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Extra large and extra comfortable seat with built-in dual rear spring suspension for the RazorA® ePunk electric mini bike. AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Last year in the Netherlands a big 87,000 kilogram of electric bicycle batteries was collected. The collection of 87 tons of e-bike batteries is reported by Stibat; a Dutch non-profit organization for collecting and recycling discarded batteries. Batteries may contain metals such as zinc, copper, manganese, lithium and nickel, which present a risk to the environment and human health if they are incorrectly disposed of. This Directive also prohibits the placing on the market of most batteries and accumulators with a certain mercury or cadmium content. The Directive applies to all batteries and therefore also includes the Lithium Ion (Li-ion) and Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries commonly used in electric bicycles.
The Battery Directive establishes one and the same framework for the collection and recycling of batteries in all member states. Vakmedianet uses cookies to remember some preferences and tune to your professional interest.

My friend teased me to retrofit a headlight on my old bicycle, so I accepted the challenge. Then I took a battery holder from a small flashlight, combining it, gluing a custom switch to the opening where the dynamo wires were running through and a bit of soldering, putting it all together with a LED light circuit board.
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Top mounted push button switch activates three different power modes: low, medium and high. This headlight lights up the road very well at night compared to most other LED headlights. Consumers can dispose of their used and no longer proper functioning e-bike batteries by bringing them back to their retailers, who function as an collecting network that has been put up with support of Stibat in 2014. Bicycle manufacturers and importers do have an intake duty, but they do not have the network to collect and process these batteries safely and responsibly. It also sets out minimum rules for the functioning of national collection and recycling schemes, in particular for the financing of these schemes by the producers.

After spending few bucks on small soldering iron, custom switch and a new ultrabright LED flashlight, I started to work on it. In virtually no time at all the organization proved being able to put up an effective means of gathering. In cooperation with Stibat a collecting network through bicycle dealers has been established. It is up to the battery producers to finance the cost of the collection, treatment and recycling of waste batteries.
First, dismantling the whole thing, picking out a bulb and other small items included in the former dynamo light.
The Stibat objective was to collect 80 tons of old and faulty e-bike batteries in the first year.

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