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First, we tried to revive the battery by recharging it overnight with the ProLogix charger, but it was just too old. Starbucks  announced that starting on July 1st, WiFi will be available at all of its stores free of charge. The infamous drivetrain ground strap is one of the easiest parts on the car to overlook, yet it can cause so many electrical troubles. Always disconnect the black colored negative or ground connection first from the battery post (green arrow). If you are removing the battery, then simply loosen and remove the hold-down clamp that attaches the battery to the chassis (yellow arrow). Whenever I pick up a new car, I almost always install one of these within the first few weeks. Comments: Apparently the reason my alarm goes off every time I try to remove the neg terminal is not because the alarm is armed it wasn't but you have to have the key actually in the ignition and turned on.
Comments: Went to replace the battery on my 911 but overtime I remove the negative terminal the alarm goes off!! Followup from the Pelican Staff: I think your vehicle takes between a 70 and an 80, if talking about reserve capacity. Followup from the Pelican Staff: I can't confirm this is good practice, but thanks for the info. Comments: Greetings, is there a way to avoid possible radio code issues or loss of other settings when replacing the battery ? Comments: Looked at this for the Battery Tender recommendation but then the ground strap discussion caught my eye. Comments: There is a wire hood release for the front hood in the top of the front right wheel arch. Followup from the Pelican Staff: The emergency release is behind the left side of the rear bumper.
You'll want to fit the clips over the plastic tab on the inside of each plastic cover (green arrow) when you re-install them on the seat rail.
Move back to the front of the seat and locate the slit in the carpet along the front outer edge of the seat. Loosen and remove the 10mm XZN bolt holding the left seat frame to the chassis (green arrow).
Now loosen and remove the 10mm XZN bolt holding the right seat frame to the chassis (green arrow). Loosen and remove the T25 Torx screw holding the rear foot vent to the battery compartment cover (green arrow).
Loosen the 10mm nut (green arrow) clamping the negative terminal to the battery and pull the cable off.
Now loosen the 10mm nut (green arrow) clamping the positive terminal to the battery and pull the cable off. Now loosen and remove the 10mm clamping bolt holding the battery to the bottom of the compartment (green arrow). You'll now have to push the battery slightly to the rear to clear the mounting tab at the bottom of the compartment (green arrow).
Comments: My porsche cayenne s usually starts by itself in the morning, now if the engine is turned off, it will not start again until allowed to cool down for few hours again.
Comments: Whats the name of all the tools needed for these steps beside the flat head screw driver ???? Followup from the Pelican Staff: Thanks for sharing your installation process and experience. Comments: I took my truck to the dealership, and was told I do not have the correct AGM battery. Comments: The bit needed to unscrew the seat bolts I bought at my local Auto zone was a pack of, BRAND "OEM" 12 point bit set.
Comments: This was incredibly helpful-thank you so much for providing such a useful, step-by-step process!
Comments: Hi Nick I need to know if the same application will do for a 2011 porsche cayenne battery replacement.
Comments: Hi nick will it be the same application for a 2011 cayenne s replacement battery.
Comments: Just replaced the battery on my 2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo - it is the first battery replacement on this car since it was put in service back in June 2008. Followed these instructions and they are great!
Comments: Without this step by step I"d still be scratching my head to get the seat to tip back far enough. An unexpected Porsche headache this morning, as the Cayenne left me stranded at the LPG pump with a flat battery. I always carry jump leads, so I borrowed the working car of a friendly passer-by and got a jump start: it fired up straight away. The old battery had been a bit of a worry since Christmas, when I had to jump start the car a couple of times after it had been standing for a few weeks. Most Porsche Cayenne 955 (Gen 1) models have a single large battery under the left front seat: that is the passenger seat on a right-hand drive car. Once the two clamps are off and the terminals have been detached and secured out of the way, disconnect the small battery vent hose and get the old battery out of there. A bit of petroleum jelly on the terminals before connection is an old-school habit, but not too important in these days of sealed batteries that do not give off corrosive vapours when charging. You are probably not going to like this Martin, but batteries in later Cayennes (and other Porsche models) need to be coded to the car when they are installed. Otherwise when you are removing the positive terminal you might ground the wrench to the body and sparks will fly! However, every once in awhile, we still venture into a brick and mortar store for things which we can’t easily get online. A quick jump with the JNC Air brought it back to life and we had no more problems until yesterday. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Since the transmission and engine are insulated by rubber mounts, the ground strap is the only significant ground to the engine. Stand inside the trunk and lift the battery out of the car from there (they are quite heavy).

The Battery Tender is a necessary tool if you're not planning on driving your car everyday. They can cause a surge if the door is opened, possible to blow a fuse is too much draw goes through the socket. I gave a 987 and the one I have connects to the cigarette lighter, and the plug part gas a red light on it . Once the rear bumper is release, you can add a jump pack to the jump start points and power up the vehicle to open the front hood. You'll want to access the rear clips holding the battery compartment cover on (green arrows).
