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I respect your preparation in this matter, I am no expert myself, excluding the high school theoretics. Yes, that UPS is not an APC, still Liebert is not a crappy brand IMHO, but anyway, why do you say I would need to prepare for higher currents? Since I don’t own cables so large, I will resort to use several 220v cables in parallel, which should be good enough anyway. To my defense anyway, my system actually is a low power setup, 80W average, and plan to make it even lower since I am buying greener components, so the amps are not THAT many. Non ti preoccupare, la pagina e in entrambe le lingue, e il plugin bilingue di wordpress che dopo l’invio del commento ti rimanda automaticamente sempre alla pagina inglese. The Old Battery is a Victorian coastal defence installation built high above the Needles rock formations on the Isle of Wight.
Step 3: Other use (as power booster)Recently I've using this circuit as what I called 'POWER BOOSTER'.
There is a power shortage in where I live, so I manage to make a power back-up from some component I've already got and an old car battery.This is how to make back up power from old car battery. A VERY fine book on building your own wind turbine from scratch, with step-by-step instructions.
This page features a small battery charger we built from an old "antique" Maytag gas engine, and a computer tape drive motor.
These motors were popular back in the 1930's, and were built by Maytag, mostly for use in washing machines, although other accessories were available to be used with them, including a small battery charger, similar to this.

In conclusion, with a well tuned engine and the right pulley combination this unit should do a fine job of charging at about 150 watts. Initially built to protect against an expected French invasion, it was used in both World Wars to test anti-aircraft guns. Old car battery still can store electricity so when my car needs a new battery I keep the old one, until the new battery getting old and need replacement. We only spent about an afternoon on this one, so lots of room for improvement probably exists.
The generator is one of those old computer tape drive motors which make excellent low rpm generators. We try to always offer these on our products page, but if none are available, they can usually be found on Ebay.
Although not yet tried, good chance this whole charger would work better with an alternator or an old car generator for reasons which I will explain later.
In 1903 these cannon were deemed to be obsolete and were thrown off the cliffs into the bay. When the engine comes up to speed, a centrifugal governor breaks a contact in the ignition, preventing the engine from firing. The generator has a 5" pulley on it, the gas engine has a 4" pulley, stock for the Maytag engine. This setup works reasonably well for charging 24 volts, but when hooked to 12 it bogs down the engine too much and it dies.

The tape drive motor we are using makes a fairly good generator, with the right sized pulley. To fix this, a higher rpm generator could be used, or a larger pulley would do, probably 6-8" diameter on the generator. The drawback, they don't cool very well, and if run for extended periods at full output (about 15 amps) they will get hot! An improvement might be to use an old car generator or an unregulated alternator and use an appropriate field resistor to properly match the load to the engine.
Usually in 2 years time, but some times I use the battery charger to make it's life time longer (until 3 years).
Although not "ideal" a charger like this could easily be used to recharge small systems or car batteries. A more efficient design would probably be a modern 4 stroke engine (like a briggs from a lawnmower) and an alternator.
We are always experimenting with odd ways of making electricity and love to hear input on that matter!

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