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The new 24kWh battery packs will carry the same warranty cover as one in a new LEAF, which stands at eight years or 100,000 miles against defects and five years or 60,000 miles against capacity loss. The option of replacement battery packs is likely to have a positive effect on the used Nissan LEAF market. Due to subtle changes to the LEAF’s architecture since its launch, cars from 2011 and 2012 will need an installation kit to fit the new battery.
I’m happy to be back to provide a long-awaited update on the Nissan LEAF battery replacement plan.
Last year, I posted preliminary details of the program that we’d created based on early survey data, and it led to spirited discussion (and very vocal criticism). Battery replacements are now available for purchase at your certified Nissan LEAF dealers in the United States. We are also continuing to finalize details for a Nissan financing program for those who prefer an affordable monthly payment option, and we expect to keep that monthly payment in the $100 per month range.
These replacement batteries are the same battery found in 2015 LEAF vehicles, which are also on sale now at Nissan dealers.
A: Your certified Nissan LEAF dealer will provide you with a copy of the repair order showing your lithium-ion battery replacement at the time the replacement is made.
Look under the hood and you’ll notice a few things that you normally find in a gasoline-powered vehicle are missing. Every time you coast or apply the brakes in the Nissan LEAF® the electric motor acts as an electric generator, converting energy that would otherwise be wasted into battery energy. The available 30kWh lithium-ion battery stores its energy to power the 80 kW AC motor in lithium-ion modules. Sales of the Nissan Leaf have picked up steam after a price cut earlier this year, but executives are still looking to move consumers en masse into electric vehicles. Seems like a no brainer to me, as Americans love the illusion of choice, and offering a larger battery for buyers wanting more range could draw in early adopters who have a slew of new and exciting EV offerings to choose from.
Christopher DeMorro A writer and gearhead who loves all things automotive, from hybrids to HEMIs, Chris can be found wrenching or writing- or else, he's running, because he's one of those crazy people who gets enjoyment from running insane distances. And what about a service where for a special fee you could change the battery pack to a larger one for special trips… That, to me would make more sense. Gas 2 is a Technorati Top 10 blog, and part of the Important Media network of blogs working to make the world a better, greener place. Forbes points out that BMW board member Ian Robertson promised a while back that there would be more breakthroughs in EV battery technology in the next 5 years than in the past 100 years combined. In fact, many industry observers now expect that plug-in hybrids with range extender engines like the Chevy Volt will gain significantly in popularity over the next decade while interest in electric vehicles cools. He goes on to say, “I truly believe that the breakthrough will come outside the lithium-ion area. Chiang says the secret is not giving up on lithium-ion technology but rather figuring out how to improve the manufacturing process, which dates back to the days of making audio cassette tapes. It’s interesting that Chiang and Sadoway are both at MIT, both noted researchers and both chasing the same dream.
The only thing we can say for sure is that the world cannot wait long to break its fossil fuel habit. Unrealistic expectation on battery development has been a problem with electric cars since the 1970’s. Capacity loss is deemed unacceptable once the battery can only hold 70 percent of its original charge, which equates to 59 miles on a full charge. Manufacturers have diligently guarded the financial details of their electric powertrains, although until recently similarly-sized battery packs were thought to cost around $10,000. Due to the car’s limited range pre-owned examples tend to show low mileage in comparison to gasoline cars, but any evidence of a loss in autonomy leaves a dent in residual values.

