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Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Russ Grandinetti, Amazon's vice president of Kindle content, unveils the latest version of the Kindle.
Can the new and improved Amazon Kindle fight off the growing competition from Apple, Barnes & Noble and Borders?
EMBARGOED UNTIL 8PM PT - WEDNESDAY JULY 28, 2010 - The third-generation Kindle is 21 percent smaller -- and 15 percent lighter -- than its predecessor, with more proportional features, too. EMBARGOED UNTIL 8PM PDT, WEDNESDAY JULY 28, 2010 - People who buy the new Kindle can pick up a leather case with a retractable light, which is powered directly from the Kindle's battery.
EMBARGOED UNTIL 8PM PDT - WEDNESDAY JULY 28, 2010 Amazon's third-generation Kindle is the sleekest and cheapest yet, with a Wi-Fi only version that starts at $139.
Note: I talk here about Kindle 4 no touch, for Kindle 4 Touch please read Kindle Touch Versus Kindle 3 review. The main interface has no change for Kindle 4 but the access to menu or various items with the 5-way controller requires patience from user.
Kindle 4 feature the experimental browser but you can imagine your self try to use 5-way controller to type URLs? You took the comparison chart that can be found on the amazon page for the kindle and added words around it to make it harder to compare.
Page turning is better on Kindle 4 but unless you are reading 28 point text and turning every other moment, it hardly matters. I have a Kindle 3, my wife a Kindle 4 which has impressed me, smaller size and absence of a keyboard you hardly use (browsing on a Kindle is unbearably painful. The trade-ins offered for used Kindles range from $28 to $135; many hover around $40 to $50. Amazon debuted its electronics trade-in feature in March but only began accepting Kindle trade-ins this week.

Since people who use the trade-in feature get store credit with Amazon, those who want to trade in an old Kindle don't have to buy a Kindle Fire.
The new Kindle is the cheapest and most barebones of the new family of three Kindles, joining the Kindle Touch (basically one of these, but with a touchscreen) and the Kindle Fire tablet. This is basically the same Kindle experience we're used to - the best and most comprehensive ebook service out there. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. From literacy games to tween-friendly netbooks, here is the latest high-tech gear worth buying to get your child ahead this fall. 4: With even self-described "book people" embracing Amazon's Kindle, the e-reader is poised to become the most popular gadget you don't yet have. Many new Kindle 3 owners start to think to return the Kindle 3, buy Kindle 4 and save some money for others accessories like cases … But is this a good decision? So, if you are looking for a simple ebook reader with a very good price tag Kindle 4 is your best choice. The more I looked the more attractive the old Kindle 3 became, particularly now that prices on it have dropped.
Thinking you'd prefer to hold Amazon's new tablet, the Kindle Fire, in your hands instead? The bad news is that the trade-in value for the first-generation Kindle, which cost $399, is just $28 bucks.
That's partly because the price of the new Kindle Fire, which is scheduled to begin shipping Nov. They could spend their $28 on anything: gourmet cat food, beach chairs or even old-fashioned print books. You get access to the same bookstore, you get the same fantastic E-Ink Pearl screen (with slightly faster refreshes), the same seamless syncing between devices. Rather than doing a full refresh with every page turn (on previous Kindles, that's the "blink to black" that happens when you turn a page), the new Kindle does a full refresh only once every five or so pages.

But we'd recommend spending a little bit more, if you can, and especially if you're buying for yourself: The included Whispernet 3G, which is not available on this Kindle, is one of Amazon's best ideas, as it offers a completely free (no monthly fee, no signing up, nothing) 3G access so you can download books, browse the internet, and sync your bookmarks, notes, and progress from wherever you are. If you are demanding for an ebook reader full of great future you should consider Kindle Touch or Nook.
What will make me buy a new one is when they invent the E ink in color, so I can read comics and see photographs from books without the backlight.
Well Amazon is making it easy for early Kindle adopters to trade up by offering trade-in deals for used Kindles.
And it gets a new price, the first to drop below $100 (though the last-gen non-3G Kindle, with ads, also got a price cut, from $114 to $100).
The size is nice - it's not like the last-gen Kindle was too big, but smaller is always good, and the 20 mm or so of height and 10 mm or so of width moves the Kindle into back-pocket territory. The Kindle is smaller than its predecessor, and the loss in height makes it feel slightly more awkward and precarious to hold.
That gives slightly faster page turns, but it also produces a ghosting effect - it's like a white echo of the previous page's words, visible on the current page. Comparatively, the last-gen Kindle is $99 and $139, for ads and ad-free, respectively, and you can add 3G to that last-gen Kindle for $139 and $189, ad and ad-free. I actually think the keyboarded Kindle feels better in the hand, size be damned, even though the loss of the keyboard isn't a big deal, interface-wise. So offering bigger trade-in values would make the newest, most snazzy Kindle practically free.
If spending an extra $50 doesn't freak you out, I'd recommend the 3G keyboarded Kindle instead, which Amazon is still selling as the "Kindle Keyboard" - or you can wait for our reviews of the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire, to see how they fare. I can't think of a single other gadget that costs less than $100 that I'd actually recommend, which makes the new Kindle just about the best Christmas gift out there.

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