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Every so often, the fate of an automaker winds up riding on a single new product.  For Nissan, the new Leaf could be exactly one of those vehicles.
No, if the little 5-seat sedan, set to roll into showrooms next year, fails to attract enough buyers, the Japanese automaker won’t go broke.  But Nissan’s corporate pride and image clearly have been wed to the success of the battery-electric vehicle, or BEV.
Long the also-ran in terms of bringing environmentally-friendly products to market, Nissan hopes to leapfrog leaders like Toyota and Honda, who it contends are taking only halfway measures, focusing on hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles that continue to burn petroleum and produce global warming emissions.  Nissan is going all the way, with Leaf – and three other BEVs it’s developing – which will eliminate tailpipe emissions entirely.
While “electrification” has become an industry buzzword, Nissan’s faith in battery technology puts it far out on a limb, with Leaf.  So, we jumped at a chance to take the new electric sedan for a spin – in this case, a moderately short one around a special course set up next to Dodge Stadium, in Los Angeles, where the Japanese maker is kicking off a 22-city “Zero Emission Tour” that will lead up to next year’s formal introduction. Leaf, proclaimed Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn, “will change the industry,” indeed, the world, he insisted during a presentation leading up to the drive.  There are a lot of details left to be revealed about the little sedan, like price, though Ghosn stressed the vehicle “will be affordable,” and should come in within “one or two percent” of a conventional, gasoline-powered compact sedan.
This would suggest something around $25,000, though whatever the final figure, it won’t include the Lithium-Ion battery pack, which will be leased separately.  That’s the single most expensive part of a BEV, so Nissan’s plan is to shift thinking, to make consumers see the battery as part of their monthly transportation energy bill. The Leaf will provide both a 110-volt charge port and another for high-voltage quick charges.
Though Nissan had an actual Leaf prototype on display, at Dodgers Stadium, the car we got to drive was a “mule,” the latest engineering prototype, with the body of a similarly-sized Nissan Versa, but all the mechanicals of the actual Leaf, so the driving experience was as close as possible to what the BEV would be like if it were in production today. That means about 80 kilowatts of power, roughly 110 horsepower, enough to launch from 0 to 60 in “less than 10 seconds,” suggested Ghson, with a top speed of 90 mph and a range of 100 miles – less if you’ve got your foot flat to the floor.
What’s odd is the near-complete silence in which it takes off.  There’s never much more than a gentle whine when the sedan is moving, and at higher speeds all you hear are wind and tire noise. Steering feels comparable to the Versa, which is an acceptable small car but you certainly wouldn’t confuse it with a sports car.  We took the few opportunities presented to us to throw the car into a corner hard and the Leaf suspension of the mule was surprisingly stable, a good indication that Nissan doesn’t plan to settle for the soft and sloppy sort of ride that we suffer through with the Toyota Prius hybrid.
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The Nissan LEAF is the pioneer in electric motoring that jump started the dawn of a new powertrain. The range calculation is very useful and has enough conservativeness to get you from point A to point B without too much stress, just as long as point A and B are not more than say 45 miles apart. Styling, I think it’s on the side of ugly, I actually don’t mind the large head lights but they just don’t flow well together with the car. Battery degradation: Over they life of the battery, the capacity will diminish from power cycling the battery.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. For an ‘economy’ car this has some great acceleration off the line and will feel faster 0-30 mph than any 4 –banger on the market. Some of the competitors (Ford comes to mind) have modified the existing chassis to carry the battery while compromising the occupant or luggage space. Nissan’s use of telematics in the LEAF is also impressive at delivering useful data such as Charge start, charge stop and metering and data analytics. I’ve personally seen this affect several users where after a 2 year period where they can no longer continue with their commutes. The range is a concern, you realistically can’t use the LEAF beyond a 45 – 50 mile trip without the use of a recharge or some severe stomach ulcers brought upon by the stress of making it to your final destination. After all, you’ve paid to be able to charge faster having the 6.6 kW charger so you might as well make use of the speed it’ll deliver. This option will come in handy for longer commutes or possibly emergency situations where you would like some juice fast.

In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The LEAF has no compromises on trunk space or any other area where they needed to stuff a battery.
For analogy, if you’ve bought yourself that 65 Inch high-def flat screen TV for your living room you don’t want to hook it up to a VCR, you want Blue Ray High Def projected through that TV. The Nissan Leaf can charge using the Chademo charge port from 0 to 80% State of Charge in about 20 Min. If you live in the West Coast (California, Oregon, Washington) these Charger will be readily available for your use from companies like NRG and AeroVironment which control the West Coast Electric Highway. In other areas there won’t be much demand or incentive to put inn a Chademo DC Fast Charger so these will be scarcely seen.
Now for those that don’t have to get everything out of their battery they are able to stretch this battery degradation by charging up to only 80% State of Charge. IF you live elsewhere then may be better skipping the Chademo DC Fast Charge port as an add on because you’ll never see one. By filling up to only 80% State of Charge will cause less heat stress on the chemical reaction and save some battery life.

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