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Anyway, I was thinking of buying an old Towmotor as a keepsake for sentimental reasons, not because I need one or even use one, (I'm now an accountant). I have an old Towmotor just like the one in this here thread, except for a diff seat as I had noted. Ox: Your truck is a later model and should be an LT420 which replaced the LT40 to 48 series. I did a search for the Trucloader on the internet - just to see what one looked like, but I couldn't find a thing.

Guage: The Trucloader was a popular machine used in the tobacco and appliance industry as they weighed less than 2500# and were great for older buildings that had weak floors and 2500# elevators where they could shuttle them between the floors to move lighter loads. There is no such thing as antiques in the lift truck business they are either servicable newer trucks or old ones worth scrap or a few hundred dollars.The only smaller truck than the LT35 in physical size is the Clark Trucloader Mod.
The weight is not right with a lifting weight of 3500 and with 16" tires I think its double that. The older model had 2 gear shift levers coming up thru the floor boards and later series moved the levers to the cowl.

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