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Taxes and levies imposed on imported metal, again scrap or new is another factor that adds up to prevailing scrap metal prices.
The rarity of the metal is always a determinant in scrap metal prices, the rarer the metal, the higher the price.
Knowing what scrap metal is highly available in your area is one step in bringing the best metal scrap prices. Know the local scrap metal dealers and buyers and what is generally purchased in your area. Compare prices between potential buyers and other sellers, there is a lot to learn even for experienced metal traders. Know the specifications of buyers and comply with their rules to bring in the best scrap metal prices.
Collecting scrap metal is not a joke; it can be fun and challenging but nonetheless, approach it with a solid business plan and a straightforward attitude.
Scrap Metal Sydney has a wide range of customers, from the people and institutions we buy from to our buyers and we are fair to all. Scrap Metal Sydney is one of the leading and promising scrap metal companies in Sydney, Australia.
Scrap Steel Recycling - A Marvellous Business CreationThe real purpose behind the recycling of steel is to ensure a steady supply of steel for the manufacture of extremely useful products.
There are many types of recyclable metals, including aluminum, brass, carbide, cobalt, copper, hastelloy, incoloy, molybdenum, monel, nickel alloys, stainless steel, titanium and tungsten. Recently, scrap yards have been reporting opportunities to purchase inventory at high discounts below American Metals Market (AMM) pricing from distressed companies.
There has also been significant investment in the equipment and processes for the collecting and recycling of metals.
Prior to the current economic crisis, inventories of scrap iron and steel were nearing lows not seen since the 1990’s.
The majority of processed scrap steel is used in electric arc furnaces (EAF), which produce lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions than alternative traditional blast furnaces. In 2009, a government incentive was introduced to jumpstart new car buying in the United States. For more than three months, structural steel from the World Trade Center has been and continues to be cut up and sold for scrap.
My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapsea€¦It would be difficult for something from the plane to trigger an event like that. The attacks had to be seen as being the work of Arab Muslim terrorists in order for the terror deception to succeed and achieve the desired effect on public opinion. If the government had real evidence that would conclusively prove its case for waging war, why has it not presented the evidence in a federal court after 10 years? If the attacks were truly carried out by Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida there would be no reason to hide any of the evidence because it should serve to corroborate and confirm the official version.
This is exactly what happened when, for example, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confiscated video recordings from privately-owned cameras overlooking the Pentagon. Finding those responsible for the destruction of the evidence requires investigating a most unlikely set of suspects, including current and former officials of the U.S. The officials who oversaw the investigation at the World Trade Center certainly knew it was wrong to dispose of evidence from the crime scene before it had been properly examined. The abundance of iron-rich spheroids in the dust of the destroyed towers is not explained in the U.S. The discovery of fragments of unexploded super thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center by Dr. Steel is said to have a memory because when it is exposed to explosions or extreme heat its structure is affected. Consistency is close to being the mark of a set of true beliefs; it is at least rationally compelling. Avner Azulay runs the Marc Rich Foundation from Shaul Eisenberg’s Asia House in Tel Aviv. Eventually, Irgun and Betar veterans would form the present-day Likud Party, now headed by Binyamin Netanyahu, a noted extreme right-winger. Since September 11, Sheirer has taken charge of the biggest clean-up effort in American history, coordinating 100 federal, state, and local agencies, including FEMA.
Sheirer delegated the handling of the steel to an agency under his command, the Department of Design and Construction (DDC), headed by Kenneth Holden.
Hugo Neu and Metal Management Northeast were the final links in the closed system that was set up by the terror masterminds to ensure the secure destruction of the steel evidence from the World Trade Center. Hugo Neu a€?played a pivotal role as the principal recycler of steel from the World Trade Center,a€? the company says about its role in the destruction of the steel. When it reached the Port Authority pier, the Kathleen dropped off the loaded barge, picked up one of three waiting empty barges and immediately headed back to Pier 6 in Manhattan. The docks at Hugo Neu Schnitzer East, in the Claremont Channel in Jersey City, reveal the next leg of the journey. A few steps from the grappler, a team of men with torches were already cutting beams into pieces five or six feet long.
