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Many manufacturers include tools for battery calibration among their pre-installed software. On Windows 7, just type power settings into the search bar on the Start menu and hit Enter, or right-click the charging icon on your Taskbar and choose ‘Power Options’.
Click OK on the Power Options window, then select ‘Save changes’ on the Plan Settings window, and you’re ready to discharge your battery. You’ll now need to wait a while for your battery to settle (we’d recommend at least five hours, so leaving it overnight might be a good bet) before plugging it back in and charging back to full power. If you want to get the most out of your battery, change your power settings back to how they were before the calibration process, or better. It’s taken many hours — depending on the state of your battery, and the power of your laptop, it might have been nearly a day — but Windows should now have a proper idea of the capacity of your laptop’s battery. Laptop computer batteries eventually need to be replaced, but the notebook battery itself is not the only component that could be at fault. It may sound simple, but the first stage of troubleshooting is to make sure the laptop is properly plugged in.
The power cord is a wire inside a plastic sheath, and the wire can break with or without damage to the sheath. Laptop battery life drops gradually over time, so it is common for a battery to not hold quite as much charge as it could when it was younger. The way to test if a problem is actually the battery is to remove the battery and try running the computer on outlet power alone. The Current Laptop is of NiMH batteries which can last long and do not have to worry about the charge and discharge it to make the battery life to long. If you’re   Dell Laptop Owner, then you should  have some of the question on how to take care of your laptop battery ?
The below information  from Dell site FAQ, we have extracted  the important information to make the readers to understand easily. No, with current lithium ion batteries this practice does not improve the runtime of the battery.
Should I totally discharge, then recharge my Dell laptop battery occasionally to make it last longer? For a battery advertised as having the ExpressChargeT  feature, the battery typically will  have greater than 80% charge after about an hour of charging with the system off, and fully charge in about 2 hours with the system off. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. First of all, perform a “hard reset” by pulling out all devices that are attached to your system and disconnect also the power cord and the battery from the back of the system.
Moreover, there can be other reasons why your HP laptop computer won’t power up, perhaps even a battery failure and you need a battery replacement or problems with the LCD even, but nevertheless there are solutions. Also, if you hear your laptop turning on and all the parts inside functioning properly, then the monitor might have problems displayed what should appear on the screen. Perhaps it’s telling you you’re at 30% then abruptly switching off without warning, or giving you absolutely spurious time remaining readings. It’s usually related to the battery itself; over time, even if you’re scrupulously careful, the amount of charge your battery can hold will decrease.

We need to teach Windows about your battery in its current state, calibrating its expectations with reality. It’s quite possible you’ve completely missed this (I certainly tend to ignore pre-installed apps), but have a look through — your laptop’s manufacturer will know more about your battery than Windows does, and running the recommended app should net you the best possible results.
You’ll need to start by filling your battery up to the brim with power, so plug in your laptop and allow the battery to charge. Select Balanced and click ‘Edit plan settings’, then make a note of what each of the boxes under ‘On battery’ is set to. Just unplug your laptop and continue using it normally, or leave it switched on to discharge. You can switch on and use your computer during this process, because the key step has been done: teaching Windows how long it takes to go from fully charged to completely empty. You might want to switch the screen off sooner when your laptop is running, for example, and send your computer to sleep after 10 minutes to conserve power when you step away from the keyboard, but it’s up to you. As it ages, though, it might lose touch again, so repeat the process as and when it seems like you’re not getting the correct report of the battery percentage remaining. Since laptop batteries can be expensive, it is important to find out why the battery will not take a charge before buying a new replacement battery.
There are both obvious and not so obvious reasons why the juice might not be flowing to begin with. There are several connection points (more, if extension cords are involved), any one of which could have worked loose. A fuse may have blown, power may be out, or someone could have flipped a wall switch and turned the outlet off. Since the outlet and power cord are essential for charging the laptop battery, checking them is the first logical step when experiencing battery problems. If the battery was removed and then put back in for whatever reason, it could simply be out of place.
An extremely depleted battery can sometimes be brought back to life, depending on the battery type and the computer type; check the computer manual.
If the battery supports ExpressChargeT, the battery typically will have greater than 80% charge after about an hour of charging with the system off, and fully charge in about 2 hours        with the system off. To check and see if that is so, use the VGA cable to connect your laptop to an external monitor and see if it sends video signals.
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But Windows won’t always keep up — it presumes your battery is as fresh and sprightly as it was when your laptop was new. Once it’s at 100%, leave your machine plugged in for another couple of hours to allow the battery to cool after charging, as heat can slightly alter your results. If you’ve set up Windows correctly, it won’t enter sleep mode and the screen won’t turn off. The real cause could be quick, simple, and inexpensive to fix, or there could be a serious problem with the computer itself and a new battery is not the solution. Likewise, how much power the computer uses will vary according to its settings and what the computer is being asked to do, so even a good battery will not always last as long as expected when used heavily.

The output of the adapter can also be tested using a voltmeter; the proper reading should be on the label of the adapter, and the output should be within 5 percent of the proper reading. Batteries that do not support ExpressChargeT typically charge in about 3 hours with the system off. Replace the battery and the power cord and as you press the power button see if the LED buttons blink.
Set the brightness level up, because accidentally if the brightness is lowered down, then the screen can be black, making you believe that there is something wrong.
If your laptop works, then there is nothing wrong with the motherboard and the display is indeed the one to blame.
We’ll choose 5 per cent here, which should give your machine enough power to enter its hibernation state. Here are several possible causes of a non-charging battery, together with appropriate fixes.
But batteries do have a limited number of recharges, and eventually batteries get old and die and have to be replaced. A lot of confusion exists on which batteries should be run out completely and which should never be completely run out, so it is important to consult the manual on this as well. Adapters commonly make some noise or get warm to the touch, but an adapter that gets too hot to touch is a sign that either the adapter or the battery is damaged. Listen to the fan inside and the hard drive, because if your laptop is working properly, then these should be functional and you will surely hear them.
Look at the AC adapter and see if it isn’t loose where it is plugged, thus making the laptop not charge properly.
These are listed roughly in order of complexity, so it’s a good idea to start at the top and work down. Even a new computer can contain an old battery, since batteries can age sitting alone in a warehouse.
If you don’t hear anything, then plug in a device into the outlet to see if that works properly and also check the power cord to make sure there is no break in the connection. If the AC adapter is defected, then you simply have to get a brand new one matching your HP model. There are ways to extend battery life, and these vary somewhat depending on the type of battery and the type of computer in question.
Now, if the fan and the hard disk are making any noise, then press the power button again and while the computer starts, press F10, opening the BIOS mode. Occasionally, defective batteries are sold; if a battery dies before its time, check to see if it is under warranty or has been recalled. The disk should run as you press the power button again and prompts will appear on the screen guiding you through the process.
If there are no results what so ever, then you should contact HP technical Support and get some advice from the technician, telling that you followed all the steps and nothing happened.

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