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Energizer Holdings is an American manufacturer of batteries with a market share of approximately 25% with markets in over 165 countries. I’ve come across lots of tweets, blog posts, and in-person comments regarding battery life on older devices after having upgraded to iOS 7.
If you’re not ready to upgrade your device, but your battery has exceeded its usable life in charge cycles, age, or both, You can purchase a new battery at an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. It is pink and constantly pounds a marching band drum, representing the long lasting battery life of Energizer.

Performing his actions with extreme speed, showing that not only Energizer batteries are long lasting, but they also perform at high standards and produce maximum quality for the consumer.
New, more power-intensive features were likely developed with the new battery technology in mind.
Apple rates iPhone batteries at 400 charge cycles.1 An iPhone battery that has been recharged more than 400 times will experience decreased performance. Older devices not only have previous generation battery technology, but those batteries are approaching, if not already past, their usable life cycle.

The useful life of a lithium-ion battery is two to three years, even if it goes through zero charge cycles.2 The battery in an iPhone 4s purchased at launch in October 2011 has likely reached the end of its usable life.

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