You'll want to use the power seat switches to move the seat back enough to clear the steering wheel, and then fully forward and up to allow the seat to fold back as much as possible. You will have to check charging system voltage and current under a load to determine the cause. A few things I found out that helped me: The 1st step, just take a flat-blade screwdriver underneath the trim plugs at the rear and pry it out of its hole it rests in. It will have the procedure, special tools and torque specs. Give our parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799.
Every step is accurately described and accompanied by pictures which made the whole process easy. I second that the manual that came with the car is horrible, actually it doesn't even apply to the seat in the car and appears to be written for a completely different vehicle! Join us in our Porsche Cayenne Technical Forum Message Board and ask a question to one of our many automotive experts.
It had started OK on quite a cold morning and I’d driven the fifteen miles or so to the station with dipped headlamps on due to fog.
Although my 2004 Porsche Cayenne S has now done 154,000 miles and is still on its original water-cooled alternator, diagnostics showed no problem with the alternator and all the wiring looked OK, so it had to be a battery problem.
I had a few things play up a bit including the starter and forum wisdom suggested the battery was at fault. It behaved perfectly all day after I had changed the batteries over, so I am hoping this issue is now resolved. The seat base lifts up on a pair of rear-mounted hinges to allow access to the battery box. Now you can see the battery cover, which has four clips, one in each corner: undo those and lift the cover off. It is worth cleaning any dirt and dust out of the battery tray before sliding the new battery in.
Then reconnect everything, put the lid down and bolt the seat back to the floor: use a bit of blue Loctite on the seat bolts. The battery is perhaps the most important electrical component on the car, and due to its design and nature, it is perhaps one of the most troublesome. If the ground strap is disconnected or missing, then the current that turns the starter must travel through the engine harness or other small points of contact. When you disconnect the ground from the battery, make sure that you place or tape the ground lead aside--you don't want it accidentally falling on the terminal of the battery while you're working and effectively connecting up the battery again. The inset in the upper left-hand corner shows the permanent attachment of the Battery Tender cable to the negative lead. It's been connected for three days niw and the red light is off, should I disconnect it or leave it ? If your battery is completely dead, you'll need to connect an auxiliary 12 volt power source to the jumpstart terminal and ground in the engine compartment to provide power to the switches. I like to put a small bag over the end of the terminal to prevent it from making contact when installing the new battery. I left the sidelights on with the engine off while I filled up but, when I was finished, the Big Pig wouldn’t crank enough to start the engine.
It feels better to have a Bosch part back on the car – Porsches never seem to work right with anything else.
The multispline M10 bolts which hold the front of the seat frame down are under the two plastic covers in front of the seat: these just clip off to reveal the bolt heads. Your 10mm spanner will undo the terminals (remove earth first), and the 10mm socket will undo the front corner bracket, and the big side clamp holding the battery in place. Good thing we had brought the JNC Air with us, as we had to jump the battery every time we needed to start the car. Before doing anything drastic like replacing your starter or looking at your fuel injection ECU, you should make sure that your battery is in good condition.Begin by checking the voltage on the battery posts using a voltmeter.
When I was working my project Boxster for one of my other books, I forgot to install the ground strap. If you are replacing the battery, be sure to properly hook up the vent hose once you have installed it in place (blue arrow). Although the kit comes with alligator clips for temporary installations, I prefer to hard-wire the charger into the battery, and simply leave the charging unit in the bottom of the front trunk. Now remove the battery vent by pulling it out of the holes in the battery and the case (blue arrows). I pried them away from the inner rails first, then I grabbed the plastic that faces the inner of the seat, and pulled hard while wiggling the back piece and they came right off. In step 6 and 7, my CTTS had the plastic covers that covered the bolts for the seat on both sides.
If you’re worried about losing your radio settings etc, connect a battery charger to the terminals before you unhook them. The DieHard battery was fully guaranteed for 3 years and pro-rated for 100 months …that’s 8 years! When I went to start the car, it wouldn't start, and instead, the current ran through the right side stainless steel brake lines and completely cooked the line. Installation of this switch on the battery ground allows you to remove the green knob and shut off all power to the car. I’m sure I still have the old Bosch S5 battery somewhere, which would no doubt still work perfectly but anyway, the deed is done.
He asked for our name, found the original invoice in the system and informed us that there would be a $31 credit for the dead battery!
You can route it through the fire wall (see Figure 3 of Pelican Technical Article: Installing Litronic Headlamps on the Porsche 911 Carrera), or you can simply zip-tie it to the plastic mesh located on the right side. An added tip--connect a small inline fuse from one end to the other, and a small amount of current will continue to flow, keeping your radio and DME from being cleared out when the battery is disconnected.

