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This table shows different banks and the respective EMI options based on the product price. Due to high demand in summer, most of the dealers of out of stock with Inva Tubular Battery Models while other semi tubular batteries like “Invertor Plus” are easily available with little price hike. So, from now on, IT400 (115ah) battery with normal design is outdated, be careful while buying IT400, ask your dealer for Tall tubular IT400. Old IT400 is replaced by New IT400 with Tall Tubular design and increased AH rating of 115.  Success of IT500 Tall tubular battery is the reason behind the design change of IT400. IT650 is replaced by newly launched IT750, this new model has excellent fast charging ability and extremely useful in heavy power cut areas. If you are not from chennai, we strongly recommend to Install Two small inverters instead of one big inverter. In simple words, if you are going to use 3 fans and 3 tubes for 6 hrs, then just install a inverter and battery with capacity to run 6 fans and 6 tubes for 6 hrs. If you were going to buy v-guard 800 va inverter, then Exide IT 500 inva tubular (150ah) would be a good choice. This combination will serve you better and sufficient for 4 to 5 hours continuous backup for your load preference.
I have one more querry…i came to knw abt that exide it500 is c20 type , the inverter shop offering me c10 140ah battery with same warrenty as exide for ‘12000rs can go for that??
Sir, I want to buy Su-kam 850 VA pure sine wave inverter and 150 AH Exide Inva Tubular battery. According to you if I buy Exide Inva Tubular IT 500 then you recommend me Microtek Pure Sign wave inverter. The combination is perfect, but be sure that your dealer is providing service for genus inverter.
We recommend DSP Sine wave solar hybrid inverter from genus, in future hybrid solar inverters are going to capture the market. DSP Sine wave solar hybrid inverter has an additional option to charge the battery from solar panels. After receiving your reply We will confirm whether your dealers price quote is right or over priced. Hi, I had bought an APC 850 VA inverter with SF Stanred 500+ tubular battery last Feb’12.
An eighty AH exide battery could power 2 fans for 8 hrs at medium speed, For 150 AH 2 fans should run for atleast 10 hrs.
Connecting the whole home wiring to inverter will definitely affect battery back up time and battery life. As far as inverter is concerned Microtek, sukam and luminous inverters perform well under frequent power cut situations, all these inverters use more or less same technology. The battery named Okaya ProPower Premium Tubular Battery in black color, is it genuine okaya battery?
Exide is selling its batteries under three different brand names, Usually it’s a marketing strategy used by big companies to control the market. Exide IT500 (INVA TUBULAR 500) 150ah battery is better than ST500 ( stanTubular500) 150 ah battery. As far as Exide IT500 is concerned, it has 36 months full replacement warranty and for next 12 months they will give some discount on new battery purchase. You asked us about Exide CT 500, we did’nt post any information on CT500 because this one is new to market, it has yet to proven. If you face 2hrs power cut per day, then we recommend Exide (semi-tubular)invertor plus 150 AH with 2 years full warranty. ST 500 (SF StanTubular 150 AH battery) would cost atleast 1500 rupees less than Exide IT500.
200 AH battery for 800 VA inverter in long power cut areas is completely useless, you battery will not get fully charged since the charging current of 800 VA inverter is not suitable for fast charging the 200 AH battery.
Dear admin but in night time the was fully recharge there is no power cut in night time now its good for me or not…. Do one thing, Use your battery power at day time fully until the inverter auto shutoff the battery power. After obtaining some quotes, we have purchased Microtek 1550VA SWE2 Pure Sine wave UPS along with two Exide 115 AH IT400 batteries. Microtek specifications shows that it can operate in inverter mode 100v to 300v and in UPS mode 180v to 260v. So, after consulting the technicians, our supplier also confirmed that, the problem is with the product itself and it is better to chose other options since it will cause future troubles to them also. Now we need to purchase another 1.5KW UPS system from other brands that will operate in normal voltage ranges without restarting the PC. After reading your comment, it’s clearly visible that your inverter has some fault in operating at lower voltages.
Each and every company is offering long warranty, but warrannty claiming process is not so easy like buying a new battery. I am buying exide 850 VA pure sinewave inverter.Please tell,is it good for exide IT500 battery? It looks like your battery has some issues which could be solved by trained service engineers.