This will cost approximately $225, Brockman says, and dealer fees for three hours of work will also need to be taken into consideration. So we went back to the drawing board with your comments and the ongoing guidance of the LEAF Advisory Board.
As a replacement, this battery is expected to provide similar range and charging characteristics as the battery offered since the launch of the LEAF in 2010. We’ve been hard at work developing a plan driven by your feedback, and we hope you’re satisfied with the results. Yes, unless you choose to finance the battery, in which case the finance company will have an interest in the battery until it is paid for in full.
All 2011 through 2015 LEAF models are currently compatible with the replacements being offered in this purchase program.
To be eligible to purchase a replacement battery, you must be a current LEAF owner, and you must agree to exchange your existing battery pack for the replacement battery.
Having fallen for cars because of the virtues of a particular German flat-six, it's what we'll all be driving next that now interests Richard most. The battery, which is half the weight and twice the power of the nickel-metal hydride batteries used in hybrids, gives you an ultra-efficient ride. Each module contains four lithium-ion battery cells and provides enough power to the motor to generate 187 lb-ft of torque off the line, and up to 107 horsepower.
Taking a page from Tesla’s playbook, a Nissan executive hinted that a Leaf with different battery size options could be in the pipeline of future products.
The Tesla Model has been by far the most successful electric car on the market, and major automakers are looking to the California automaker for their next move in regards to EVs. With competitor vehicles like the BMW i3 and and Fiat 500e proving popular despite (or because of?) their newness, Nissan needs to remind buyers that it’s still the original cutting-edge EV. You would use a smaller battery for normal driving and in case you needed a larger sized battery for special trips you would take your car to a dealership the day before to have your battery changed for a larger one for a rental fee. Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries.
Almost 2 years have gone by since Robertson made that prediction but no dramatic improvements have occurred.
He claims that lithium-ion battery technology is a dead end and that researchers need to be exploring other avenues.
Bringing all the suppliers needed to make batteries under one roof, as Tesla is doing with its Gigafactory outside Reno, Nevada, may very well bring down the price of batteries to around $200 per kWh, but that’s not enough to make electric vehicles attractive to mainstream buyer. His process could drive battery prices down below the magic $100 per kWh barrier and slash the cost of building battery factories by over 80%.
One wants to reinvent the wheel; the other wants to ditch the wheel and come up with something completely new.
The need for low or zero emissions transportation for the masses, not just the wealhy, is critically important. He has been known to drive to Nova Scotia just to see the lupins in bloom or to Watkins Glen for a weekend of historic racing.
Although you may want to take a peek at a recent story we did on start-up battery maker 24M.
Older cars will, however, benefit from the improved hot weather performance of Nissan’s latest battery pack for the LEAF.
Over the past year, we’ve used owner feedback to create a program we believe will better serve you and our other current drivers.
This price includes and requires a return of your original battery pack (valued at $1,000) to the dealer in exchange for the new battery. Changes in battery chemistry, however, have been made in an effort to make the battery more durable in extremely hot climates.

The old battery must be exchanged for the new battery as a condition of the sale of the replacement battery, and Nissan’s suggested retail battery pricing reflects a $1,000 core value assigned to the battery. Additionally, any authorized Nissan dealer can confirm the battery replacement by reviewing the vehicle’s service history by authorized Nissan dealers which is maintained by VIN.
However, a separate installation kit must be purchased at the customer’s expense for all 2011 and 2012 vehicles. You must also read, acknowledge and sign a customer disclosure form and trade-in agreement.
It powers an advanced 80kW AC synchronous electric motor for the quietest, smoothest ride you've ever experienced.
The Nissan LEAF® stores its power in lithium-ion battery modules with an advanced design that fits snuggly under the floor boards. Nissan has already been caught competing with a Nissan Leaf boasting a 48 kWh battery pack in Spain, twice the size of the production model, which could provide upwards of 150 miles of “real world” driving compared to the 75 or so most Leaf drivers are currently getting. Meanwhile, Nissan is ending its marriage with NEC and moving its battery business to LG Chem, apparently because improvements to the batteries its uses for its Nissan LEAF electric vehicle have not happened as expected. To get the masses to switch to electric cars, prices will have to be half of that or less the experts say. One month ago, we told our readers of a new company, 24M, founded by noted MIT researcher Yet-Ming Chiang.
Could professional jealousy be part of the reason one is so upbeat and the other so down on lithium ion technology?
They are able to use current batter technology, while designing solutions to overcome today’s battery limitations.
This price does not include tax, installation fees or an installation kit required for 2011 and 2012 vehicles. I will post more details here later this year when they are finalized, but we didn’t want to delay announcing the battery price itself any longer. Nissan will ensure that the old battery is recycled and disposed of properly or possibly reused as part of our 4R Energy business. This not only helps optimize interior comfort and space, but also means a low center of gravity for seriously fun handling.
Now, Forbes reports that the business and finance communities are quietly admitting that EV battery progress will fall short of expectations.
These numbers are so low because it will still make more sense to have an internal combustion engine in 2025 using fossil fuel,” Sadoway said in an interview.
He says he and his research team have figured out a way to make better lithium-ion batteries with greater power density at much less cost. But before we all go praising Chiang as a saviour, keep in mind that his last battery venture, A123, wound up going bankrupt after a short time. The MSRP for the installation kit (which includes brackets and other minor parts required to retrofit the newer pack to original vehicles) is approximately $225.
But the total amount of money is really very small and the likelihood of a major breakthrough? However, dealers set the final pricing, so we recommend confirming with your local retailer.

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