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Today I will tell you 5 extremely simple ways you can dramatically improve your battery life without going into anything too technical or complicated. Why it drains battery- If you’ve enabled latitude on Google Maps, your location will periodically be updated which will use the GPS sensor. What you should do– Disable latitude and manually set your location in apps such as weather ones.
Face it, you got a spanking new Android phone and you want to rub this feature into your iOS loving friend. Polling rate is the rate at which your applications automatically update eg news app, twitter, facebook, weather etc etc. Why it drains battery– Every time an application updates it connects to your network, 3G, Edge or Wifi to get the required update. Why it drains battery– Without going into the whole science of it, the brighter the screen on an AMOLED phone, the more strain it will put on the battery. Every Android phone will have a battery settings menu which will show a % use of battery for each app. Battery life issues appears to be one of the main problems associated with an upgrade to Apple's iOS 7.1.
The solution? In order to fix the problem, try putting your mobile device through several charge and re-charge cycles. A number of users have complained that the iOS 7.1 update has caused connectivity, sync and hands-free problems when using mobile devices in their cars. In addition, when making a hands-free call, a number of users find that audio is no longer routed through Bluetooth.
TouchID, Apple's fingerprint biometric scanner, has not avoided bugs in the updated operating system. Bluetooth appears to be a sticky subject in the Apple forums; the update occasionally causing iPhones to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity completely, and in other cases, Bluetooth disconnects constantly but Wi-Fi is stable -- or music audio no longer works.
After upgrading to iOS 7.1 on an iPhone 4, some users report that personal hotspot APN settings refuse to save. If you're having teething issues with Apple's latest update, from battery issues to Bluetooth, you're not the only one -- but solutions exist.
When updates are installed onto iOS device it seems that the battery calibration data is wiped, and this is partly to blame for the rash of battery complaints following update. Personally, I tend to find battery life to be all over the place during the first week following an iOS update. I suggest starting by nuking your settings, and if that doesn't work, go the whole hog and nuke the settings and data. Tap the device button (which is located to the left of iTunes Store button in the top right hand corner in iTunes). Press and hold the shift key (Windows) or option key (Mac) and click "Check for Update" button. If none of these suggestions help, then you're affected by a bug in iOS 7.1 (or possibly with an app you use) and will need to wait either for Apple to fix the bug or an updated app to be pushed to you. So you just bought yourself the mew shiny Apple Macbook 2015 laptop only to find out it has poor battery life. Android 5.0 Lollipop is the latest version of Android OS and most of the smartphone users are now updating their phone with this recent version.
A well rounded technology and business journalist.Have been a journalist for more than 6 years. Comparing the amount of time a battery lasts between 2 totally different phones is like comparing the gas mileage between a Chevy SUV and a Porsche.
No I don't know how to overclock the CPU clock speed and it's running the stock un-rooted official firmware. It's just that I've read in the reviews that the battery life of HTC One M8 is good and is better than almost all of the 2013 flagships.

