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Brabus, an interesting mix of a company that sales cars as well as tunes them, has created something of a monster.
Of all the places that humans have been married, choosing to go for an underwater wedding may just be the most beautiful and romantic way to do it. Remember all those movies about killer robots rising up to enjoy the slaughter of humankind?
One of the worlds last stretch of untarnished places, French Polynesia, boasts gorgeous aesthetics and a remarkable atmosphere filled with breathtaking retreats. The life-size LEGO car we’re about to present was made in Romania by ┬áRaul Oaida and Steve Sammartino, and even though it was made completely out of LEGO pieces, it actually functions just like a normal car thanks to an air-powered engine.

The car was dubbed the Super Awesome Micro Project, and it was created using 500,000 individual LEGO bricks. You can admire the Super Awesome Micro Project by browsing through the following image gallery.
For those with a slightly less A-list budget then recreate Kylie's matchy-matchy look with our edit below. The 4 engines that power this plastic hot-rod feature a total of 256 pistons that work in unison thanks to a series of high-pressure air tanks.
Not only is she the most glamorous person we've ever seen filling up their car at a petrol station but she we love this outfit.

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The project was founded through donations by 40 Australian enthusiasts, who acknowledged the potential of this fantastic car even before it became a reality. No one knows what goes on in my day to day but me & who I share my moments with,' she added.

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