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If you have water dripping on your shoulder from a leaky sunroof every time it rains, then it's pretty obvious where your leak is. Sometimes it's not really possible to know that there are additional leaks until the first leaks are identified and fixed.
After the inital hour, the price of identifying and fixing leaks is charged in 15 min blocks as they may only take a few minutes. Video: VW Beetle mould and leak clean-up An incorrectly fitted windscreen let in a load of water, flooding both footwells. Most cars have guttering and drainage holes which channel rain rainwater away from the car, a build up of dirt and debris can cause water to pool and backwash into places it isn't supposed to go. Often it is the case that a sunroof or windscreen leaks because seals have perished or because it has been incorrectly fitted or re-fitted.
There are many other reasons why your car may leak, often we can fix them here, but if not there are plenty of companies right here in Chelmsford that can help.
Once rainwater gets into your car, there is a good chance that it will result in mould, mildew and bad odours.
When you have damp, soggy, or wet carpets and it's easy to assume it's only about a cup full water in your foot well, but with the carpet underlay sodden, it's more likely it's over a gallon and could easily be two or three!
To remove the water we would either remove the carpets or lift them (see photo above) we then us an extractor to remove the water, we then use de-humidifiers, air-movers and pipe in warm air to get the car dry. The most immediate problem with a footwell full of water is the threat it poses to your car's electrical systems. The second problem is that the contamination from dirty rain water is likely to lead to damp problems throughout the whole interior of your car.
In-between the framework of the sunroof and the rubber seal they only put in a foam seal as opposed to sealing it with a watertight silicone sealer. This foam seal over a period of time disintegrates and then the water leaks through to the interior of the car. Our technicians would remove the complete roof from the vehicle, allowing total cleaning of parts, priming respective areas and refitting using a lifetime sealant. We have carried out hundreds of these repairs over the past 5 years and we have NEVER had a customer return with a problem.
Please give us a call for a quote and if you need any questions answered - we are happy to say that we are a fraction of the price of the dealerships. Sometimes the rubber seal has also been badly damaged due to the foam seal not protecting it so you may need to replace this too. Less than an hour from Barking, Dagenham, Romford, Harold Hill, Upminster, Hornchurch, and Chigwell. If you have an incorrectly fitted replacement screen you should contact your windscreen company.
The Renault Clio is well know for leaks, usually it's the sun roof, but this example had a different problem.
This hood was actually leaking with water making it's way through, which was then freezing into icicles on the inside.
Rain water leaking into the car (Getz Prime) on the front passenger sideThis is a discussion on Rain water leaking into the car (Getz Prime) on the front passenger side within Technical Stuff, part of the Under the Hood category; Today I was stuck in a traffic jam on outer ring road and it was very heavily raining.
Rain water leaking into the car (Getz Prime) on the front passenger side Today I was stuck in a traffic jam on outer ring road and it was very heavily raining. It also appears that with wipers running at full speed, the water that was pushed aside by the wiper is coming inside. Originally Posted by mohan41 Today I was stuck in a traffic jam on outer ring road and it was very heavily raining.