Kelman said Hugo Neu had a work force of nearly one hundred people working on the scrap metal from the World Trade Center, including 25 workers assigned to girder cutting, working around the clock in twelve-hour shifts. The people at Hugo Neu and Metal Management Northeast were obviously engaged in a hasty effort to cut up the steel, mix it with other scrap, and export it to distant Asian smelters. Having contacted the key players involved in the destruction of the steel, I have not found one that is willing to discuss the subject. Knowing there would be a huge amount of structural steel remaining after the explosive demolition of the Twin Towers, the terror masterminds put in place a network to manage the destruction of the steel, the solid evidence that could expose their crime. The second generation German-Jewish scrap dealer was certainly well prepared to handle the massive job.
To broker the deals with Asian mills Hugo Neu had created a global trading division in 1999, headed by two veteran ferrous metal traders from Marc Rich and Glencore AG in Switzerland.
The new venture, known as Hugo Neu Schnitzer Global Trade LLC, will build on the years of experience and expertise of Hugo Neu and Schnitzer in the international ferrous scrap metal markets and their long-term industry leadership in scrap metal processing and recycling operations.
The new trading venture will maintain executive offices in New York and will purchase scrap and other commodities from suppliers in Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, South Africa and other foreign countries for sale to steel mills and foundries around the world. January 1999 seems like an odd time for Hugo Neu to have created a global trading division in ferrous scrap metal considering that the price of scrap iron had plunged 50 percent and was at its lowest point in 50 years a€“ between $70-80 per ton.
The two recyclers who bought the steel from the World Trade Center were taking on a huge amount of steel in the most depressed scrap market of their time.
After spending their early professional careers with the Marc Rich Group both in the US and the UK, the principals of Idoru Trading Corp, Nathan K. In 2001 the two left HNSGT and created a new ferrous scrap division, Idoru LLC, for the Midland Group, combining their extensive experience in global ferrous scrap trade with Midland’s steel expertise in Ukraine and the CIS. It is not known when Saar and Fruchter actually left Hugo Neu Global Trading and went to work for the Midland Group, which was founded by two Russian Jews, Alex Shnaider and Eduard Shifrin.
It seems very likely that Fruchter and Saar had Zionist partners working on both ends of their deals. If the scrapyards that handled the steel from the World Trade Center were part of a Zionist conspiracy we would expect to find that the junkyards themselves were Zionist-owned operations.
Hugo Neu was a Jewish immigrant from Cologne who headed Associated Metals and Minerals Corp.
Hugo Neu’s Zionist character can be seen by its investment in an Israeli venture capital fund called the Agua-Agro Fund, which is managed by an Israeli named Nir Belzer.
Gafri trained at Israel’s Nuclear Research Center (Dimona) in the Negev Desert, where explosive coatings using nanotechnology are developed. Metal Management Northeast (MMNE) of Newark was the other junkyard that handled a large amount of steel from the World Trade Center. With the fall of the price of scrap steel, the junkyard industry faced financial pressures in the late 1990s. This directory is for people wishing to find local or national scrap metal dealers within the UK. The site features information on scrap metal recycling and also battery recycling and associated cash that can be earned from your unwanted scrap metal.
Theft of scrap metal has been on the rise since prices of certain metals has gone through extraordinary rises in value.
American steel producers continue to operate below maximum capacity, and steelmakers are effectively managing the lack of demand with plant shutdowns as they handle current inventory levels and try to set a floor on prices. China is currently the world's largest producer of steel, providing approximately 45 percent of global supply. As the steel market has become increasingly globalized, domestic producers have been reluctant to expand capacity because of heightened global competition.
Under this trend, real-estate projects are nearing completion, but new construction projects are not being implemented.
While economic problems still exist in the construction sector, automotive sales have rebounded off their lows.
Demand continues to increase in the energy sector, considering the increased interest in alternative and renewable energy sources, such as wind-turbine towers.
While demand for steel from China is softening, the domestic industry continues forging ahead focusing on technological advancements, renewed auto expansion and energy-sector opportunities. This a recognized scrap metal company from Sydney, Australia that does both the buying and the selling. If the scrap is rare to come by in your area, the demand will be higher and so will the price. The less of the metal there is, the more valuable it is and thus fetches higher prices in the form of both scrap and new.

Local is always cheaper and is usually better as many factors can be controlled from securing, transporting and processing local scrap metal.
