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That one time it wouldn’t connect to printer on a project deadline, cannot be forgiven.
Little tricks and knacks that get it working, “tilt the screen a bit”, “hold the charger in” sound familiar? Dropping it, spilling water on it, punching it after losing a hand on poker, but it’s still going strong. Who needs electric blankets or someone to spoon when you have a broken fan and a dangerously hot computer.
Reader Walt Pinkston, a friend indeed, wishes to help a friend in need with an ancient Apple laptop.
A friend has a really old Mac PowerBook 5300 and wants to transfer personal data files from it to a new iMac.
Every so often I like to post questions simply to see what our readers come up with in the comments area. When it comes to hardware, Apple isn’t afraid to force its users to adapt, to change habits.
If you have a Pentium 3 laptop with 512 MB of RAM and 40 GB of hard disk and you think that it has become obsolete, try fixing it up with a new operating system. If slow booting, slow Windows and slow software applications are tiring you from using your old laptop, then you should know that after installing a lightweight Linux distribution you will be able to do much more with faster booting, a faster operating system and faster software applications. There is a long list of Linux distributions, but we will be discussing only the best and most popular choices. Take this survey Take a survey for a chance to win a free iPad mini Win a €100 Voucher for House of Fraser’s Student Lock-in LC Students: Take a survey to win a €20 Amazon voucher Calling All UL Students!
Invoking the mighty might again, you might be able to find a compatible Ethernet PC card that works with this PowerBook. If your friend is willing to risk destroying what’s left of his laptop (and honestly, this is one of the worst laptops Apple ever made, so it’s no great loss), he could open it up, extract the drive, and use something like Newer Technologies’ USB 2.0 Universal Driver Adapter to attach the drive to the iMac. These machines still had an ADB port on them for backwards compatibility with older Mac printers.

New laptops with advanced features are offered by many manufactures and you can even buy them with discounts or Dell coupons. You can still utilize your old laptop to check emails, use instant messaging applications, play games, use a proper office suite for document processing needs and browse the Web with an updated and secure Web browser. One of the biggest advantages of using this distribution is that it is the modified form of the famous Ubuntu distribution. These two Linux distributions are actually not only focused on laptops but they are developed for all the old hardware. You will be amazed to see that it can boot from a USB drive and gets its important files copied onto the RAM.
Get one and you might be able to add a SCSI-to-USB adapter to get to an external USB hard drive, where you could copy the data from the PowerBook and then move the drive to the iMac.
With that card, you could then set up file sharing between the two Macs and copy the files across the network.
I can plug this device into my 2009 iMac running Snow Leopard and it stll functions perfectly.
But they have declared that they will be discontinuing Windows XP support on April 8, 2014. Ubuntu distribution is among, and probably the most, used Linux distributions around the world. The whole operating system is loaded into the RAM and it will keep in the running state unless or until you will unplug the computer. Of couse, these days obtaining floppy disks might prove difficult, and if the files on the Powerbook 5300 are bigger than 1.4MB then this could be a very slow and awkward way to transfer the files.
Then you should have an easier time getting the files off the G3 because it supports firewire and USB. Windows XP is not a reliable approach for old laptops; therefore Linux distributions must be given a chance.
Got any suggestions on the best way to move Quicken, Word, and Excel files and other personal data from this ancient machine on to something new?

This makes Xubuntu an application-rich Linux distribution, which most Linux distros not normally are. It comes with LXDE desktop environment which is even lighter than the XFCE desktop environment used in the Xubuntu distro. You may try one of the famous lightweight Linux distributions that are specially designed and developed to run smoothly on old laptops. All these things indicate that there should be another alternative to Windows XP, which helps old laptops in the long run and provides security updates on long-term basis. Recent Ubuntu versions are quite heavy and they come in Unity desktop environment, which is quite graphics demanding and can’t run smoothly on old laptops. At first, Lubuntu was not an official derivation of Ubuntu but later it became official derivative of the Ubuntu and started receiving funds from Canonical.
But Xubuntu comes with XFCE desktop environment, which is quite lightweight and can run smoothly even on 8 MB of graphics card. Lubuntu brings your old laptop to life and gives users a smooth experience even at Pentium 2 or Celeron at 128 MB of RAM.
A 32 bit computer system needs to have 900 MHz of processing, 384 MB of RAM and 5 GB free disk space to have Fuduntu running on it. Xubuntu is officially supported by the Ubuntu community and it gets heavy updates, which keeps the operating system safe from the most recent threats and security holes. It comes with office suite, media players, disk management software, games, web browsers, Internet tools and other small applications like calculator, notepad etc.

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