Re: Rain water leaking into the car (Getz Prime) on the front passenger side I faced a similar issue yesterday with my BIL's Getz, I had parked in a parking and after the rain poured for 2 hrs and I came and saw that the car was sub-merged in water upto half of the wheels, apparently this was the lowest spot in that whole area. Re: Rain water leaking into the car (Getz Prime) on the front passenger side I am facing the same issue on the driver side.
Re: Rain water leaking into the car (Getz Prime) on the front passenger side Hi Mohan, I have a Getz Gls and facing the same issue. Re: Rain water leaking into the car (Getz Prime) on the front passenger side Having owned a Getz, I have faced similar problems. Re: Rain water leaking into the car (Getz Prime) on the front passenger side Thanks Mohan. Re: Rain water leaking into the car (Getz Prime) on the front passenger side Mohan41 and Fullrevs, I would like to thank both of you for helping me out here. Originally Posted by CarCrazy7 Mohan41 and Fullrevs, I would like to thank both of you for helping me out here. This post is a blessing, I stay in a different city, and my father was facing this issue with his car, I take the car to service, so it was difficult to point that issue with local mech, In fact I had this cover broken which i bought a new one, now this is a DIY I would to do when i reach Hyderabad to solve the problem. Re: Rain water leaking into the car (Getz Prime) on the front passenger side A very worthy discussion.
While driving in the rain water (very common on Delhi and NCR roads), you may be afraid how deep your car can go into water.
Avoid water level over the tail pipe, the engine rpm must be kept high in order to keep the exhaust pressure up, so that water does not go up the tail pipe and stall the engine. If water gets in the engine while the engine is stalled, the water will have to be removed before the engine is started. If you don't know anything about cars, your best bet is to get it to nearest car auto repair service center. DISCLAIMER: Logo, graphics, trademark shown are of respective car workshop, dealers and posted by themselves for promotional purpose. Although the carpets often just seemed damp, it isn't unusual for us to extract 6-10 litres of dirty rainwater from floor pans and footwell. But as often as not you may find your car begins to smell of stale water and your carpets are wet, damp, but there's no obvious cause of the leak.
A minority of cars may have several leaks, this tends to be the case with cars that have had body damage, a respray, or older cars where rubbers and seals have perished uniformly.
This could take months to dry out naturally over the winter, and unless the water is removed it's highly likely that other problems will occur. Modern cars are packed full of computers, modules, sensors and wiring, many of these are hidden under the seats and carpets. If you are waiting for the car to dry out naturally, unfortunately the water really has nowhere to go. We keep in stock the older style rubber, but you would need to obtain the newer style from a Renault dealer.
When a hood is not properly waterproofed it absorbs moisture and become sopping wet, if it then freezes it can become brittle and prone to rips and tears.
As is often the case with leaky of flood damaged cars that are not treated within a reasonable amount of time, mould and mildew set in. We had to strip out the interior of the car in order to remove and dry the thick carpet underlay. To remove this odour we used an extractor to remove the milk and then treated the car with bioactive enzymes.
Water started leaking into the car on the front passenger side at the place where the passenger's feet are placed.

Took it to the service center and they made a quick diagnosis and rectified it in short time. I opened the black cover where the rain water drains and found lot of dirt with small sticks and leaves. I dont have any pictures to ellaborate the location of the water drain but if you remove the plastic cladding below the wipers, the hole is on the right side when facing the car.
I have posted a similar picture in another thread (which strangely addresses the same problem).
I have for the benefit of any future reader, putting pictures of what i found and the post cleaned up pictures. On another note, is it a fair expectation that when you give your car for servicing, the service centre should clean this area ?
Remove the spark plugs and crank the engine, and the water will be pumped out of the spark plug holes. We shampoo the flooded are and then use enzymes to kill the bacteria that causes bad smells. Most of these systems are reasonably well water-proofed, or are at least splash proof, so we don't want to overstate the danger, it's not a foregone conclusion that it will ruin all your electrics, but that said, they aren't designed to withstand prolonged damp let alone submersion and they can be very costly to put right. You will soon notice condensation on the windows causing visibility problems, in winter this can lead to frost forming on the inside as well as the outside of the windows. Aside from the black mould stains on carpets and upholstery, the smell of mildew spores can significantly effect air quality, possibly even triggering allergies. Basically it is leaves, dust that have collected over a period of time below the area through which the water drains. However I was not experiencing this issue 2 months back, which is the last time I recall it was out in the rain. After I completely cleaned them, i could see some holes which were getting blocked by these dirt. Its been raining heavy in Chennai and going to a Hyundai service centre is the last thing I wish to do. My memory tells me that it was on the navigators side only so am unsure how water seeps into the drivers side in Undead's car. Either way, driving cautiously and leaving a good distance between you and the vehicle in front is the safest thing to do. Since most air cleaners are near the top of the engine compartment, in most cases, the water would have to be more than a foot deep to allow water into the air intake.
We have a range of methods for detecting leaks, and we can also deal with mould, odours and dry your car.
The general dampness of the car can soon lead to the growth of fungus, mould and mildew and an overall damp, musty smell.
I first thought it was due to air vent open (in external air circulation mode), but changing it to internal circulation did not help. So since their main passage is blocked, they find an alternate route which is through the air entry for the AC blowers (I might be a little off the mark in the diagnosis though, since it was quite some time back I faced this issue).
Its good to ensure that area is cleaned often because the hole is quite small and gets blocked easily making it hard for the water to drain. After cleaning, I poured lot of water there and all the water now comes out at the back of the left wheel.

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