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Seems silly to get one of those tiny inverter type generators that step up to 240V only for it to be changed to back to 12v by a battery charger connected to the leisure battery.
This is my generator it's rated at 1850w and has 12v for battery charging and it's four stroke so it's good on fuel, quiet too.
The purpose is to extend usability of the vans leisure electrics ie fridge, tv, lighting etc. I was hoping that if such a device existed it would be smaller (as no digital inverter would be needed) and more efficient at doing the job than converting voltages up to 240v and back down again. Probably not worth the effort though as you could either buy a genny with 12v charge (as the blue one is) and use that but its probably slow. Ideally if jennys are your choice i would buy an expensive digital jenny and use the converter.
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Fully adjustable voltage from 12 to 30Volts this generator it is in an as new condition with 13 hours use on its clock not even ran in. Pull start needs an external petrol fuel supply off a Jerry can or connect directly into vehicle petrol tank.
If you were to connect it up to a truck, car, construction equipment it shoud have charged the battery's enough to start in around 10 minutes.
There are two kinds of generators basically, first is a standby generator and second is a portable generator. Gas generators are mostly used at home, as they are low in price as compared to others and easy to function.
Diesel Generators are the costliest forms of generators and are not preferred due to increase in fuel prices.
You could in theory take any small motor and just put a pully on it and a fanbelt and connect to an alternator with a high output. Could save your money and just idle the vans engine but thats alot of fuel so not much use either.
It should be ok to do but most cheaper jennys output a modified sine wave so not ideal for the life of the converter.

Standby generators give backup power in houses and in official places, and are installed outside the house or any office building.
Different generators for sale are available in market of Pakistan in a large amounts and it is much easy to get. They are usually used in factories and big commercial and industrial areas, helping large machinery to run. The prices for Used generators are only fractionating to that of the original prices of generators. If you want to seek discounts on used or new generator prices in Pakistan then you can put up a suggestion for the Generator sales company for which you want to see discounts and avail them with Groupin. These generators are enough to run domestic devices like televisions, refrigerators and furnace. Check out Current Deal on Simtek UPS In Islamabad on to overcome the load shedding issue.

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