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These high-quality OFHC cables are designed for use with PowerBright's DC to AC power inverters. When connecting the inverter to the power source use the thickest wire available, in the shortest length practical. We develop and manufacture quality and reliable computer controlled testing equipments for the development and production of all types of batteries and electrochemical energy-storage devices. Multiple Independent Channels each with its own ADC, DAC, microprocessor and measurement circuit.
Independent Upper and Low Voltage Clamp Circuits prevent battery from overcharge and excessive discharge. Channel Status Visual Display: current range, voltage range and control type LEDs indicate each channel's working status.
High Speed Pulse Output: completely user defined voltage and current pulse output controlled by FPGA hardware, independent from other channels without interference.
Reliable Safety Protection: Hardware protection circuit protects over current and over voltage. Automatic System Cooling Control: Cooling fan automatically turns off to reduce environment noise during low power output. Cutting Edge Circuit Design and Component Selections to achieve the highest system performance and reliability. FT100 is a 4 channels, high accuracy, high resolution and high speed battery testing system.
This portable design is used for R&D and lab testing of batteries and other electrochemical energy-storage devices.

Voltage, Temperature, pressure etc auxiliary measurements are available upon customer requirement. FT1000 is a multiple channels, high accuracy, high resolution and high speed data acquisition testing system. Jmida Technology specializes in developing new functions to meet customer special requirements and applications. We are able to deploy high power, high voltage and high current battery testing system base on customer requirements. Windows Operated - Battery_LabPro is powerful, easy-to-use battery testing software that is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems. Independently Operated Channels - Each channel is independent of other channels, allowing different tests to be performed on different test channels simultaneously without interference.
User-Defined Program - Users can customize their own program or test profile to test different batteries with the Battery_LabPro software. Flexible Operation Modes: constant current, constant voltage, constant load and power, as well as linear ramp, staircase, pulse etc.
Dynamic Data Acquisition allows user to capture data in a different manner for each step based on changes in time, voltage or current etc, to record the most useful data with minimum data file size.
Sign up for Pump Products Special Offers and Tips and get $5.00 off your first order of $100 or more. Please allow up to 1 business day to receive your promo code by email, which may be used on your next purchase from Pump Products. They come in a variety of gauges and lengths for various installation scenarios and maximum power requirements.

Different channel clamp voltages can be set independently by the testing software, allowing different types of batteries to be tested with different clamp voltages simultaneously.
Maximum of 10 stages, minimum stage width 100uS, maximum 85 seconds and timing resolution is 1uS.
Fast system response to battery false conditions prevents system damage from improper operation. Each channel pulse output is independently controlled by the hardware, and can output different pulses simultaneously without interference. User can assign X and Y axial to any parameter to show the changes in one parameter relative to the other. Each channel can output or source constant current or constant voltage, and test battery charging or discharging. It is designed for R&D and production of batteries and other electrochemical energy-storage devices. Compatible with multiple current and voltage range to maximize control and measurement accuracy.

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    Use the power inverter and the laptop's AC Adapter.