For example, gold, silver and platinum are expensive even in scrap form as these are fine and rare metals. Your area may be a suburban neighborhood or a part of the city with a lot of construction going on.
Visit your local recycler a get a list of what they will take from you and supplement this on site activity with internet research.
Randomly wandering around city blocks looking for scrap metal can be dangerous, so alert an adult to your activities. We incorporate the same integrity when buying from sellers and sources to the loyal and valuable customers we sell to ourselves. We change how the world operates through our trusted and reliable services as we impart our contribution to clean and save the environment and to help in the recovery of our economy.
The prices are highly dependent with the status of the market, so they can still vary for that reason.
Demand for the recycled steel has kept on escalating from year to year and there is a constant battle to create very efficient businesses that will provide this type of service. Thus, reported scrap prices may not actually be reflective of some of the variance in the marketplace, especially where scrap yards are negotiating bargain pricing.
Maximizing the amount of metal extracted from waste has positively impacted the availability of scrap. Over the course of the twentieth century, the introduction of curbside collection of electrical appliances and other materials containing steel helped to increase the level of metal recycling, resulting in more scrap availability to meet growing demand. The ratio of recycled steel and iron within the individual components of an automobile varies, but in general, the average passenger car is made up of approximately 65% of steel and iron; 25% of which comes from recycling. The collapse in the transportation and construction industries and the subsequent credit crisis resulted in a significant drop in demand for finished products manufactured in steel. Also, the metallic mix in EAF steel production is about 80-85% scrap, versus the traditional blast furnace that uses only 20% scrap. Cash for Clunkers, as it was infamously named, got hundreds of thousands of used cars off the streets. Crucial evidence that could answer many questions about high-rise building design practices and performance under fire conditions is on the slow boat to China, perhaps never to be seen again in America until you buy your next car. It was essential that the blame be put on the targeted scapegoat as quickly as possible to preclude any serious doubts or questions being raised about who was behind the atrocity. It was, therefore, based on nothing more than fabricated evidence, but with the controlled media and public opinion solidly behind him, that President George W. This is not an easy task because it requires thinking counter-intuitively about the crime and looking at it from a completely different angle than how it has been explained by the government and controlled media.
Any inquiry that does not examine and consider all the evidence is not an investigation, but a fraud. While it was quite clear to many people (and explosion experts like Van Romero) that the steel-framed Twin Towers did not simply collapse due to burning jet fuel, this unproven and most unlikely explanation was accepted without question by the officials responsible for the criminal investigation. The fact that the highest officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI allowed the structural steel to be destroyed without been examined indicates that a high-level criminal conspiracy was at work to prevent it from becoming forensic evidence. A sophisticated bi-layered coating of super thermite had evidently been applied to surfaces inside the towers, particularly on the undersides of the floor pans. Geological Survey’s published study or by the government-funded research that concluded that burning jet fuel caused the towers to collapse. In 1947, Mordechai, who spoke Chinese having lived in Harbin from 1919-1930, was sent to China by Menachem Begin, the Chief Commander of the Ezel (Irgun), to raise funds for the Irgun ship Altalena. The highest agent in this system was Michael Chertoff, the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Sheirer, then commissioner of Giuliani’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM), was the local official who was given complete authority over the a€?clean-upa€? at the World Trade Center. In three easy steps from the FBI to the junkyard, the control of the crucial steel evidence passed from one Zionist-controlled agency to the next until it was destroyed in the smelters of Asian steel companies. Frank Lombardi, chief engineer for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which built the World Trade Center and owned six of the seven buildings (except Larry Silverstein’s WTC 7), said the rubble contained an estimated 285,000 tons of steel.
A second tug would pick up the steel and tow it to one of two scrap recyclers, either Metal Management of Newark or Hugo Neu Schnitzer East. It is in that form that the material will be sent to steelmakers who will melt it down in huge ovens to make new products. Kelman told the AP that the steel from the Twin Towers was sliced into pieces with industrial guillotines or blow torches and thrown in with other scrap before being shipped to smelters in Asia.
The real purpose behind this effort was to prevent the steel from being properly examined and becoming evidence that could expose the real cause of the explosive demolition that claimed nearly 2,800 lives.
