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Do you know how a tiny piece of battery that normally cost a few dollars can bring your high-tech PC screeching to a halt?  this battery is called CMOS or complementary metal-oxide semiconductor.
First, When you remove the old battery from the motherboard, the information that’s stored in the CMOS will be lost, so you should write down the BIOS settings. Unplug all the cables from the back of the computer, if you are not familiar about the ports at the back of your computer you should make a note  on where they came from so you can easily put them back when your finished. Remove the cover by locating the screws around the outer edge  at the back of your computer.
Back to your computer insert the new battery by lifting the clip and sliding the battery in. A laptop battery losing its ability to hold a charge after two years is by no means unusual.
When my LCD power inverter went when I had the Lenovo for about two years -- a bit early -- and I was able to replace what is usually a part by spending and change on eBay, I decided to look around before committing to a new battery. You're seeing this blog, powered by Ode, through the magic of the Perl programming language and the Common Gateway Interface. Comments are managed via Disqus, integrated through the work of Ode project leader Rob Reed. Update: Thanks to Rob Reed for his help on the Counter addin, which provides the new (as of August 5, 2015) post-count feature seen above.
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Intro: How to Replace Old Computer BatteriesTried of replacing your batteries every 2 years for you laptop? Over at Technologizer, I've written an opinion piece that argues why history needs software piracy.

I had the idea for this piece a few years ago, so it's nice to finally put my thoughts into written form — especially at a time when public debate over digital piracy's role has reached a new high.
I don't claim to be laying down the final word on the subject; instead, I view my piece as the beginning of a broader discussion about piracy's role in the study of history.
I should note that if you have anything backed up on CD-R, get it off now, because I've already found CD-Rs from as recent as 2000 that I can't read anymore. While you're ditching the vintage clock batteries, do yourself a favor and remove the main power batteries from any laptops in your collection. As a good rule of thumb, never keep batteries (no matter how new) in any electronic device for longer than a couple weeks of non-use. If you don't recall, Harry McCracken has some renown as the excellent former-Editor-in-Chief of PC World, a position he manned for four years. Above all else, the equipment carried with it a priceless nostalgic element: I had watched my brother's best friend use most of these items when I was a kid, so it was very familiar to me. What you see in the back of the truck above would have met death-by-dumpster had I not gallantly rushed in to save it. Apple co-founders Wozniak and Steve Jobs originally sold the Apple I for $666.66 (US) in 1976. A couple weekends ago, I made the requisite annual trek to RARSfest, my local hamfest of choice, which takes place on the NC State Fairgrounds.
While looking through some old boxes a few weeks ago, I stumbled across my brother's large collection of vintage Choose Your Own Adventure books. The outcome of the story depends on your choices, and every book contains multiple endings. One book in my brother's set stood out from the rest: Supercomputer, by Edward Packard (1984).

Yesterday afternoon, I made a trip to some local thrift stores that I hadn't visited in eight years.
Neither device does BASIC like the VTech Pre-Computer 1000, but they're both highly collectible microprocessor-powered toys.
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CMOS is just a little battery located on your motherboard, but this is not your ordinary battery that you can find powering your handheld calculators. Some computer cases only require you to remove 2 screws on one side then a panel can be removed allowing you access to the computers insides, others you must remove 6 screws and remove the whole case by sliding it to the rear and lifting it off. If it only lasted a year, I'd be money ahead compared to a battery with a two-year guarantee that would cost an extra to ship. There will be 2 tabs on each side of the battery, just slide them to the side and pull it out. Also be careful on the inside of your computer,  most computer cases are unfinished metal and has very sharp edges.

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