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When I last enquired I was told that it is not longer possible to visit the lower levels in the cliff because of Health and Safety concerns, so it is good to see these photos. You have to just do these things sometimes if you ask then someone will always mention health and safety in this day and age. Between 1861 and 1895, a fortification was built at the western end of the Isle of Wight to guard the approaches to the Solent and Portsmouth Harbour against the threat of a French invasion. Nearby the Isle of Wight we've also visited Hurst Castle, Corfe Castle, Reculver Fort and Brean Down fort in Somerset.
Ok me, Dan and Ben decided to go and visit this today, as this is the part that isnt open to the public due to access. The fort was opened in 1864, and in 1887 a lift shaft had been dug from the ditch to sea level.

By the way, as you are walking along the cliff-top road heading out towards the Old Battery, IIRC on the left hand side there is at least one set of steel doors cut into the cliff face. Not saying tresspasing is the correct way to do these things but we walked as the tide was going out had a look around and walked back as the tide was fully out with about 15 mins before it came back in you just need to check tide times so you dont get stuck out there we would never of seen this if we hadnt just done it is what I am saying.
Between 1956 and 1971 the location was used for rocket testing before it was turned over to the National Trust as a tourist attraction.
During the 1890-92 searchlight experiments, a searchlight was experimentally installed in one emplacement and two 6-pounder QF guns were tried out in the others in 1892.
A robey engine(whose two boilers survive) was installed underground to power the lift shaft and searchlight via a dynamo.
The terrible heat underground (150 deg F in an hour) led to the buildin gof a new engine room in the ditch about 1900, with a coal store above.

In 1899 the western SM cell, was converted into a searchlight position but the light was too elavated above sea level to be effective. In 1915 a Campbell oil engine was installed in the lift house to power the lift, replacing the steam engines.

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