment to detect the cause of the malfunction.
There are many types equipment of Battery Fault Detection, such as: Texas Instruments products, MAX products, Ateml products, and even some personal home-made products. Most we use the commonly Texas Instruments (Texas) EV2300 Use professional equipment and related software to detect the cause of the malfunction Battery Fault Detection Texas Instruments EV2300 Once detected 92P1101 battery cells faulty , we are prepare to change the batteries cells for notebook battery.

In accordance with the parallel, in series of different combinations can be divided into: 2 parallel and 3 serial connection (the most common), 2 parallel and 4 serial, 2 parallel and 2 serial, 3 serial and 3 parallel and 3 parallel and 4 serial (relatively rare). We must use sub-meter cabinet and the internal resistance to check batteries capacity resistance, separation voltage, select out all specs of parameters for comparison with similar groups.
Also the thinkpad R50 battery thinkpad T41 battery thinkpad T42 battery thinkpad T43 battery is the same battery cells.

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