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Lead acid batteries have been used on motor vehicles for a very long time and they do the job pretty well.  But lead acid batteries are not without limitations and battery technology is developing rapidly these days. Is it now time to consider changing from lead acid to something different and if so what?  Lithium batteries are in widespread use and are now being sold for use on motorcycles – do they offer real advantages, are they any good – do they catch fire in service, like those on Dreamliner aeroplanes have been threatening to do recently?
Lithium ion batteries have been around for some time but not as substitutes for conventional vehicle batteries, an application which had to wait until a special type was developed, called a litium iron battery.  These are now on sale, although maybe not yet in UK, so you can try them if you wish.
A lithium iron battery for a GoldWing is smaller and lighter than a lead acid battery and it can maintain its charge level in storage over  a much longer period so it has significant advantages.
The precise cause of the two cases of battery overheating in the 787 have yet to be announced but a short circuit fault in a single battery cell is reported to have been the cause of one of them. Four sets of three cells in this “lithium ion” motorcycle battery to improve cold cranking amps but is it a genuine lithium iron type? All of these battery systems potentially have adequate capacity and current delivery to serve as a GoldWing battery. Lithium batteries are certainly smaller and lighter for the same capacity and this could free up space in your battery compartment for storing stuff, but how useful is that on a GoldWing?
The suppliers of lithium iron motorcycle batteries claim they are low risk for fire but they are new technology and that has yet to be proved.  Reliability and durability in service also still have to be proved.
Unless you really do need extra space for your toolkit or sandwiches in your battery compartment or can never resist trying new technology as soon as possible I suspect that, for GoldWing owners, lithium iron batteries (and of course other lithium ion batteries) are not worth bothering with yet.
For example, Fuji claims it’s eco-friendly batteries have NO harmful elements, are packaged with recycled materials, last longer and have more power, and can be disposed of in most landfills.

This picture I took at a supermarket claims that the batteries have no lead, mercury, or cadmium. The most informative info I found was on a site (that also sells batteries) called Green Batteries.
This site gives tips on how to choose the correct battery, properly dispose of not-so-green batteries, and promotes responsible battery usage. The DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) of NY has a fact sheet that says you do not need to recycle regular (disposable) alkaline or carbon zinc batteries because now they are not made with (as much, or any) mercury. You can recycle batteries at lots of places near you: Walmart, Staples, supermarkets, Target, Home Depot, school campuses, etc. Project: Put a little box in your utility closet or in a drawer somewhere where you can store your used batteries (not in direct sunlight), and drop it off at a recycle point probably no more than once or twice a year. You, as the producer, can make batteries free of harmful chemicals, create a quality product that lasts a long time, use recycled materials and minimize packaging, and provide good resources and information for proper recycling. You, as the consumer, can think a little more carefully about the electronics you use and can make informed decisions about the batteries you buy… and most important, take the time to drop off your batteries at a recycling point. Keep up the wonderful piece of work, I read few posts on this website and I think that your site is really interesting and contains sets of wonderful info. 2 Pack - CR-2032 Lithium Batteries view larger image "In A Nutshell" Battery Size CR2032 Battery Type Coin Chemistry Lithium Color Silver Voltage 3 volt Product Details These 3 volt coin batteries provide high energy at a low cost. I've ordered scale batteries from this company 2 times & the shipping is super super fast!!!!

Lithium ion batteries are known to be capable of thermal runaway and catching fire if overcharged or allowed to get overheated, and maybe battery internal failure can also lead to thermal runaway and a fire as well as overcharging. Lithium iron batteries are said to present a much smaller fire risk and this is the type which is being sold as an alternative motorcycle battery. But still, I think I would come to the conclusion that I agree with Green Batteries and the other article above that Lithium-ion rechargeables might be the best bet. Call2Recycle is a rechargeable battery collection program that recycles batteries into things like new batteries, stainless steel products, and claim that nothing they collect ends up in landfills. This site has a handy feature where you can find recycle points by entering your zip code (home page on the top right).
Why don't ya pick up a two-pack of these CR-2032 lithium batteries with your scale, so ya don't have to worry about it when ya finally do need replacements? The Go Green Batteries website says that they use recycled materials for packaging, and one of their rechargeable batteries (not these in the picture) can replace 1,000 alkaline disposable batteries. They even have a cool map where you can check out the battery recycling laws in your state (NY and CA seems to cover the most ground in this department).
Rechargeable clearly means you can use one battery for a longer period of time, therefore reducing waste, but aren’t the chemicals used in the rechargeable batteries much more toxic?
There have been plenty of tutorials for usb chargers on here and Youtube, but none close to what I want to make.

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