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The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a prominent global electronics and technology focused trade show that takes place every year in Las Vegas. The gift that keeps on giving has never been greener, and the time to buy one for your friend or loved one is quickly approaching.
Now that most governments, environmental organizations, scientists and even the Catholic Church have agreed on the need to combat climate change, innovative solutions are being sought in many quarters. We have received many inquiries regarding the various sizes of rechargeable batteries for solar lights. Compact size means a smaller battery compartment and overall smaller solar light for the customer.
As summer comes to a close and your solar garden lights have had a good run for weekend barbecues and late nights on the porch, it may be time to replace the old batteries.
These batteries go fast, but Your Solar Link is constantly replenishing their stock with NiMH rechargeable batteries and will be adding various mAh ratings soon. Replacing NiCd rechargeables with NiMH rechargeable batteries in solar lights, the better choice! This stylish, sleek and reliable pocket size Universal Battery Charger (Juicebar Solar Charger) is proven to be your best friend in a situation when conventional electric supply is not available or if you are trying to use eco-friendly renewable power supplies. Great as a solar phone charger for any type of Mobile Phones, IPhones, PSA, PDA, Mp3 Players, Satellite Navigation, and much more. Path solar lights are an excellent choice for lighting your garden paths, walkways, driveway perimeters and other regions in your landscape.
Stone Solar Spot Lights (also known as Solar Rock Lights) completely camouflage with existing landscapes and look like any other rock in your garden.

How to start using ecologically friendly energy to power up your garden fountains and other garden water features?
Solar spot lights like this one rely on energy from the sun to charge their batteries and provide light throughout the night. Just remember, don’t mix the chemistries in your solar lights (if they take 2 or more batteries). Nickel-metal hydride cell, abbreviated NiMH, is a type of secondary electrochemical cell similar to nickel hydrogen cell.
Held in January each year, it is known for introducing the latest technology trends and most innovative electronics. Winter months are in fact the ones where lights are on the longest (think, coming home after work and it's already dark out) and will have the greatest effect for use, illumination and enjoyment. Make a note of the various power levels and the flow rate of the solar water pumps before your purchase.
This means that there is no need to tap into the electrical grid for these lights to operate.
The NiMH battery uses a hydrogen-absorbing alloy for the negative electrode instead of cadmium. Featured Stainless Steel Solar Light set uses 2 ultra-bright LEDs for maximum light output and minimum battery usage.
In this particular case a ground fastener and a stake are included for quick and easy installation.
The solar spot lights will work consistently, even if the whole neighborhood is dealing with a power outage.

However, we recommend using your new NiMH rechargeable batteries sooner than that, gotta keep those solar lights shining. NiMH can be partially charged (say, on cloudy days) and be fully recharged to their maximum capacity on the next full-sun day. There are many recycling locations (from what we’ve seen, Target and Best Buy have drop-off bins at the front of their stores for battery recycling), but if for some reason they end up in the trash, NiCd are not good for landfills. They offer NiMH batteries at the same price (and sometimes lower) than the NiCd counterpart.
So, if you have had your solar lights for about 2 years and are noticing that the output is diminishing at night, it may be time for a replacement.
An NiMH cell can have two to three times capacity of an equivalent size nickel-cadmium battery.
There is a little discharge (trickle discharge) during storage, so it is best to put your NiMH batteries into your garden solar lights in the pre-dawn hours before a sunny day.
You won’t find a better deal than at Your Solar Link for NiMH rechargeable batteries, anywhere! They are priced to get your solar garden lights up and running with the best option available. The price you see is the price you pay: no hidden fees, shipping charges, sales tax (for our California customers), etc.!

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