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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might have a massive 3200 mAH battery already, but that never stops the power users from draining it out in less than 20 hours. The box has a LED indicator that lights up when the battery kit is charging the battery inside.
The extra battery kit’s door opens to reveal the battery which can be swapped with the one inside your Note 3. While the Extra battery kit charges the battery when connected with the USB cable, we couldn’t help but wonder if it could have been utilized as output too, like a portable battery pack.
We are currently intensively testing the Note 3 and its battery life and we will report back once the tests are done.

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Not only that, it’s been customary for most Samsung owners to carry an extra battery, which is super useful during travel thanks to the easy access to the removable battery. Yes, instead of using the battery inside the phone to charge, you can charge it from the box.
Especially since the battery is a huge 3200 mAH unit, it could have been used to charge the Note 3 as well as other devices, at least as a back up option.
Till then stay tuned, and let us know if you have any questions about the Extra Battery Kit in the comments section below.

So, power users who travel can now be happy that Samsung has already launched its Note 3 Extra Battery Kit. The Extra Battery Kit for the Note 3 should be available for around 2000 INR soon, it’s not available yet.

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