One scrap metal dealer, Hugo Neu Schnitzer East of Jersey City, already had the contract with New York City to recycle steel from the Fresh Kills dump on Staten Island, where the first truckloads of steel from the World Trade Center were taken. In August 2001, Hugo Neu was engaged in a private-public project to dredge the narrow, two-mile Claremont Channel that ships used to reach its yard.
But why would Hugo Neu invest $24 million in dredging the channel and create a global trading division when scrap iron prices were at the lowest levels in 50 years? Having fallen from $150 per ton in late 1998, the price of scrap steel remained very low between 2001-2003, exactly the period when the steel from the World Trade Center was exported to Asian mills halfway around the world. By 2005 the Midland Group completed their spin-off of the scrap division, and Idoru Trading was born.
Fruchter told me that he had been fired from Hugo Neu in January 2000, which is certainly not true because a November 2000 article in the International Herald Tribune describes Nathan Fruchter as a€?vice president of the international trading division of Hugo Neu Corporation in Manhattan.a€? It was obvious that Fruchter did not want to tell me when he actually left Hugo Neu, but why would he want to conceal that? That is to say that the deals concerning the crucial steel evidence from the World Trade Center were probably done within a closed trading network of Zionist agents, with Alex Shnaider, for example, an Israeli who migrated to Israel from the Ukraine when he was 4 years old. Belzer also happens to be the senior manager and co-founder of Israel’s Millennium Materials Technologies Funds with a man named Oren Gafri. Gafri is a specialist in energetic nano-composite coatings exactly like the one that was found in the dust of the World Trade Center. This scrapyard facility had been a family-owned business, formerly known as Naporano Iron & Metal Co. He is also involved in the major Zionist organizations in Canada and the United States, and is a director of the Shoah Foundation. As a result, steel prices have recovered from their 2009 low, and though 2012 is shaping up to be a questionable year, the price of steel hasn't been greatly affected by economic uncertainty so far. The country is currently in a controlled economic slowdown as the Chinese government tries to control rampant inflation and an exaggerated real-estate boom that hit between 2009 and 2011 due to restricted lending.
Vacancy levels have increased, and though developers are willing to finish old projects, they're hesitant to start new ones.
Companies such as Siemens Wind Power are capitalizing on the growing popularity of alternative energy and have contracted companies including Tata Steel to increase production of profiled steel plate (cut to a desired shape) to be utilized in the production of wind towers. An honest trader will give you the recommended price for your scrap while a dishonest one will want to make as much money as he can. Prices fluctuate daily but good companies like Scrap Metal Sydney have pricelists on their site. Most yards and companies are not hard to deal with, but they definitely want aluminium, copper and steel to be separate from each other. In short, doing business with Scrap Metal Sydney is good for all parties concerned and we work hard to make scrap metal supplies stable from our end keeping our prices the kind that you like- reliable. It is best that you do not throw away your broken appliances or any non-functional devices. But we assure you that there are no other businesses like the way we do our trades to you, as our valuable customers. The creation of Scrap Metal Sydney is one such effort in creating a business that provides pick-up collection of scrap metals from practically anywhere in and around Sydney. This scrap is collected through 2,500 scrap processors and more than 12,500 auto dismantlers in the U.S. While automobiles continue to be recycled at a high rate, containers and appliances extraction rates have increased approximately 20% over the past ten years. Currently, more than 34 million appliances are recycled annually, providing approximately 10% of the steel processed by recycling facilities.
With rising levels of plastic and non-ferrous metals used in the production of automobiles, the amount of steel utilized will continue to decline. It has been reported that using recycled material instead of virgin ore can save up to 95% of the energy in aluminum production and 74% in iron and steel production. In turn, demand for the auto parts needed to keep those jalopies running vanished, which meant that demand from auto parts makers to the secondary market decreased, driving down domestic demand for scrap.
In an act of false-flag terrorism, placing the blame on the targeted entity is the primary motive for the crime. Although there were clearly a number of serious problems with the explanation that Al Qaida was behind the attacks, such as the unexplained explosive demolitions of the three towers at the World Trade Center, these issues were never discussed in the mainstream media. Likewise, the FBI collected many numbered aircraft parts which could identify the specific plane they came from, yet none of these parts has ever been presented to support the official version. This is very difficult for people who have a great deal of trust invested in what the government and media say.
