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The Chennai-based TVS Motor Company has recently announced that the company has decided to stop the production of electric two-wheelers at its plant due to the less than expected demand that it got from the Indian consumer. Apart from stopping the production of battery powered Scooty Teenz scooter, the company has also shelved plans to launch electric three-wheeler in the Indian market.
TVS Motor Co Marketing President H S Goindi said that the company had earlier developed an electric two-wheeler for the Indian market but as the company believes that it has no market in the domestic circuit, the company has canceled to launch the product in the Indian market.
Goindi also pointed out the fact that the company also does not plan to resume production of its electric scooterette, Scooty Teenz Electric in the short-run after it stopped its production in May 2009. TVS Motors as a company has decided to focus on regular Motorcycles and scooters keeping in mind the fact that the market for electric two-wheelers has not grown to such a high magnitude in the Indian market so far.

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