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Nokia Lumia 1020 users who want maximum performance from the 41MP camera on their devices will need to make a decision between running the Windows 10 Mobile preview or reverting back to Windows Phone 8.1 like Tony Redmond did last week. I upgraded to my 1020 from an iphone 4s solely for the camera and social media capabilities. Not sure about other carriers but att lumia1020 has Lumia camera and all Lumia apps, and the pictures on windows 10 phone preview build 10536 are amazing. Lumia 1020 - Serious lens flare issues :-( - Windows Central Forums Windows Central Forums Ask a Question New Posts Trending Discussions Windows 10 Lumia 950 XL Lumia 950 Surface Pro 4 Surface Book Microsoft Band 2 Cortana Shop HOT DEAL$ All Accessories Cases & Covers Chargers & Cables Docks & Cradles Batteries Screen Protectors Windows Phone Apps Games Lumia 950 XL News Lumia 950 Lumia 930 Lumia 1520 Lumia 830 Lumia 735 Lumia 640 XL Lumia 640 Lumia 550 Surface Surface Tips Surface Book Surface Pro 4 Surface Pro 3 Surface 3 Xbox Game Reviews Xbox LIVE Windows 10 Help & How To Best Windows Store Apps Best Windows Store Games Apps Insider Program for PC Insider Program for Phone Hololens Band Microsoft Band Microsoft Band 2 Band How To Apps Deals Live Help The Best Log in or Sign up Fewer ads and it's free! This Tuesday I finally got my Lumia 1020 here in Germany from O2 and so far my overall impression of this smartphone is very good.
I know that are a lot of questions, but I really hope you can help me and maybe can even add some picture examples with front lightning from your 1020s (with or without lens flare)! I noticed this too on my 1080p screen, but I believe the 38mp is still sharper you just can't really see it on such a low res screen, so I guess for digital viewing on todays 1080p screens the 5mp is better, but if I was printing the pic I think the 38mp would look better if not viewed on a screen. By the way, I'm no expert photographer, but isn't it generally a bad idea to have the sun in the frame?
Nokia is justifiably very proud of the work it’s put into the new Lumia 1020 smartphone. Given that you already know that many mid-tier smartphone users will be priced out of the market for the Lumia 1020, why would you choose to limit the market even further by releasing it to only one carrier? Sitting at airport, portfolio brexit'd, social media mgr next to me talking social media strategy for past 20 min. Hello readers, in this article you can get information about How To Update Nokia Lumia 1020 To Windows 10.
Nokia lumia 1020 issue 30 en psst on the start screen, swipe left, and tap nokia care if you’re new to windows phone, update your phone software 94. Nokia lumia 1020 users who want maximum performance from the 41mp camera on their devices will need to make a decision between running the windows 10. The nokia lumia 1020 (known as lumia 909 during development) is a smartphone developed by nokia, first unveiled on 11 july 2013 at a nokia event at new york.

Microsoft, in march released the windows 10 mobile os update for the users of the nokia lumia devices this comes as a major update for these users, who were now. You can find more explanation in Microsoft corporation: windows 10 mobile os update reaches.
Above you can read article and ebook that discuss about How To Update Nokia Lumia 1020 To Windows 10.
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Unfortunately I had no real opportunity to take pictures outside so far, but yesterday when I wanted to take some pictures from our balcony I noticed some serious lens flare issues.
I already fell in love with my 1020 and don?t want to give it back ? preferably not even for some days to replace - , but this is the only point that is really disturbing.
That would be really nice and would help me a lot for my decision whether to send it back or not.
Because if you do, you’re not acting like it.Samsung gets most of the market share and some of the profits. As is usually the case with Nokia phones, the new flagship device is beautifully crafted and full of wonderfully inventive engineering, particularly in the realm of camera software and hardware. Apple and Samsung both released their newest flagship devices to every major American carrier over the past year and Motorola is planning to do the same thing with the Moto X. Whether AT&T has been good or bad when it comes to promoting Nokia devices is really beside the point, however. All you need to do is download new build through windows insider and once you upgrade save a backup of all apps and data, hard reset, don't restore, Lumia apps come back, then hard reset again and restore back up and then you have all Lumia apps including camera, and any 8.1 apps from store. I know that one should avoid to take pictures with front lightning, but I like taking pictures with front lightning because sometimes you can get some really beautiful effects with sun rays? I instantly noticed a white ?point? in the picture?really annoying, I tried to take another angle but it just wandered, but almost never removed completely. I?m thinking about sending it back and ask for another one, but this of course wouldn?t make sense, if it?s an ?normal? behavior because of the big sensor (or better say general problem that all 1020s have).
Yes, the 41-megapixel camera with a 6-element lens is very impressive but that’s only part of the story.

From this perspective, $300 isn’t too much to charge for the phone, especially since the 32GB iPhone 5 sells for the exact same price. The market for the Lumia 1020, for better or for worse, is already limited to people who are willing to spend extra cash to get extra storage on their devices.
HTC released the HTC One to three of the four major carriers this past spring and it’s surely regretting agreeing to delay the release on Verizon for the sake of the Droid DNA that launched last year.
What has become clear is that keeping your best devices exclusively on one carrier is a self-defeating strategy. After having another look when back inside, I also noticed huge red flares in almost all pictures.
I wouldn?t mind a bit lens flare, that?s ok and sometimes can even be somehow beautiful? but those huge lens flare problems would ruin almost all pictures with front lightning? (I will add some sample pictures to show you the extend of lens flare on my 1020, the lens was completely clean btw.
But Samsung fears with justification that its lead is slipping away to lower-cost and more aggressive vendors. It rarely produced a blue bow when holding a specific angle, but when adjusting the angle just a bit it removed.
Same for you, BlackBerry, and all the other phones not offering one of the two winning smartphone OSs, Android or iOS. Are you under the impression that Android users don’t like Google stuff?Sure, go ahead and make your own interface.
Does this issue mean you will revert back to Windows Phone 8.1 to gain use of the hardware capabilities of your device?

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