This includes the 147 people said to have been on the two airliners that struck the buildings plus the 2,605 victims trapped in the towers when they were demolished. When the explosive thermitic coating was detonated it pulverized the 4-inch thick concrete floors and the steel pans that held them. Jones, on the other hand, explains both the pulverization of the concrete floors and the abundance of molten iron droplets in the dust.
Married to a Japanese woman who converted to Judaism, Eisenberg established the Israel Corporation, a huge holding company, which, during the 1970s, began to secretly export Israeli military equipment and weapons to China.

Kelman, then senior vice president and general manager of Hugo Neu, told the Associated Press in 2002 that his company had handled 250,000 tons of trade center scrap and had shipped it to 11 countries, including Malaysia, China, South Korea, and Japan.
This would mean that Hugo Neu processed about 88 percent of the steel from the World Trade Center. The crucial roles played by Hugo Neu and Metal Management in the recycling of the steel did not happen by accident but were part of a well organized plan to ensure the destruction of the evidence from the World Trade Center. Fruchter and Jehuda Saar, formerly co-managers of the ferrous scrap department of Glencore AG in Europe, who bring extensive experience and commodity trading know-how with them.
With shipping costs running about $25 per ton, the cost of shipping steel to Asia devoured most of the dealer’s profit margin. The junkyards would need to be under Zionist control in order to facilitate the secure destruction of the steel. For the junkyard that destroyed most of the steel from the Twin Towers to be invested with an Israeli fund manager who develops such coatings is noteworthy, to say the least. 1 underwriter in Israel and had underwritten more than $4.5 billion worth of merger and acquisitions transactions during the previous five years in Israel.
Under his leadership, CIBC World Markets invested in an Israeli venture capital fund called the Genesis Funds, where Lior Bregman was a partner. The issue isn't a lack of demand from manufacturing but rather a continuing lagging construction sector. Accordingly, China will have to find alternative solutions to deal with softer steel demand, both globally and domestically, and this could potentially weaken steel prices in the future.
Coupled with ever-increasing costs from seaborne (imported) iron ore over the past few years and increasing environmental standards, the domestic industry is more focused on reducing costs and increasing quality than increasing capacity.
Much in the way that the remaining American textile industry has focused on high-cost advanced textiles, the domestic steel industry is focusing on technological advancements and quality control, worrying less about volume. While the full effect of the negative feedback loop has yet to be felt by Chinese steel manufacturers, as current construction projects wrap up, the lack of new projects to take their place will undoubtedly put download pressure on steel prices. Continued demand from conventional sources of energy (oil, gas, and coal) continues to grow, and the underlying commodity demands are prompting capital expenditures on machinery and equipment, as well as infrastructure improvements like delivery pipelines.
He or she will therefore cheat you out of your scrap by offering the lowest price he can get away with. Check out their rules for how things must be prepared to make transaction flow easier for both of you. Companies like Scrap Metal Sydney have collecting services but if you have smaller stashes of scrap metal to sell, a pickup is a good choice. Also, if there will be changes due to certain factors in the market, we will always keep our price list updated. The most recycled material in the World The most impressive feature of steel is its ability to be continually recycled without any degradation in performance when used in the forging of one material to another. Today, steel is the most recycled material, being extracted from old appliances, automobiles, packaging products and obsolete infrastructure components. From 2004 to mid-2008, the average price for scrap steel and iron doubled due to strong global demand for steel products. International Trade Commission reports significant growth in scrap exports, which have doubled since 2003. In January 2010, key steel mills announced they were going to increase capacity by bringing some idled furnaces back online; however, significant capacity has not been brought back online as there are continued concerns that prices for finished goods will decline. Furthermore, for each ton of steel that is recycled, 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone are conserved.
For an act of false-flag terrorism to succeed it is essential that crucial evidence be removed and destroyed to protect the fraud, and the criminals behind it, from being exposed. Instead of solving the crime and bringing those responsible to justice, people in positions of power participated in a criminal conspiracy to destroy the evidence and obstruct justice. The intense heat released by the alumino-thermic reaction melted the steel pans, creating billions of tiny molten iron droplets that fell like burning hail from the apocalyptic clouds that rolled across lower Manhattan. Conventional thermite cutter charges were apparently used to slice the massive core columns that held up the towers. Marc Rich, and his lieutenant Ivan Glasenberg, CEO of Glencore International, are both Israeli citizens with close ties to the Mossad.