Battery is not reaching a particular voltage, so the inverter keeps on charging the battery. Is it any wrong to charge exide it500 at 14.2v with microtek inverter in high mode or should I charge it at 13.8v in standard mode? You can charge the battery in both mode, It500 has overcharge protection facility and fast charging mode does not affect IT500. If you Face only 2 hrs power cut per day and your usage is limited in power cut hrs, then you better change to standard charging mode.
Please give some details about exide 850va pure sinewave inverter.And how it is different from microtek 850 va inverter in features and performance?
Exide champion is not made for inverter and life expectancy of exide champion battery with inverter would be 2 years. Both models are nearly same, but IT500i has some LED indicators to show the battery charge level. Please read this post to know the difference between automobile batteries and inverter batteries.
Normally, you can’t claim warranty for Exide champion battery fitted with inverter in case of battery failure.
Sukam 600 VA Pure Sine wave inverter is 100% compatible with Exide 150 AH Tubular battery IT500. Do not connect the battery terminals wrongly, it will cause serious damage to your battery.

Thanks for your reply.In future,if my battery is giving low backup or any other problem, then will exide replace my battery? I hope so, Exide would replace your battery in-case of battery failure within warranty period. Preparing a top list is always a hard task to accomplish, anyways, we have prepared one for the sake of our visitors who were in hurry burry to buy a best inverter battery immediately and who have no time to sit back and read our blog leisurely.
Writing an article like this seems like a simple task, but the truth is, it is a herculean task. So, here in this post, I’m going to write about the top 3 tubular batteries for inverters in Indian Market, I will cover the top 3 non- tubular batteries in my next post separately. You may wonder that I have not listed some potential best performing models in market, but when we narrow our search and try to pick the top 3 from a very large list of batteries, it is inevitable to leave some good performing and competitively priced battery models. The three models listed here are undoubtedly best sellers, Best performers, long lasting and worth the price. Exide IT500 is a 150 ah tall tubular battery from India’s largest battery manufacturing company. Non-availability during heavy demands and high pricing are the main disadvantages of this model, despite of all these reasons Exide IT 500 holds the no.1 position in the market. Exide IT500 Perform consistently even under arduous situation and deliver long back up flawlessly.
Proven reliability and life expectancy of more than 5 years makes this model more preferable among home users.
Exide IT500 (150ah) battery has 36 month full replacement warranty + 1 year Prorate warranty. This model is from one of the India’s leading battery manufacturing company ‘Amara Raja Batteries Ltd’.
This ILTT18048 (150ah tall tubular) model with long warranty is most popular among users who prefer reliable and branded long back up tubular battery at affordable price. Here we add some best performing tubular battery models, difference between top 3 models and these other models is very narrow.
HBL, Okaya and Southern Batteries Pvt Ltd are also manufacturing competitively priced tubular batteries.
Actually, installing higher capacity inverter and battery than your actual load requirement will increase your battery life. In 1050 VA Pure sine wave inverter segment, we recommend Sukam Falcon Plus inverter, best in class inverter with 7 year warranty on transformer and 2 year warranty on other components. It senses the temperature of battery and adjusts the battery charge current accordingly to prolong battery life.
If sukam falcon plus is not available in your area, better you opt in for Luminous zelio 900 VA pure sine wave inverter with LCD display. If you want an inverter with good service network, we would recommend Sukam, Luminous and Microtek. I’m Planning to buy Invertor and Battery for home requirement, Can you suggest me the best one for Our main requirement Like 8 CFL bulbs, 2 tube lights, 24 Inch TV and 1 Small Motor Pump , power goes many time in a day. Exide Invertors Plus 150 Ah, The power backup for your entire home and office’s, High reliability & extended cycle life. Cimcorpannounced the opening of its new Norcross, Ga., office, which will provide the sales and service team with a local home base in the Southeast market.
Flexcon debuted new container solutions, designed to help protect and organize goods and optimize space utilization throughout the supply chain.
Hyster unveiled new H50XT truck, designed to outperform the competition in both fuel efficiency and productivity. Interroll’s new modular conveyor platform for material handling can be assembled to form a complete material handling solution that provides smooth flow of product.
