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Actual power is 1300mAh, which is 23.53% LESS than P100, not 40% more than P100 as claimed!
Looking at the label, I see that it's rated 28Wh -- all the P103s I've seen before now have been rated 24Wh. That's 16% more energy and means that Ryobi must be using 1500mAh cells in their latest batteries. All of the P104s I've tested with date codes CS0948, CS0949 and CS0950 have tested ABOVE 2400mAh, as high as 2619mAh!
Ryobi also sells batteries in kits labeled P101, P106, P109, P122, P170, P181, P184, and the P185.
P101 = two P100 batteries, P106 = 2x P103, P109 = 2x P107, P122 = 2x P108, P170 = 2x P102, P181 = 4x P102, P184 = 2x P105, and P185 = 3x P105. In general, the larger the number the longer the battery can be operated before a recharge is needed. For the sake of argument, let's say a P704 flashlight bulb draws a steady 600mA of current (=0.6A) until the battery pack is depleted. Some of Ryobi's battery packs have an energy ratng on the label, expressed in "Wh" or Watt-hours.
The first battery I saw with a Wh rating was the P103, and it was rated 24Wh, so that seems about right.
This refers to the Lithium Ion chemistry's low self-discharge rate as compared to that of Nickel Cadmium. Have you ever charged a NiCad pack, then put the charged pack on the shelf for a few weeks or months before you needed it? Some batteries may have one or two letters before the four numbers, not sure what they mean but my guess is the site of the factory. In 2012 Ryobi started printing a 2D barcode on each label which is encoded with the manufacturer part #, serial number, and model #. It's perfectly normal to visit The Home Depot, check date codes, and find that everything on the shelves was manufactured several momths ago. For example, the Ryobi factory probably manufactures a tool or kit in a "run" which lasts for several weeks. The items manufactured in the first week(s) may sit around until enough product has been produced to make a full shipment.
Additional delays are likely at the shipping ports in China and in the USA, and of course some time is required for distribution. Without making a heroic effort, I doubt that new Ryobi tools can reach the shelves of The Home Depot in less than 2 months from the date of manufacture. Based on my personal observations I'd say that 3 months (or more) is typical for the factory-to-shelf process. I have no hard data to support this, but I suspect that "new" batteries up to a year old or more are still 100% fine.
NiCad packs are very resistant to problems when sitting on the shelf with a low charge for a long time.

After 9 months or more on the shelf in the store or warehouse the deterioration of Lithium Ion cells can begin. Batteries with a date code between and including 0821 to 0832 have had an especially high DOA rate.
Ryobi has now built a 2-3 second delay into the formerly momentary check-while-you-hold-the-button device. The easiest way to test your batteries is to fully charge them, then fully discharge them at a controlled, slow rate. If you buy a kit containing P104 batteries that's more than a year old, you should expect problems. Is there a "Quick Check" I can do in-store to see if the batteries in an old, discounted kit are still OK? Keep them plugged into an IntelliPort Charger all the time, such as the P114, P115, P116, P117, or P126 SuperCharger. The IntelliPort Chargers are designed to keep batteries at a full charge without ever overcharging. If you don't have an IntelliPort charger, or (like me) have more batteries than chargers, then read on. NiCad batteries will degrade in performance if left idle for a long time with a charge on them. The best advice I can give on NiCad pack storage would be to fully charge them before putting them away for storage. Lithium Ion packs degrade in performance when the charge on a cells goes out of the service range.
But an Intelliport charger stops charging when a pack reaches a full charge, allowing the pack to self-discharge a bit. If you're really serious about the longevity of your Lithium Ion batteries, then you should actively monitor your use of them. Of course, for many of us the advice in the preceding paragraph will be very difficult to follow.
I find that I usually reach for a P103 (the smallest pack) when I want to use a flashlight or a drill. If you work in a very cold environment, NiCads might be a better choice than Lithium Ions because you can recharge them when cold. If you need to push your tools to the limit with maximum torque, then NiCads may be the best choice for you.
I'm not sure what this hype means, but they've apparently changed the internal circuit board design. The quick fix is to press the battery's power level meter first, which briefly "wakes up" the battery.
With all other Ryobi batteries, a voltmeter across the terminals will measure the voltage of the pack. This can give an indication of the battery's charge level, much like the P150 Fuel Gauge will do.

The cops are investigating two residential burglaries at homes near the lakefront, both of which occurred on Feb. Domestic Depot has the Ryobi Nailers 18V ONE+ Airstrike 18-Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer Kit for a low $129.99 Free Shipping. The conqueror of the league-wide competition will receive a Ryobi 18V Lithium 6-piece combo kit as well as a $2,000 scholarship.
Each month RYOBI selects a rash and defenseman who are named the Hardest Working Player at their respective position.
Aggregate the game-changing products in snow removal are cable kits that melt the white stuff off your roof, driveway or sidewalk. The long arm of the law are investigating two residential burglaries at homes near the lakefront, both of which occurred on Feb. Winter stand can cause a number of problems for your home – from power outages to water damage inside and out, as well as the physical impact storms have on your home's outside. RYOBI Tools RYOBI specializes in making pro-featured power tools and outside products truly affordable.
RYOBI Tools The RYOBI 18V ONE+ Arrangement has more than 50 tools that work with the same battery platform, giving you the ultimate versatility in tool selection to get your job finished.
Reciprocating saw's adjustable, pivoting shoe allows depth-of-cut control and more efficient use of blade.
Ryobi has turned this program into a monthly award that has players vying for the Ryobi Hardest Working Player head.
28 for possession of marijuana after being stopped by police near Laurel and Prospect avenues. Circular saw features an ExactLine laser, which automatically activates during use for improved cutting accuracy. This season, the Hardest Working Player program will award two players per month - a defenceman and forward - the distinction of Hardest Working Player of the Month during an on-ice offering.
Another awesome addition to the Phone Works lineup is Ryobi’s noise-suppressing headphones.
Work light has a multi-functional design capable of sitting flat on battery, on end, or hanging for ultimate lighting versatility and the swivel head directs light where needed.
Sports toy with an integral role in shaping the lives of our younger generations and we're proud to recognize the outstanding efforts of these players. At the end of the season the WHL player chosen as the 2014-2015 WHL's Hardest Working Player will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship and a Ryobi 6pc combination kit courtesy of Ryobi Power Tools.
Views expressed in this article reflect the personal opinion of the author, Esther Madziya, and not as a result the views of JuniorHockey.

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