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This page: A booklet from 1939 describing the range of large Oldham Power batteries on offer to vehicle operators. Oldham and Son Ltd, of Denton in Manchester, were one of the largest suppliers of motor-car and commercial vehicle batteries prior to, and following, WW2. According to the introduction within the leaflet, Oldham were pioneers in the development of flat-plate lead-acid batteries, and had concentrated on this type for the previous thirty years.
The booklet then goes on to describe each design of battery in turn, its dimensions, capacity, weight, and price.
To the right is one of the wood-cased batteries, the Type ML, designed to fit into battery compartments where taller batteries, such as the Oldham TL, couldn't be accommodated. The centre pages of this catalogue are given over to battery service items, and the component parts that you might have needed when overhauling an omnibus battery. Manchester Corporation had 275 Crossley 'Mancunian' double-deckers with the streamliner bodywork (with very minor variations). More unusual items like this can be found in the Motoring Collectables section of the site. We can provide your business with a specially designed scrap battery container for all your scrap vehicle batteries. Once the battery container has been filled, just give us a call and we can arrange a convenient time to collect your scrap batteries – normally within 24 hours. If you don’t require a scrap battery container, but still have a number of car batteries to dispose of, we can offer alternative collection methods. TK Metals have a fully serviced, and calibrated, 40 tonne computerised weighbridge in place at our site in Hailsham, East Sussex.
This page: Original leaflets show the correct style of battery to fit on classic cars that are now in preservation. Go to any show, and many finely restored vintage and classic cars are displayed with their bonnets raised, showing visitors the endless lengths that the owner has gone to during the car's restoration.
The first couple of leaflets advertise Exide batteries, and were collected at a Motor Show in 1967 or 1968 (both are dated 1967). The smaller Exide leaflet advertises the merits of the Exide Supreme battery, one that came with 36 months guarantee as standard. This leaflet also dates to the mid-1960s, and features an illustration of the "revolutionary!" Dagenite Easifil on its cover. To top up the cell, you removed the single centre cover on the top of the battery, under which there was a trough. The illustration for this battery shows how the design of the casing was beginning to change. This leaflet for a battery charger was published on behalf of The Electric Construction Co. The cover features a pre-war automobile hooked up to the charger, the car's owner no doubt relishing the prospect of ".. The model shown on the cover is either an OA, OB or OC model, depending on whether the user wanted the option of charging 6v & 12v, 2v & 12v, or 2v & 6v batteries. Specially designed for the needs of the private car owner, and equally applicable for the charging of lorry batteries.
Eliminates the use of starting handle; ensures quick starting from battery even in worst possible winter conditions, and maintains a healthy battery with consequent trouble-free service. Of great value to every motorist and absolutely indispensable to the motorist covering only moderate mileage, or whose car has such accessories as car radio, de-froster, interior heater of the resistance type, cigarette lighter, fog lamp etc. Compensates for faults such as accidentally leaving on ignition dash-board light, trafficators, temporary short circuit of wiring, condensation etc. Regularly starting a car on its handle, especially if the engine wasn't in particularly good tune, could easily lead to the motorist nursing a poorly back, or even a broken thumb if they weren't holding the handle correctly and the engine kicked back.
While regular charging of a ropey battery wouldn't return it to health, it would at least enable the owner of a pre-war or vintage car to eke out a little more use from their battery by repeatedly re-charging it, before it gave up the ghost altogether.

