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While many wakeboard boat owners diligently keep their batteries charged while their boat is in storage during the off-season, they often overlook in-season battery maintenance. If you run your battery down listening to your stereo during the day and only have a five-minute ride back to the dock, you might not give your alternator enough time to fully-charge your battery. The SPIRALCELL® design eliminates plate-to-plate movement and shedding of the active lead past material, a common cause of battery failure. These batteries are designed for starting and deep cycle applications and for use in vehicles with large accessory loads. The key to long battery life is making sure your battery’s voltage never drops below 12.4 volts, which can easily happen if you run your stereo for long periods of time while your engine is off.

If you take your boat out at night, check your voltage and hook your battery up to a maintainer, if needed. The unique SpiralCell design offers the most advanced technology and provides a strong and clean power source that far surpasses any of today’s filled lead-acid batteries.
The printable documents provide information on physical characteristics, performance, power and charging. If this happens, make sure you fully charge your battery when you’re done using your boat for the day.
If you leave your boat in the water and don’t have access to shore power, consider a solar charger.

Unlike traditional lead acid batteries that use stacks of thick lead plates suspended in a reservoir of acid, OPTIMA® batteries feature two long pure lead-tin plates wound into a tight spiral, separated by an absorbent glass-mat (AGM). Just make sure that any charger or maintainer you use is microprocessor-controlled and offers protection to prevent overcharging.

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