Because the dredging was done to improve shipping for Hugo Neu, the company paid $24 million while the New Jersey Office of Maritime Resources paid $20.5 million. Combined with the processing, recycling and trading capabilities of Hugo Neu and Schnitzer, Hugo Neu Schnitzer Global Trade will offer an unparalleled array of services and a broader scrap supply to a large base of overseas and domestic customers.
From their early days with Marc Rich and Glencore, on to Hugo Neu and the Midland Group, Saar and Fruchter have always worked for companies closely tied to Israel and the Mossad. This is exactly what we find with Hugo Neu Schnitzer East and Metal Management Northeast, the two junkyards that processed the steel from the World Trade Center. Dienst, a managing director with CIBC World Markets, was hired to turn the company around and became a director of Metal Management in June 2001.
In 2011, seaborne iron-ore prices were up 28.1 percent from 2010, costing domestic steelmakers $25 billion dollars more in securing imported ore.
Additionally, worldwide electric power demand is expected to increase over the foreseeable future, which should spark additional demand for steel.
While people may have discovered an extra income in their scrap, they have absolutely no idea on scrap metal prices; they are therefore left with no choice but to go with whatever the buyers determine. They may be considered as junks but to many, they are called treasures that can still be reused, refined and processed to generate new and usable appliances and products.
Definitely, we will still give great prices you deserve and the due credits to you, 100% guaranteed. Scrap metal recycling is a cyclical industry that generally reflects the current economic condition, and both domestic and international demand and supply influences. Worldwide demand for scrap will remain high as industrial expansion continues in developing nations. Based on discussions with industry contacts, steel mills are running at approximately 65%-75% capacity.
Historically, iron ore was priced on an annual basis; now the market is determining the price which has driven iron ore costs higher than scrap. The destruction of the evidence and the promotion of the deception are intrinsic parts of the crime. Eisenberg’s vast holdings eventually included Israel Aircraft Industries and Zim Israel Navigation Company. In 2006, the Belgian Jew Jehuda Saar emigrated from Teaneck, New Jersey, to Israel with his family. CIBC World Markets was also known as CIBC Oppenheimer, which became a subsidiary of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce after CIBC acquired New York-based Oppenheimer & Co. While 2011 was a relatively good year for the industry, revenue was still lower than it was in 2008. As the average domestic vehicle age continues to reach record levels (currently 10.8 years), demand for new vehicles should continue to increase, assuming all else remains equal.
There are however some ways by which you can keep up with the current scrap prices word wide. These metals remain precious even in the form of scrap and are expected to fetch a higher price when compared to others. As of 2012, it was still the recycling champion with a winning score of 88% over all other recycled material.  At Scrap Metal Sydney we appreciate this fact and go all-out in a search and pick-up mode that provides an excellent service to all our customers in the Sydney area leaving a very “clean look” after the pick-up. Prices hit rock bottom in the fourth quarter of 2008 as end-user demand (particularly in the automotive and construction industries) dropped.
Much of the scrap exported is processed in mills located in these countries and is used to build new infrastructure. As an alternative, lead times for finished goods are being extended in an effort to keep supply low so that prices continue to increase.
The automotive industry is coming out of its consolidation phase, and companies such as General Motors are working at more than 100 percent of plant capacity, making heavy use of overtime and third shifts.
You may chose to check the internet since there are reputable websites that post prices on a regular basis. The three key components Our experts at Scrap Metal Sydney categorize the sources for steel scrap into 3 main classes: home scrap which produced within the steel mill itself and is available for use within just a few weeks of recycling. From Q4 2008 to Q1 2009, steel production declined 39% and inventories at scrap yards started piling up. When Dienst later became chairman of the board for Metal Management Inc., in April 2003, he was still a managing director at CIBC World Markets, where he remained until January 2004. Continued strength suggests that the auto industry is poised to finish 2012 at a 14.5 million-vehicle pace, a projection that should continue to help support steel production. Over the last 12 months, prices have begun to recover and high inventory levels have leveled off. Today, after a merger with Sims Group, Dienst is Group CEO of Sims Metal Management, Ltd.
This is a company that uses accurate weighing machines, offers honest prices and pays promptly. For the motors and transformers, we price them at $500 per ton as we use the weigh and pay on site system.

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