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In certain places there are local guys interested in buying these batteries but then they do keep a cut for themselves. United Battery are known for offering cash rewards for old batteries with their famous Cash for Junk Batteries program.
In case you intend transporting batteries, I would suggest checking with local DMV to explore the likelihood of getting HAZ-MAT incorporated in your driving license.
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The plates were cast from a special lead alloy, while the separators were made from vitreous felt, reinforced by thin slices of Port Orford Cedar. The illustration below shows just two of the batteries on offer, perhaps a useful reference for anyone restoring a vintage omnibus who wants their vehicle's underbonnet appearance to be "just so". Vitreous felt separators, with Port Orford ribbed wood veneers, are utilised in its construction, housed within a hard rubber (Ebonite) casing.
The container was constructed from waxed oak, with prices starting at ?4 6s 6d and rising to ?18 16s 0d. These included individual replacement plates, positive and negative battery terminals, cell lids, 2-volt Ebonite jars.
Very appropriately, the bus shown is clearly a Manchester Corporation Crossley 'Mancunian' streamliner of 1936-39.
The specialist containers can hold around 60 old car batteries, normally coming in at a weight of 1000kg.
Many though are let down visually by modern and inappropriate-looking batteries, often emblazoned with gaudy stickers and warning messages. Offering "at-a-glance inspection", you could peer in through a transparent cover on the battery's top surface to gauge whether it needed topping up or not.
You poured water into the trough until it was full, the water automatically making its way into the cell(s) that needed a boost. Only the two battery terminals were now exposed above the level of the top surface, making it easier to keep clean than the Exide Excel, and the batteries of the wartime era with their chunky lead cell connectors. This larger unit allowed the car owner to vary both the charging rate and voltage, with models 2A and 2B being very similar but charging at a higher amperage.
New batteries could also be maintained in tip-top fettle with such a device, so the ECC charger would be of use to owners of worn-out Austins, and coachbuilt Bentleys alike.
For the rest of us, the only thing we can think of is to take it down to the local auto shop and have them dispose of it, often charging you a fee. Most of us have an Auto Zone, Advance Auto, or any other brand of auto part store, within a few blocks.

But if you want to get a better price for your stock of old batteries, you should look for foundries. There are a lot of rules and regulations in place to protect the environment from harmful impact of lead. Material shared on this blog does not constitute financial advice nor is it offered as such. We will collect your unwanted scrap metal from domestic and commercial properties in the Stockport area and dispose of it in an eco-friendly way. The lead bar connections - reinforced with copper - are clearly visible on the top of the battery. You could even buy a replacement moulded container for the "rubber case" models, while users of wood-cased batteries could also buy new wooden containers should the need have arisen. We can either drop off a skip for a skip collection OR arrange for one of our scrap collectors to collect it for you.
Old-style rubber-cased batteries are still available, the leaflets below illustrate the type of car batteries that would have been fitted to cars in the 1950s and 1960s.
Various batteries of different amperage were on offer to suit all the popular cars of the late 1960s. The indicator in each cell acted as a valve, allowing the correct amount of distilled water to replenish it as required, the unused water remaining in the trough until such time as one of the cells needed a little more.
The ECC Metal Rectifier was a sturdy-looking piece of kit, and I suspect that in a collision with a hapless motorist, his or her car might well have come off worse to the charger unit.
Each model featured a 0 - 3 amp charging gauge, with + and - connectors on either side of the case. But hey, you weren’t going to use the battery anyway, you may as well get a few dollars off of it.
Prices for the Type AMV started at ?10 12d 0d for the 90 Amp Hour unit, upto ?11 10s 0d for the 108 Amp Hour version. Anyone wanting to restore their car's underbonnet area to how it would have looked in that era, needs to look out for a period-correct battery like those shown below. For instance, ?5 12s 6d would buy you a battery to fit Austin and Morris Minis, including the Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet. When the white stem of the indicator was visible, ie floating on the top of the electrolyte near the inspection window, that indicated that no topping up was required.
Established in 1882, not only could they supply chargers, they were also manufacturers of rotating electrical machinery, transformers, rectifiers and switch gear, so branching out into the supply of garage equipment seems like an obvious decision. It could be wall or floor mounted or, as in the example shown on the leaflet, sat on a convenient shelf.
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Only the rearmost side windows (whose bottom corners don't droop) and the roof-ventilators are wrong. An illustrated invoice from a supplier of Exide batteries in the 1930s, can be found on this page. When the level dropped, and the black tip of the indicator became visible, that was the nod to top up that particular cell. I also have a strong suspicion that the sketchy building in the background is Oldham's works on Hyde Road, Denton.

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