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Of course you don't want to silence the noise, which is why tools like a used car search engine can be so helpful when it comes time to find the best price on a car for you. And then once you found a few cars you might be interested in, you can pull the CARFAX report straight from the internet without ever having to shake down a salesman or spend any time on the lot waiting to get shaken down.
Daily coverage of the world of cars, including upcoming cars, industry news, car politics, fun lists, and more. InsideLine’s reviewer made the point that this was not quite a sports sedan yet (it needs better steering and tires), but its looks, value and performance give it a real edge over the competition. Kia is part of the Hyundai Motor Company and has sold (in 2010) a good portion of its 1.4 million cars in Europe.
The company just released the price of its subcompact sedan, the Rio (above): $13,400 plus a $750 destination charge.

I prefer the Rio, it’s got a nice sporty style for a small car without some of the freaky styling that other makers affect to attract the yute crowd. With the video telephone and jetpack now conquered, humankind seems bound and determined to make good on another age-old promise: the flying car.
One writer called it “hands down the best looking mid-size sedan on the market today, and possibly of the past decade.” And then went on to praise its Saab-like cockpit, its performance, equipment, and base price of $25,995. In August 2009, Kia was the 8th-best selling automotive brand in the United States, outselling makes like Chrysler and Mazda. The hybrid Toyota Prius gets an impressive 48 highway miles to the gallon but get this done not hybrid Hyundai Accent gets forty nearly as good. For the -- Even good day's high gas prices it would take sixteen years to recoup the Prius is higher cost based on average mileage.

Carmakers are racing to make their conventional vehicles more efficient because the government has mandated that every manufacturer's. We get a lot of people -- about a hybrid in them when they find out how good the mileage is on the conventional car most of the time they'll leave with the gasoline engine. Experts say -- a hybrid if you're trying to save the planet but not if you're trying to save money.

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