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PRO Battery Specialists is in a very good position to be a dependable long-range source and supply for all your Emergency Lightning and Security battery requirements. PRO Battery Specialists is in a very good position to be a dependable long-range source and supply for all your Mobility and Wheelchair Batteries requirements. In our selection you can find: scooter, motorcycle, passenger car, light truck, SUV, truck, trakror batteries. Added to the alarm, scales, electric bicycle battery's the thing with Remote control with batteries. For extra power and premium performance, VARTA Silver Dynamic offers supreme starting power that will meet the toughest energy demands without compromise; as it provides superior performance for highly equipped cars. For complete reliability and peace of mind, the Blue Dynamic range offers extra starting power and keeps up with your busy daily schedule.

Choose from 45 custom paint options, custom artwork, add custom seats and wheels, lift it and pick your accessories.
With over 14 years in the business, we offer all battery needs for industrial equipment for the Inland Empire.
STANGCO keeps up-to-date with all state laws and regulations as well as new equipment to make sure you are always covered! With our on-site and in-shop services for rechargeable batteries and chargers, we can test and water batteries in either location and provide you alternative options for you industrial equipment.
Visit our Battery Services to see a full line of options ranging from rechargeable batteries and chargers testing, watering, accessories for spill clean up and so much more!
As your battery specialists, we provide you quality service to maintain your industrial equipment to get the job done!

Our knowledgeable battery specialists can help you determine what your industrial equipment needs to accomplish daily tasks and get you up and running, even for extended shift operations with little time to charge! Following in a family tradition of over 100 years of military service, and watching her brothers enter the US Army one-by-one, she finally graduated high school and enrolled herself.
Battery Specialists + Golf Cars is proud to announce we will be carrying the Streamlight brand of professional grade lighting. Driven to excel by her ongoing rivalry with her brothers, she volunteered for Airborne School, before crushing the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program.

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