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This new warranty provision requires Nissan to restore at least 70% of the original capacity of the LEAFs battery during the warranty period.
Jeremy Whaling, was one such owner we got in contact with, found out at his latest battery check-up that Nissan corporate added a little note (above) to his service record. Hopefully this is just an unintended consequence of attempting to identify those with the additional warranty and Nissan will take further steps to rectify this situation.  It should also be noted that it was originally believed that all 2011-2012 LEAF owners would receive this warranty extension regardless of involvement in the settlement. It may be subject to interpretation, but it is yet to be seen how much Tesla will work with non-Tesla to keep their cars on the road. As the ’12s launched, Tesla was for a time requiring $600 annual maintenance agreements (for an EV?). I can’t figure out what is supposed to be wrong here, besides Nissan not having a themal management system in the first place. The Leaf owner denied the battery capacity warranty from Nissan as settlement and that is what the letter is saying? However because it is a situation initiated by Nissan outside of the conditions of the settlement and not noted as a potential consequence at the time of the settlement the onus is on Nissan to abide by fair dealing principles. A situation as been created where a car that was worth $X,XXX dollars yesterday is now worth less today (certainly not more) because an owner refused to accept a settlement that waived his right to further litigate an issue in lieu of an enhanced warranty. Additionally, Nissan also publically pledged to offer ALL owners this warranty, regardless of this settlement, and that was noted in the objection to the settlement.
I would not call it second tier but different tier as those Leaf owners valued the ability for future lawsuits on thise regard higher than the offered warranty. I would not call it a penalty if you actively refuse their offer and still have the ability for further actions. Since it is possible to wear out or destroy your battery outside of the warranty conditions I can’t believe, that it is not possible to buy a replacement. The problem is that Nissan announced a battery capacity warranty over a year ago which was not tied to the settlement in the letter they sent. He is denied the option to buy a new battery because Nissan has so far refused to give a price or sell a battery to anyone.

In case they offered the warranty for everyone and then restricted it to only those who agreed to the settlement later then the objector has a pretty obvious case to me, but i still fail to see how this service record changes anything.
If Nissan refused to sell batteries, this would mean that either no battery has failed beyond the warranty terms or even after accidents. I do not follow Nissan Leaf news so I don’t know what exactly is the problem with the battery. No, the lawsuit (and the Leaf Battery problem) focused on the fact that, in warm climates, you would suffer dramatically premature battery capacity degradation regardless of what level you charged to or at what charge level you maintained the battery.
Nope, I’m not gonna buy one of any year, if they are going to back out on their promises for warranty coverage.
So, if i get this right, a simple little tweak in the software like, i don’t know, say taking into account outside temperature when charging and limit to 80% for full charge is absent so the problem is now the buyer’s to bare? Nissan is giving EV’s a bad name all because they decided no BMS worth the title was necessary. The whole point was when you charge to 80% capacity you don’t get the range that Nissan advertised. Its sad to think that a large reputable company like Nissan would stoop so low as to act like this. Did anybody else notice that the 2 people filing the class action law suit got $5000 each and the rest of us 18,000+ got nothing? Whaling’s dealership told him that it was not them who attached the note, but Nissan corporate according to the VIN of his car. He still has the option to sue Nissan, if he thinks this gets him a better deal than previously offered? This way it could just result in some drama if buyers know that all Leafs have that kind of warranty and knowledge about the specific case is required to know, that this model excluded from this, while there is no reference for that in the papers.
Did those who rejected the settlement actually received this same letter with the mentioned label? Your only option is to find one in a wrecker yard or pay the $100 a month lease on a new one.

But I own a Volt so obviously I’m concerned with anything regarding battery problems. The Leaf loses a lot of capacity after a few years for those driven in hot climates like Texas & Arizona. If the additional warranty was never legally granted then I can’t see how any loss is perceived just because there was an objection claiming that everyone should have gotten that warrenty. I don’s see how your perceived loss of value would change if the vehicles would be marked the other way around. To the best of my knowledge, the Leaf does not have thermal management, is this the sole cause of the battery degradation? In 2013 time frame Nissan switched battery chemistry to a more durable chemistry but denied there was a problem with the earlier batteries. Although Nissan says the specifics of the warranty will be communicated directly to owners early next year, Palmer’s statement essentially says the warranty will come into play if a vehicle’s battery pack loses more than 30 percent of its total capacity in the first five years or 60,000 miles.
Florida, for instance, does not allow the pre-purchase plan which forces us into the per service cost. In 2014 Nissan developed another chemistry similar to that used in the VOLT because it was more heat tolerant. It covers all 2011, 2012, and upcoming 2013 Leafs sold by Nissan.According to Nissan, owners suffering from reduced battery capacity would notice a steady decline in mileage and the inability to fully recharge, as indicated by achieving eight bars or less on the twelve-bar scale of the charge-capacity gauge located in the Leaf’s dash. Hyundai made small ripples earlier this year when they announced a “lifetime warranty” for their hybrid battery packs against failure; Nissan claims this is the first EV warranty to cover battery-capacity loss.

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