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Since changing my battery to the Motobatt and every now and then using a CETEK charger I have had no further problems. Just found out my son-in-law has an Optimate sitting in his cupboard that he doesn't use so I will hook up to that just to be on the safe side as I can't afford to have a non-starting bike due to needing it for work. I will be home in Cranfield all weekend if you want to pick up parts or see them in the flesh. When a lead acid battery is charged it turns some of the water back to Hydrogen and Oxygen.
The battery in the smart fortwo has a pipe leading from the battery to the outside of the car.
Some battery chargers have a desulfation setting that attempts to break down the crystals on the plates. As I have previously said, batteries contain acid and it won't do you any favours if you get it on your skin or in your eyes so be careful and any safety wear like goggles or gloves would be a bonus. Once you have unscrewed the lids, look inside and you should see a maximum level indicator.
It goes without saying that you should take it to the dump so it will be dealt with properly.
I have tails off the batteries of my two BMW,s and alternate the supply every three days or so and touch wood its been fine.
I am only available today and tomorrow (for a limited time) as I am going on Holiday for the jubelie.

This is only really effective on newly flattened batteries and even after desulfation, it will never hold the same charge. I have a commute of 20 miles to get to work, mostly on country roads and usually in the dark.My question is would it be prudent to hook the bike up to a trickle charger over night and if so what do you recemmend? There is a big alternator on the bike which will keep the battery well up even when using the lights and heated grips on short winter journeys. If the bike is out of use it's for one day at the most as my work is spread over a 7 day week and when I'm not working the bike shop 20 miles away does excellent bacon rolls! This supercharger is suited more for the 1.8 litre MX-5s and is capable of boosting them to around 300hp.
DRIVE TRAIN TYPE 2 torsen 3.6 and 6 speed box hard dog deuce roll barbody oem lip front and rear ,head light vent . So surely it makes more sense to look after what you have, save yourself money and not fill your municipal dump with acid filled boxes. The lead sulfate turns into crystals on the lead plates which reduces the amount of surface area in contact with the acid. Luckily enough it is only the water that is used and not the acid so you can top up the fluid to maintain the battery. The reason I ask is that my old R80RT was very heavy on batteries and unless it was fully charged it just wouldn't start the bike in the cold.Thanks for any help you can give me. I have seen this supercharger sell for over 350i?? in a condition where it requires a rebuild.

If you have ABS fitted, you will likely experience the alternate flashing ABS lights in cold weather starts when the battery ages and loses some of it's starting power - the first sign the battery is on its way out - overnight charging can help here mainly I believe by keeping the battery warm.Use the Optimate fortnightly if the bike is laid up for more than 14 days.
This supercharger requires a rebuild before it can be used, this should not cost more than 100i??.
A battery that has been flattened will only hold about 50% of the amperage yet the voltage will remain the same and it will seem to charge OK.
So its still a bit of a bargain! It is rare to find these charger on ebay or gumtree, I also have a discounted price on here for nutz members. I have cut part of the casing where the pulley runs so that I could install a non clutched pulley, this does not affect the performance or life of the supercharger.
Them to charge mode, the worst weather conditions with our onlinedatei car-battery-recharger. Microprocessor controlled chargermaintainer specification farin todays world of great deals.

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