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Here is the officially announced online price list of Exide Inverter Battery models with all warranty details. Only semi tubular and automobile battery models are available for online purchase at exide online battery store, still the famous Invatubular model (IT500) and other tubular models are not available for online purchase.
I have SUKAM’s HOME UPS 800 PURE SINE WAVE Inverter and exide battery which needs replacing. Your selection is good enough to handle your load preference, we too recommend the same combination. We recommend 135 ah Exide Invertor Plus model Semiltubular Battery (Rs,10000) for your 600 va square wave inverter.
For power cuts more than 13 hrs per day , it is really hard to get the battery fully charged, so you have to limit your usage or you could buy solar hybrid inverter with at-least 240 watts panel and 100 ah c10 rating solar battery. APC BI850SINE model costs Rs.5500, it is one of best pure sine wave inverter in 850 va range in market.
It’s not a tubular battery, but it has 3 years full replacement like a tubular battery. Imported goods from the United States but in Japan (power supply 100 V) confirmed is assured, can be used. After a long break we have come up with one more price update for Exide inverter Batteries.

In the above price list, you could notice a big price drop in 165 and 180 ah invertor Plus model batteries. No need to mention that Exide Invertor Plus model is the top selling model in normal inverter battery series. Exide invertor plus 150 ah, 100 ah, 135 ah, 80 ah, 88 ah batteries are power performers with unmatchable reliability at this price range.
Even though it is not a Tubular battery model, it has 3 year full replacement warranty, which is just equal to Tall tubular battery models of any other brand. Extra thick spine tubes and high quality materiel inside the battery makes it more sturdy and reliable for long period of time. Affordable choice of people who need an alternative for Expensive Tall tubular battery models. Exide ‘Inva Smart’ model is just an improved version of ‘Mega Inva’.Both battery models shares same specification and warranty period. Exide Champion and Little champion are the most inexpensive battery models from Exide, available for Inverter systems.
These models are Automobile battery models, but Exide has approved these model batteries for Inverter applications too. Surprisingly ‘Champion’ and ‘Little Champion’ model batteries are performing exceptionally well for Inverter applications.

We have seen these models serving at its full potential for 2 to 3 years if maintained properly. Hope this price list will help you understand the real market price of Exide Inverter batteries. Please note that Exide dealers could offer discount up to 10 % from this official prices, So Bargain and get the best deal!
This is officially announced rebate price for Exide old batteries, so make sure you get proper resale price when you exchange your old battery for new one. I am thinking of buying a microtek 850 VA Sine wave inverter with Exide Mega 150 AH battery. The dealer has suggested sukam 850 with an exide 88 battery for my needs of two fans two tubelights and a TV+ one more three pin output.

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