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For people who live and die by the performance of their vehicles, a failed start is absolutely unforgivable. These high-performance starter batteries are designed to provide an explosive pop of energy for a true ignition, every time. Before you're stranded in a busy parking lot with no juice, make the switch to the most reliable car battery in town: the OPTIMA Red Top. But it's the patented SPIRALCELL® Technology in OPTIMA RedTop batteries that's truly worthy of praise.

Under even the most demanding power and temperature circumstances, the Optima Red Top Battery will outperform and outlast standard batteries thanks to its coiled lead interior. OPTIMA RedTop batteries are built to withstand the abuse Trucks, SUV's and 4x4's experience on and off-road.
SPIRALCELL Technology immobilizes the internal components of the battery, enabling OPTIMA batteries to withstand incredible amounts of vibration. Vehicles modified for better engine performance demand more from a battery. It totes stronger resistance to common causes of starter failure, including up to 15 times the defense against vibration, while delivering the elevated power your vehicle demands for up to twice as long as standard batteries.

OPTIMA batteries withstand the high underhood temperatures associated with these Performance vehicles. This prevents external gassing and leaking which can damage engine components and limit battery performance.

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