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Apple is notorious for creating great products with whimsically awesome interface design—ones that have certainly turned this old PC fanatic into an Apple fanboy.
As I was taking another mouthwatering look at the new unibody laptops, I was reminded of just how important those design decisions can be for how things work. One of the biggest gripes we all have about the previous generation of MacBook Pros—the ones we use here—has been the lid latch. The old MacBook Pro (MBP) lid latch was designed to compliment the general aesthetic of a great looking product. When to comes down to it, the lid latch is just a bad experience for most users—even worse on some laptops, too!
Apple has taken all the other great design decisions about the last generation of MBPs and made them that much better with this new unibody design. Second, it maintains the magnetic clamp style from the last generation—and with just the right amount of magnetism. Third, the design affordance (the interaction we expect from just looking at the latch) is much greater—just lift.
While maintaining the ease of use of the previous generation of laptops, Apple has managed to increase the design affordance and the durability of a single element to make a better experience for their consumers. If we practice iterative interaction design, we can see how users respond to changes in the designs and the user experience. The improvement on the laptop's latch is one of the many improvements Apple makes with each release of a product.
ZURB is a close-knit team of product designers who help companies design better web sites, services and online products.
Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile. A while back we brought you news of DIY tablet that was created using a Raspberry Pi (a Linux computer the size of a credit card).

The creators of the Novena Project set out to do just that and managed to design a notebook with open source hardware (meaning hardware whose specs are available to just everyone). Inside the laptop, the duo has packed a whole range of wonders and surprises, like a FPGA on the motherboard, dual Ethernet sockes, a USB OTG port plus a Freescale iMX6 quad-core ARM CPU.
Furthermore, the laptop bundles Vivante GC2000GPU, micro SD card slot, mini PCle-slot, 4GB of RAM, a header for Wi-Fi module, HDMI socket, and USB 2.0. The two inventors are planning a crowdfunding campaign that will allow them to finance a more user-friendly version of their laptop. While you wait on that, the specs are available on the project’s Wiki page, if you want to take a chance at building your own. More than the finesse of the physical products or the sparkling chrome, it's refined and iterated design decisions that create great experiences for consumers. The new unibody MacBook Pros come with fresh hotness all around, and the one design decision we all have been applauding at the ZURB office is the new laptop lids.
There are those obnoxious sliders, tiny buttons, and clasping plastic contraptions that almost always break. The short and wide design amplifies the perceived slimness of the machine, which is really cool, but not that functional.
You can lift the lid with one finger and not worry about the rest of the laptop lifting with it. I haven't heard anything about the lid not staying closeda€”Matt at the office here has a unibody MBP and I've yet to hear him complain about it.
It's fun to modify and improve upon something without the user noticing the subtle differences in designs.
These collective improvements in the user experience, in terms of product design and customer services, allow Apple to gain market share and customer loyalty.
Without iteration, and of course testing those iterations, we don't know how users will respond.

Either way, I'm guessing they saw the error of their ways with the new unibody MacBooks and went to the simple lift lid. No shady company got sued or failed miserably in court this time; instead, there is Apple win. But let’s go further on imagining and ask what if we could build a laptop from scratch? After continued use, the latch looses its "oomph," meaning you have to push harder, often with only a finger nail because your finger tip is too big. Iteration on design interactions like this require a focus on improving things and not taking them a step back.
We hear the user say, "I dunno, it just works" after they interact with the redesigned artifact, and we realize we've made an improvement. Then they quietly re-introduced it just as lousy as it was before with the second gen ibooks.
You have to position your finger nail just right or you risk broken nails, pinched fingers, and frustrations abound. Acknowledging that in your work (hardware, software, online, etc) will almost always take it from good to great for everyone involved. I've found that prototyping multiple interaction designs helps me communicate and test with users to find better solutions. I wonder how many design iterations Jonathan Ive and team went through to build the latest laptop.

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