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The controversial Tesla Autopilot charged its first fatality Who will take responsibility now? Now you can experience even more capacity and longer lifetime, with the same battery dimension and weight in comparison to other similar products available today. This battery pack is built using a hard plastic pack and includes heavy duty bullet connectors and a balance charge lead that you can solder onto the wire of your choice.
So especially for the occasion, he supplied the “small» i3 with larger capacity batteries, which ensure improved autonomy….

The new LiFe pack can be used as a receiver battery or as a transmitter battery for the Futaba 4PK.
Reedy LiFe batteries come with low resistance 4mm socket connections with a 2mm balancing port, while a hard case maintains the integrity of the cells and meets EFRA’s dimensional guidelines and rules package for 2010.
In addition the ready-to-use LiFe batteries can have a considerable higher number of charge cycles and higher cell safety compared to LiPos.
We stock remote control car batteries for Traxxas, Hitec, Futaba, Nitro and many other brands.

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