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The Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 prohibits a manufacture from curtailing warranty coverage due to after market parts unless it can be demonstrated that they caused the problem.
This sealed battery has little free liquid electrolyte because it is absorbed into the glass mat. From bumping stereo systems to hard-pulling winches, power-hungry accessories gobble up traditional car batteries faster than hot dogs at a competitive eating match.
It would be nice if an automotive battery held its charge forever, but we all know that's not the case. This car battery charger is specifically designed for 12V batteries, be they made by Optima themselves or any Standard Flooded or AGM design.
It's a great product and works every bit as well as advertised, but it was shipped very poorly and arrived with the box severely damaged. Consequently, there is less danger of acid spilling into the trunk.Since the 12 volt battery does not start the gasoline engine you can still use the car with a very weak battery. Before you're stranded in a busy parking lot with no juice, make the switch to the most reliable car battery in town: the OPTIMA Red Top. Keep yours in fantastic shape and ready for anything with a Optima Digital 1200 Battery Charger.

Above all else, the Optima Digital 1200 Battery Charger stands for convenience, and that ease-of-use directive goes for everything from its LCD gauge to quick-set selections to a cable storage compartment. Refresh and recharge all kinds of 12V energizers with the Optima Digital 1200 Battery Charger.
The unit works, but I am very concerned that the poor packaging may end up leading to premature failure of the product.
Fits well and includes Toyota vent tube connection hole.What makes this a longer lasting battery?7.5x or more deep discharges compared to batteries optimized for cranking amps! This results in lower voltage drop as the battery discharges and contributes to the longer life of this battery!We have sold them for over two years now and the battery has a less than 1% failure rate! This low internal resistance gives you more power in a smaller box, ability to recharge much faster and higher cleaner voltage characteristics during dischargeImmobilised plates (locked in place).
So much so that at least three 2001 to 2003 Prius users have told me that their Prius now gets better mileage with the new battery. This dual purpose deep cycle and starting battery cranks out enough juice to satisfy the most demanding gear.The difference between the OPTIMA Yellow Top Battery and old-school car batteries comes down to the guts. RESULTING IN: Improved vibration resistance, no shedding of active paste material, lower gradual loss of power and capacity as the battery ages.

I am now starting to get these stories from 2004 + owners also for example:"The MPG skyrocketed in my car after the battery replacement. Instead of using flat sheets of impure lead, OPTIMA batteries are loaded with tightly coiled columns of 99.999% pure lead. Compatible with smartphones and tablets and featuring an integrated work light and no-slip grips, this battery charger goes above and beyond to give you what you need without anything you don't. You do not need the RED TOP battery which is chemically configured to provide a lot of starting power.
Instead you need a battery that can handle the slow stead drain than occurs when the car is parked from: the clocks, the memory chips, the security system and the remote entry and key less starting system.
Thank God!"So if your 12 volt battery is very weak and your MPG has deteriorated a weak battery could also be affecting your gas mileage. THIS YELLOW TOP BATTERY IS DESIGNED FOR THE DEEP DISCHARGES THAT THESE SYSTEMS CAUSE WHEN THE CAR HAS BEEN PARKED FOR A WHILE.

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