JLT Mobile Computers’ 1214P logistics computer, for example, offers enhanced performance and improved responsiveness for logistics applications ranging from warehousing and food distribution to freezer storage and cross-docking.
KION North America released a number of forklifts and lift trucks, including the Linde Series 1169 (as seen here), which is a 24-volt truck that features a Linde controller, sealed AC motor, sealed connectors, stability caster and residual capacity. Millwood’s new Liberty Technologies-branded Series 800 stretch wrap system is a conveyorized, fully automatic, high-speed rotary arm stretch wrap system equipped with dual film carriages that allow for optimal pre-stretch levels of up to 300%. Muller’s Yellow Jacket orbital wrapper is ideal for companies looking to secure oversized, oddly shaped, palletized loads while the pallet remains on the forklift.
Numina’s latest web-based user interface for RDS, the web2 dashboard user interface, allows web-based applications to have the responsiveness of desktop applications, with the added capability of being able to operate on virtually any device. Plug Power debuted a new class-3 pallet jack GenDrive 3340 fuel cell, which couples enhancements learned from over 100 millionhours offield runtimewith the company’sproprietary protonexchange membrane (PEM)fuel cellstack technology.
Schmalz showcased a number of handling solutions, including the box gripper for the Jumbo vacuum tube lifter, as seen here, which allows for the ergonomic handling of standard small load carriers.
The STAY-RITE universal platform stacking device from Stay-Rite Solutions is made with recycled plastic material and is a reusable and economical material handling solution. Swisslog North America demonstrated its goods-to-person technology, AutoStore(as seen here), as well as a fully automated picking station, a new high-performance shuttle system and Automated Item Pick (AIP), a fully automated picking station that teams humans with robots. Voxware and Buton eBusiness solutions form a value-added-reseller (VAR) agreement to supply Voxware’s cloud voice management software and Intellestra solutions to the EMEA market. Westfalia completed a multi-million dollar test facility, which allows the company to test improvements and new software user interfaces. Zebra Technologies announced its 3600 ultra-rugged seriesof scanners, purpose-built for durability, scan performance and manageability in demanding industrial environments such as warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturingshop floors and do-it-yourself retailstores. The new J2-72 Joey from Big Joe, LLC is a low level order picker that features a 2,000-pound total vehicle capacity, the ability to lift 1,500-pound pallets up to 72 inches, power steering, an ergonomic mini-mast and an industrial battery compartment. ORBIS launched the Pally, which combines the mobility of a dolly with the functionality of a static pallet to enable new and enhanced material handling capabilities. Rite-Hite introduced the LED Virtual Vision light communication system, designed to improve worker safety in and around high-speed doors. Plug Power also debuted a new class-3 pallet jack GenDrive 3340 fuel cell, which is built to even further increase performance of the fuel cell system. Numina Group, Woodridge, Ill., released its latest web-based user interface for RDS, a top tier WES-WCS software platform.
Numina’s vision-inspect module is an optional inline case inspection software module that can be used for full case shipment inspection, pick verification and ship validation.
Equipped with an AC drive motor, theBaoli EP20 model offers a more substantial load capacity of up to 4,000 pounds. A 48-volt counterbalanced forklift, theBaoli KBET18 is the brand's first electric forklift to be introduced in North America.
The Linde Series 1169 is a 24-volt truck that features a Linde controller, sealed AC motor, sealed connectors, stability caster and residual capacity. The Linde Series 1276 is the latest addition to the company's electric counterbalance lineup, and includes twin drive motors, a combi axle and an 80-volt AC electrical system.

This methodology converts paper purchase orders, invoices, credit notes, statements and other documents into an electronic version that can be processed automatically and with unprecedented accuracy.
This webinar will examine factors that can help attract, motivate and retain skilled employees, how to increase productivity with improved workspaces and employee satisfaction and growth through best-in-class welfare, training, teaming and other employee-centric environments. This is for indicative purposes only, your EMI payments may differ with total order amount and additional bank charges, if any. The reason behind its success is “Long Battery Life”; no other batteries of this class could compete with Inva Tubular standards. Usually Tubular Batteries are Deep cycle batteries; Battery life is decided by the number of deep discharge cycles.
At present, all over tamilnadu except chennai, people are suffering long and frequent power cuts for 9 to 12 hrs per day.