When I re-installed them, I pried the front bottom seat carpet out to get the passenger-facing plate in. Great article!
A normal battery should read a voltage slightly above 12 volts with the car sitting still and no electrical devices on. Ten minutes later, we were out the door with a new battery, hopefuly good for another seven years.
If the reading is 12 volts or less, then the battery needs charging or needs to be replaced with a new one.
With a snow storm forecast for tomorrow, we wanted to get the battery issue resolved today. To be certain, you can take your battery to your local auto parts store for testing.While older batteries often exhibited deteriorating performance prior to their failure, I recently had an original OEM BMW battery fail on me in my BMW 5-Series. Also, swap the battery quickly when you start unhooking it so you don't lose all your computer settings. The car was running perfectly fine--I had just driven about 350 miles the previous day, so it should have been well charged. Idle will be slightly rough for a few minutes while the computer relearns it's correct settings. Leave your key in for 30 seconds before trying to start it, car did not read my key on the first try but after putting it in a second time it read my key and unlocked the steering column. We will go back soon and see if the same pleasant shopping experience holds for the main store. I was surprised because I'd never had a battery fail like this before--it always seemed to give out slowly. If you don't see any significant change in the voltage after you start up the car, then your alternator could be faulty. If the voltage is high at the battery (around 17 volts or higher), then the alternator's regulator is most likely faulty and needs to be replaced. Overcharging the battery at these higher levels may cause it to overflow and leak acid all over the inside of your car.
See Project 82 for instructions on how to replace the alternator.Do not ever disconnect the battery ground strap from the battery while the car is running. The battery acts as an electrical capacitor and filter on the entire electrical system, and the car's electrical components expect it to be there, even if it doesn't hold a charge. Disconnecting the battery terminals while the engine is running can seriously damage the computers and systems of the car.Sometimes it may be necessary to reset the computers of the car, for example, to clear error codes. Some books recommend disconnecting both terminals of the battery and touching the unconnected terminals together to empty all of the capacitors and stored electricity in the system. A trick I learned from Tony Callas of Callas Rennsport is instead to place a resistor across the two terminals or simply use a diagnostic lamp that will act like a resistor. Doing this will slowly dissipate the electricity over a few seconds instead of all at once.Once you have determined that your battery is fine, you should make sure that your engine ground strap is properly installed.
To compensate for this, there is an engine ground strap that electrically connects the transmission and engine assembly to the chassis.
Make sure that you clean both ends of the strap and the areas that it mounts to on the chassis.
With all electrical connections, it's a good idea to clean the area that you are mounting to with rubbing alcohol and also to sand the area lightly with some fine-grit sandpaper or a wire brush.
Doing so will remove any dirt, grime, surface rust, or other corrosion that may interfere with creating a good electrical connection.
When purchasing a new battery, I recommend the newer-style sealed, or "maintenance free," types. Sealed batteries may be more prone to damage when you deep cycle them (let them run all the way down), but require less preventative maintenance.
Be sure to purchase a battery that has the same group number and CCA rating (Cold Cranking Amps). Check the freshness date on the battery that you are purchasing and avoid any batteries that are more than six months old.You disconnect the battery by disconnecting the negative or ground lead from the battery. The worst case scenario would probably be where your wrench hit the chassis and was instantly welded there by the current, and then the battery overheated and exploded, because you couldn't break the connection.
In other words, be sure to disconnect the ground first.If your car has the original radio in it, be aware that you will need the radio code if you disconnect the battery.
The Porsche dealer can look this code up for you if you don't have it, but that can be a huge pain, and most dealers will charge you for the service.Leaving your lights on in your car can seriously damage the battery. Automotive batteries are not typically deep-cycle batteries, which means they do not like to be fully discharged. If you leave your lights on and drain your battery several times, then you will weaken it each time and have to replace it sooner than later. If you need to jump start your battery, then you should refer to the section in your owner's manual. The procedure is very straightforward and very similar to other cars.The Carrera has a few power-saving stand-by modes that it will enter after certain periods of time.
If the ignition key is removed, accessories such as the trunk lamp, interior lamp, radio, etc., will be switched off automatically after approximately two hours.
If the car is not started or unlocked for more than 5 days (7 days on the 2005 and later models), then the remote control standby function is switched off, and you will need to unlock the car using the key.After you disconnect your battery, the DME computer will lose some of its history memory used for adapting the fuel injection system. This charger plugs into the wall when you are not using the car, and constantly monitors the battery, charging it as needed when the voltage runs down.
Every car battery has internal electrical leakage that will cause it to become fully discharged over time if not properly maintained.
A trickle charger can keep your battery fresh year-round, even if you don't drive the car for months at a time. Beware of cheap chargers though, as they can accidentally overcharge your battery, causing more harm than good.

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