Of all the phones I've kept the line's share of the battery was consumed by the screen let alone the kernel and variations of screen brightness had a lot of effect on battery life but that is not the case here. WiFi seems always on but anyway check mobile data usage in the settings just in case your 4g is working in the background. If the theme of Spider Man was smartphones, this is what Uncle Ben would have said, and how true he would have been. Same goes for weather apps if you’ve set them to automatically detect your location which will again use GPS.
I know initially it’s hard to resist live wallpapers but trust me static wallpapers look just as good.
There is no point in a weather app having to update itself every 15-20 minutes (unless you’re a weather man). This is because rather than having the whole screen backlit, its the individual pixels that lights up, and when all 800×400 of them light up they have a negative effect on the battery. A ballpark figure would be to have your social apps, news apps or weather apps use less than 10% of the battery. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. In some cases, iPhones randomly switch between Bluetooth and stereo, causing music to stop for several seconds before audio is turned back on. Check with your car dealer to make sure there are no known issues between the operating system and vehicle.
Some users have complained that after upgrading to iOS 7.1, the feature stops working properly, and may not recognize your fingerprint any longer.
The problem appears to be a carrier issue, as only some carriers are official Apple resellers, and therefore APN settings must be registered with the iPad and iPhone maker. However, before you resign yourself to having to have your iDevice permanently hooked up to a power source, here are some things you can try.
Not only does this make it seem like the device is discharging fast, but it can also make recharging seem a lot faster too.
There are two options here – a minor reset where you only delete the settings, and a more major settings that removes the settings and user data (so make sure you have a backup!).
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Apple claims that Macbook 12 has all day battery life but we have been receiving reports that it has less than stellar battery runtimes.
This includes latest news about your cell phone, a laptop or any thing related to computers or technology. The 2014 flagship such as HTC one M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 came with Android Lollipop but some users have been seen to complain against poor battery life after updating their phone with the Android 5.0 Lollipop. For this, go to the settings menu and then battery > battery usage as this option will show the amount of battery consumed by every app present in the phone. So it is advised to turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth option when they are not in use and check if the battery draining issue is improved a bit. So, reduce the screen brightness and also adjust the screen time out to adjust the battery consumption.
Ultra power saving mode is available in Samsung Galaxy S5 which can run the phone for 24 hours by the remaining 10 percentage of battery. That’s all and all the information from the internal storage of your phone will be deleted. It is connected to Wi-Fi network 90% of the time and I don't use a cellular data connection. But my roommate has a Xperia Z1 and a friend has SGS4 both get around 30h of battery life with moderate to high use. When possible lower the sync frequency and select any upload process to run when the phone is charging.

I really don't think it's any of the apps I've installed with sync or location problems that come after that's causing this problem.
If you’re a proud owner of the latest and greatest Android smartphone, one of the peeves about it that you would have come across is the battery life, or lack thereof. This is used in every app that requires your location eg Google maps, weather apps, twitter, facebook places etc etc.
Your GPS sensor is the most battery consuming hardware in your phone, always keep that in mind. If you feel you need latitude or need your weather app to update your location, disable GPS sensor from your phone settings.
When downloading one always check to see if it will use your accelerometer, proximity sensor or any other sensor. Similarly having wallpapers or themes with a lot of white in it will reduce battery life on a AMOLED phone.
Partial awake basically means your phone will not properly go to sleep even when the screen is switched off. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. After updating, unpair and re-pair your devices, and then restart your mobile device. If this fails, jump in to Settings - Bluetooth and make sure 'Sync contacts' is working. However, if restarting, turning the feature on and off, or erasing all content and settings doesn't work, it is likely to be sensor failure and you will need to visit an Apple store for a hardware fix. But there is nothing wrong with this version as every new update comes with few bugs and gradually it gets solved with updates. There is no need to install the task manager or any other apps for this rather just tap on the square button situated at the bottom of the display and it will show you the entire recent app list.
This mode turns off all the inessential apps, features and screen colors and thus save battery. The standby time is also not so good because I lose about 15%-25% battery in about 3h-4h everyday when I wake up in the morning. I should have attached the screen shot but the cpu total time is kinda too high compared with that of anyone else. GPS sensor is only required to pin point your location which is not required in a weather app. Even a 5-10 minute increase in time across 5-10 apps will have a drastic effect on your battery. Sometimes the third party old apps that have not been optimized for this latest version can create this issue. You can have one to carry always with you as it offers great capacity charging in less cost. Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads Unlocked!!! Your location can be detected via your network too, albeit not as accurate as a GPS sensor can.
Some users also said that they did not face any battery related issue after Android 5.0 Lollipop update and their phone is running the same way as before. But if you don’t notice any changes after uninstalling the app, you can always reinstall it and follow the other below ways to get rid of the issue. Anyways there are some ways to fix poor battery life after Android 5.0 Lollipop update for those who are suffering from this problem.

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