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Most lead-acid batteries are constructed with the positive electrode (the anode) made from a lead-antimony alloy with lead (IV) oxide pressed into it, although batteries designed for maximum life use a lead-calcium alloy. When the battery is discharged water is produced, diluting the acid and reducing its specific gravity. The chemical reactions that occur during charging and discharging are summarised in figures 1 and 2.
If lead-acid batteries are over discharged or left standing in the discharged state for prolonged periods hardened lead sulphate coats the electrodes and will not be removed during recharging. Starting Batteries – Used to start and run engines they can deliver a very large current so a very short time, discharging by about 2-5%. Marine Batteries – Usually a hybrid battery that falls between deep cycle and starting batteries although some are true deep cycle batteries. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries – The electrolyte is held between the plates absorbed in a fine boron-silicate mat. WelcomeThis site is aimed at providing technical resources and information to assist Appropriate Technology (AT) specialists working in the following areas: drinking water supply, sanitation, electrical supply, construction, fuel-efficient cooking stoves and environmental education.
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Sulfuric Acid Facts present the interesting information about the highly corrosive strong mineral acid. When you want to handle sulfuric acid, you have to be careful since it can cause damages if you have direct contact.
Based on the report in 2004, there were around 180 million tonnes of sulfuric acid produced in the world.

The primacy usage of sulfuric acid is for producing the fertilizer such as the ammonium sulfates, ammonium phosphate and superphosphates. The sulfuric acid can be used to produce pigments for printing inks, paint, paper and coated fabrics. Melanin Facts provide the information about the property in the human body which functions just like chlorophyll in plants. Let’s find out about one of the interesting jobs in the world by reading Marine Biologist Facts. The negative electrode (the cathode) is made from pure lead and both electrodes are immersed in sulphuric acid.
On charging sulphuric acid is produced and the specific gravity of the electrolyte increases. Lead (IV) oxide is formed at the anode, pure lead is formed at the cathode and sulphuric acid is liberated into the electrolyte causing the specific gravity to increase.
Lead sulphate is formed at both electrodes and sulphuric acid is removed from the electrolyte causing the specific gravity to reduce. If deep cycled these batteries quickly degenerate and will fail after 30-150 cycles but should last for a very long time when used correctly.
Standard types have removable caps so that the electrolyte can be diluted and the specific gravity measured, such batteries are supplied dry and you add distilled water. The electrolyte can not be diluted so that over charging must be avoided and these batteries may only last for 2 or 3 years in hot climates although with good care they can last for 5 years. Like gelled electrolyte batteries they will not leak acid but they can withstand more careless treatment and are less sensitive to over charging since they are designed to retain vented gases.
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It involves the uses for the chemical synthesis, mineral processing, wastewater processing, fertilizer manufacturing and oil refining. It is used to create petroleum catalyst, pharmaceutical, synthetic resins, detergents, antifreeze, insecticides and dyestuffs. These batteries are designed to discharge by as much as 80% of their capacity over thousands of charging and discharging cycles. Standard flooded batteries are cheap and if they are kept topped up they are not overly sensitive to high charging voltages. AGM batteries can also stand for 30 days in a totally discharged state and still be recharged successfully.
The lead acid batteries are cleaned using the acidic drain cleaner electrolyte made of sulfuric acid. The specific gravity also depends on the battery temperature and the above values or for a battery at 15°C. True deep cycle batteries have solid lead plates however many batteries that do not have solid plates are called semi-deep cycle. Sealed batteries are supplied pre-flooded and have fixed valves to allow gases to vent during use however, they will still leak if inverted and the electrolyte can not be replenished so that over charging will cause damage. The major drawback to these batteries is that they cost between 2 or 3 times as much as flooded batteries.
In most cases, the acid is dyed in dark brown color to remind the people that it is a hazardous material.

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