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DISCLAIMER : Alway make sure that all of your equipment is properly fused and grounded for safety.
New Feature!  Check out our new feature Solar Projects where you can build easy, do-it-yourself projects for your solar power system to save money and have fun doing it! The black wire coming into the positive terminal on the coil (#15) is from fuse #12, which receives power from the ignition switch. Right, but what I suggested earlier is that he get the 2G internal regulated harness and do away with the external regulator all together as oppossed to buying the new external regulator kit. I completely agree - either that, or take the 3G harness and solder it into the green and red wire that is already existing. When the battery appears fully charged, it will not crank the car as long as I think it should.
To be fair to the car, I did note 13+v at the battery when it was running, but this was when the engine was running at a higher rpm?when I backed off on the rpm, I?m sure the battery was getting less of a charge.
I would try replacing the cable from the solinoid to the starter first, since it is not that expensive, to make sure the starter is getting full voltage. You shouldn't need a high torque starter, and re-pops aren't made as well as originals - look into a rebuild kit - cheap and easy. Upgrading the generator is a good idea (or at least having it rewound), but I'm not sure if it would help much on cold stats. Even though you said you replaced the battery, I would tend to agree that the new battery is not fully charged, or is faulty. I'll try taking the battery out of my Mustang and put it in the Galaxie and see what happens.
Jim, from that first diagram and your text, should I assume that you are still using a external regulator?
5 Meters display charging amps, power, voltage, & more as you change the sun intensity, load usage, etc.

These system sizes are based on 100 watt solar panels and 5 hours of average daily sunshine. Also, be sure to read and follow the advice and instructions that come with your equipment. Use 2, 4, 6, or 12 volt batteries to build a system voltage of 12, 24, or 48 volts using series and parallel wiring with just 4 clicks.
Note three black wires leading from that terminal - one to the automatic choke, one to the backup lights, and one to the idle cut-off valve on the carburetor. If I had the crank the car for 8 seconds at a time, it will not do that even 4 times before the battery is useless. I?m thinking of getting the generator rebuilt as an alternator, with the same external appearance, or replacing it with a one wire alternator.
Also, I changed the generator belt when I first got the car a month ago, and I haven?t checked it again to see if it has stretched. Kind of odd that it starts good on a jump, but not when your batt is fully charged, like maybe it takes bumped-up voltage to get 12 to the starter. To check the battery hold a voltmeter across the positive and negitive terminals while cranking the engine. Other than changing the regulator and adding a #10 wire from the regulator to the solinoid, that's it.
These example diagrams, while reasonably accurate, are not meant as a substitute for the recommendations of a licensed electrician. Battery bank capacities from 300 AmpHours to over 4000 AmpHours are displayed graphically so you can see exactly how to wire the batteries together. The positive terminal on the coil is just a convenient place to obtain power to these three components.
Car was hard to start?found the carb base gasket pretty well gone, hopefully replacing it (yesterday) will help.
Maybe try disconnecting yout battery and hook the jumper cables to the battery cables and see if you have the same trouble.

Of course you've got things like making a mount for the regulator but you use the same wires and they are the right length also. Of course, under actual operating conditions a solar power system does not produce full output every day. Certain grounding and fusing circuits have been omitted from the wiring diagrams for clarity. These examples are a guide only and are meant to demonstrate how typical system components are connected together.
The fact that these components receive power from a terminal on the coil has nothing to do with the operation of the coil itself. Also, MAYBE check the ground strap on the starter (if '63s have one) if not, losen and retighten the starter bolts to make sure it is getting a good ground.
Btw, did you get the battery charged in this 27 Jun 2012 I immediately pulled out the battery & rebooted, thinking maybe it.
The three wires could each go up to fuse #12 individually, but that would be very inconvenient.
Check the voltage between the positive terminal and whatever you have the negitive terminal tied to ( should be the engine block ). Have someone crank the engine while you're holding the voltmeter on each big post on the solenoid.
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