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Intelligent current control, the latest pulse charge technology enables the current "keep changing" due to the battery voltage and its internal temperature, which is the most important consideration in managing the charge cycle . If you own a motorcycle, a motor home, a caravan, a lawn mover, a day cruiser or maybe a vintage car you must at some point had to write off a lead acid battery. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. When a battery is improperly charged or allowed to self-discharge as occurs during non-use, sulphate crystals build up on the battery's plates. The object is to get the cell voltage high enough for the sulphate to dissolve without boiling or melting the battery.
Working with electricity is dangerous for your life, especially diagrams related to high voltage! Once the 555 circuit starts to oscillate, the power switching will take over & will continue to chargethe supercap until it is fully charged.
What is the voltage required for the capacitor?I have some capacitor of about 10V at 100000 UF, this is to big? I do believe the switching circuit has improved the batteries ablilty to supply powerfor longer, however, I have also concluded that some method of recharging the battery is needed.
The sulphate preventing the battery from being fully charged and therefore it is unable to deliver its full capacity.

This is achieved by applying higher voltage for shorter periods and let the battery rest for a while. Check out these great prices on slightly used or just opened once only items.I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals ! Check out these great prices on slightly used or just opened once only items.I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals ! If you are using a circuit which allows energy from the vaccum to power your circuit,you are likely achieve excessive amounts of overunity. The relay placed across the low value resistor is used as a current regulator or short circuit protection circuit. When trying to charge a battery in this state it only gets hot and looses water, the gravity of the electrolyte is not increasing to its normal “full charge” state.
Start on long pulse and if you discover “boiling” (more than with normal charging) in the electrolyte switch to short puls. Don’t leave the process unattended, at least until you know how your specific version of this project turns out. I built ver.1 of this circuit some 10 years ago and have experimented with it but I’m sure someone can improve it further. Some older chargers are equipped with fin rectifiers, which have high voltage drop and must be replaced.

The circuit; a 14-stage ripple counter and oscillator IC 4060 produce a pulse, which is the heartbeat of the circuit.
The output of the 555 timer triggers the zero-cross optoisolator triac driver MOC 3041 via a transistor. A small power supply is necessary for the circuit and consists of T1 a transformer 15V 0.1A secondary, a bridge rectifier, a regulator and two caps. Because this project include a charger that is (X) the outcome can differ in performance from one case to another. Some notes the snubbercap is a high voltage AC type (X) and the resistors on the mains side is at least 0.5W type. Use a triac that can take 400V+ and 10A+, I use BTA 25.600 but this is overkill in most cases.

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