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5. On the phone, pull down the notification shade and click on Settings, then click on About Phone and keep tapping on Build Number until it says you are a developer. 5. On your device, use the volume buttons to select Yes and then the power button to choose it. Using the Quadrant test found in the app store and LAPTOP's own battery test here are the results we got before and after undervolting. As you can see, the performance on Quadrant actually improved slightly, from 4,712 to 4,778 after undervolting while battery life increased by a powerful one hour and 45 minutes.
First off, there is absolutely no way to get an increase of more than 25% from undervolting.
So, regardless of your choice of governor, even with extreme undervolting, you are not going to be able to increase your battery life by more than 2%.
Great guide, I guess I'll choose between a more beautiful screen or a longer lasting battery.
With only a dozen steps and 17 flaming hoops to jump through you can void your warranty and possibly get an extra hour of battery our of your phone by dosing it with a coded equivalent of lithium.
Why does every mile deep tinkerer brag about modifications that the ludites like myself couldn't begin to implement?
I'd rather charge my phone more often than take the risk of bricking my new Nexus by making a mistake in the instructions above.

Traditional methods of power saving include dimming the screen, turning off vibration and disabling background data, but all of these take features away from your phone.
After it installs the drivers, reboot your PC and Nexus 4 and then plug it back in via USB cable.
When it asks you if the device is in fastboot mode, unplug the device, turn it off, then turn it back on by holding down volume up, volume down, and power at the same time until it turns on, then plug it back in.
Unplug the device, turn it off, and turn it back on by holding down volume up, volume down, and power at the same time until it boots into bootloader mode. Once it reboots, you're device is already undervolted by 100mv but we can push that a little bit to get a bit more out of it.
Pull the second slider all the way to the left to allow the processor to go to a much lower speed when idle.
Tap on the SVS tab at the top right and push the minus symbol to the left of All until the first value says 737500 (this is the lowest I would go but feel free to adjust this up and down based on your experience).
The fact that undervolting will give you anything other than a placebo affect is one of the largest myths in android. I'm no expert but it does do everything you wanted and seems to be well regarded around the interweb.
The process of undervolting -- lowering the amount of power your phone can consume -- provides yet another way to increase its battery life.

While I'm really not 100% on the specifics I can tell you that the actual heat reduction would be so minuscule you would never notice. Undervolting your Nexus 4 is a major phone hack which carries risks with it, including the risk of breaking your phone and the certainty of voiding its warranty. Alas, there will always be people who will argue these points it really just can't be helped. The developers of these multi million dollar projects to create software for our wonderful phones set these base voltages to the optimal level. Now it is, of course, true that each chipset is different and the maximum efficiency may lean 1 or 2 percent when concerned to voltage, but to answer the player who asked why they don't UV out of the box (aside from the fact that there is no tangible benefit).
With a governor that keeps the CPU frequency low, CPU drain would be reduced by about 18%, or 4.6 mA (weighted - see the spreadsheet starting cell H88). They set it to the values they do because UV or OV (overvolting) can cause serious stability issues.

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