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This battery is also a great option for use as a backup battery when you won't have easy access to a charger.
Repairs Universe is a respected, leading provider of high quality LCD screen, touch glass and digitizer screen replacements and repair parts for iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, PSP, Zune, Droid, HTC, Nokia and many other cell phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might have a massive 3200 mAH battery already, but that never stops the power users from draining it out in less than 20 hours. The box has a LED indicator that lights up when the battery kit is charging the battery inside. The extra battery kit’s door opens to reveal the battery which can be swapped with the one inside your Note 3. While the Extra battery kit charges the battery when connected with the USB cable, we couldn’t help but wonder if it could have been utilized as output too, like a portable battery pack. We are currently intensively testing the Note 3 and its battery life and we will report back once the tests are done. Bharadwaj is obsessed with technology and is a self taught designer who covers news, writes features, reviews, loves to take photos and produces videos. Until the LG G2 came around a few months ago, the Samsung Galaxy Note II had held the crown in our battery life rundown test. During my time using both the Exynos and Snapdragon Galaxy Note 3 variants, the battery life I experienced was very good. When the powerful quad-core CPU and top-end GPU has to fire up, such as in 3D-intensive games, the expected battery life noticeably decreases as it would in any other portable device. Looking at our battery life rundown test, the Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 (Snapdragon 800 model) tops the charts by delivering just over 15 hours of playback, dethroning the LG G2. The Snapdragon model delivered 20% better battery life than the Exynos model, which may seem like a lot, but recall that the Galaxy S4 Snapdragon model was a full 43% ahead when I tested it earlier this year, showing that Samsung is closing the gap.

After several weeks with a Galaxy Note 3 in hand, it?s clear that it is the best large-screened, stylus-supporting smartphone you can get.
Performance from the Galaxy Note 3 is fantastic, and this time both the Exynos and Snapdragon models are up to scratch. The Galaxy Note 3 isn?t the greatest smartphone money can buy, but it?s the best option in the category it fills, sure to keep Samsung dominant for another year or two. The battery on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could be worn out and not hold charge like it used to, or it could have gone missing. If you're taking a long trip, carrying an extra battery will be useful in extending the lifetime of your phone while on the road. Not only that, it’s been customary for most Samsung owners to carry an extra battery, which is super useful during travel thanks to the easy access to the removable battery. Yes, instead of using the battery inside the phone to charge, you can charge it from the box. Especially since the battery is a huge 3200 mAH unit, it could have been used to charge the Note 3 as well as other devices, at least as a back up option.
Till then stay tuned, and let us know if you have any questions about the Extra Battery Kit in the comments section below. Despite the sizable 5.7-inch AMOLED display, in general usage I was usually left with around half the juice remaining in the battery after a day?s usage. If you plan on using the Note 3 as a handheld gaming console for titles such as GTA: San Andreas, you could probably get around six hours of solid usage at best, going on my usage patterns in the spells of gaming I did on the device.
Meanwhile, the Exynos Note 3 still performs admirably, lasting essentially just as long as the Galaxy Note II. Large-screen competitors such as the Sony Xperia Z Ultra didn?t really stand a chance up against the Note; the SM-N9005 lasted more than twice as long as Sony?s offering.

The S-Pen is the perfect companion tool for annotations on the fly, with some seriously impressive software enhancements ? especially S Note and Action Memo. There?s still no HMP support for the octa-core Exynos, but the lag is gone and performance is largely on-par with the Qualcomm model. Battery life is also very good, keeping up the Note tradition of easily lasting all day with a lot of juice to spare, despite the large display. Going with fake, plastic leather on the back panel is simply terrible, diluting other improvements made to the design on this iteration. So, power users who travel can now be happy that Samsung has already launched its Note 3 Extra Battery Kit. Both the Exynos 5420 and Snapdragon 800 SoCs are more power efficient than the Exynos 4412 used in the Galaxy Note II, which should also bring stamina improvements. Especially on Wi-Fi, both models appear to be very power efficient; I could reasonably expect to browse web pages for 10 hours on Wi-Fi, which would be a fantastic result.
I?d still be wanting Snapdragon-only features such as LTE and 4K video recording in my Note, but the Exynos model is still a solid choice. The 5.7-inch 1080p AMOLED panel is impressive and quite pretty to look at, if a tad inaccurate and not as high-quality as a competing LCD display.
The software, while good in some areas, is still laden with a heavy, ugly skin and tons of useless bloatware and gimmicks. The Extra Battery Kit for the Note 3 should be available for around 2000 INR soon, it’s not available yet.

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