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Sony Vaio Battery care function increases your battery life time and battery back up in the long run by limiting the max capacity of the battery to 80% or 50%. Battery life will be about 80% of the one of the fully charged battery, however, this mode prevents battery degradation and is more effective if you usually use the computer with battery power. Take Vaio Control Center (from Control panel or by typing Vaio Control Center in the start menu).
If your computer is charged to 100%, unplug from the power source, and let the battery go below 80%.

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This entry was posted in Car care, car care tips, Car Safety, Davis Body Shop, holiday safety, safety tips, Vehicle Safety and tagged battery life, car battery, Car Care, car upkeep, Davis Body Shop. It is recommended to discharge the battery to less than 80% by using the computer with battery power. Nothing puts a damper on a road trip faster than having your car break down with a dead car battery.

The backup would be lower in the beginning, but in the long run average battery backup would be more.

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