So, consider DSP Sine wave solar hybrid inverter before you go for normal pure sine wave inverter. If you suffer more than 6 hrs power cut per day, we would recommend Exide IT 500 150AH tall tubular battery.
Now allow the battery to get charge from grid power, carefully watch and find how many hours does it takes to fully recharged. If you still want to go for other leading brands, sukam shiny 1500VA would be a good choice.
I will test it in the low voltage ranges and if it is also having problem, i will chose Microtek SEBz-1500VA, as per you suggestion. Even a Exide authorized dealer would ask for 40 days time to replace the faulty battery, Now imagine the warranty claiming process of other brands. It would lead to abnormal heat and water loss, call your battery dealer immediately and get the battery checked by trained person.
In-case of any battery failure with in very short period of time, they will claim warranty to Exide, stating that the battery is fitted for automobile use only. But, if the battery terminal remaining is good enough to connect the wire from inverter, then exide will reject your claim. Only those who follow the battery sales and performance trend for a very long time could confidently write such a post. Though Exide is producing so many models in tubular series, particularly this IT500 model has a very good reputation and proven longevity in the market. Luminous inverters are already rocking the market; Luminous has variety of tall tubular battery models designed for use with Home UPS systems. I am going to buy Luminous Eco Volt 900 VA Sine wave Inverter + Amaron Current CRTT 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery + Battery Trolley.
My dealer is providing this Model for my HOME Use.Is it different from Exide IT-500 Tall Tubular ? Should i go for exide inva master battery (36 month guarantee) or amaron (46 months guarantee) ?? These batteries are specially designed for long life and economy, combined with the utmost reliability. The rebranding effort was initiated to better align Plug Power with its leadership status providing hydrogen and fuel cell solutions to the material handling industry.
The GenDrive fuel cell system couples enhancements learned from over 100 million hours off-field runtime with PlugPower’s proprietary proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell stack technology. How it works is, 3-D sensing looks inside the carton and inspects the internal carton contents to determine the actual fill rate occurring during the picking process. The AC dual-drive motors with SME controllers provide excellent power and increased productivity.
You should also negotiate the price and try to check the price with a few vendors before buying. Inva Tubular withstand up to 800-1000 deep discharge cycles whereas non branded tubulars withstand only 300-400 deep discharge cycles.
Initially the dealer on installation just left those higher power consuming appliance and connected the inverter to all the appliance in my home. Please call your battery dealer to check the battery, if they find any fault with battery, just claim your warranty. The only model in okaya with black colour is GE 150ah generator battery with 18 months warranty. Is that percentage discount on printed MRP or price at which dealer is selling the product. If it keeps charging even after 12 hrs, then you can confirm that your inverter is not suitable for 200 ah battery.
But during voltage level came down just below 220v, it again shown troubles- it can charge battery but the switching time causes PC restarts. The system performs an audit of the open cartons for pick-and-pack inspection and void detection measurement. With the ability to easily navigate in confined spaces, the EP15 is perfect for daily light-duty jobs, and offers variable speed control and an impact-activated, auto-reversing switch.
With variable speed control allowing for precise maneuverability in narrow aisles or confined spaces, the EP20 can easily complete the most demanding tasks. Additionally, the truck features traction control to deliver motion, even with one wheel completely slipping. I just tried to use only 2 fans at any point of time during a power maintenance day and the back-up lasts only 4 hrs. Plus, it allows remote access to real-time performance data and diagnostics, resulting in improved fleet performance. The current RDS Java-based web screens co-exist with Web2, so current customers can continue to use their existing PC web screen interfaces and add enhanced web2 functionality to existing RDS applications.
Like the other Baoli products, its compact design allows for ease of maneuverability in narrow aisles.
The operator assist feature is designed to aid the operator when maneuvering around curves.
The GenDrive 3340 fuel cell holds enough fuel to sustain a pallet jack for an entire 8-hour shift. The open source tools allow for inclusion of hundreds of readily available viewing tool widgets such as bar charts, gauges and other tools to enhance and simplify the operator and management visibility experience.
Before buying the inverter plz keep in mind that v-guard 1400 inverter is 24 volt inverter which needs Two 12v batteries to operate. And, the GenDrive3340 boasts a wide operating temperature range and is designed for use in freezer applications as low as -30°C.

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