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If you are having issues with the battery of your LG Nexus 5 and you are only left with the only option to replace the battery you can do it yourself. Note: Replacing a battery on Nexus 5 is not that hard but if you are not doing it properly otherwise there might be consequences. If you are having a replacement kit with yourself it is fine or you can simply use a guitar pick for this step.
Now you have to level up the two little ribbons which you will find on the existing battery as shown in the pic below. Now use the same plastic tool and move it around the battery so that it can easily come out of your Nexus 5.

If anything happens to your device while you are replacing the battery we will not be held responsible for this. It will take some time for the battery to pop out so be careful while you are performing this step. Properly house the battery in the chassis and add the six screws which you took our in step 2. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
Even though you cannot open the rear off LG Nexus 5 you can easily replace the battery of your Nexus smartphone.

Once the rear cover is popped out, move the pick whole way around which will open the rear panel of your device. You get a New Battery, FREE Special Tools (necessary for installation), Video Instructions, AND You also get a full ONE YEAR Money Back Guarantee exclusively when you purchase from us! You simply need to buy the replacement battery of your Nexus 5 and a replacement kit which you can buy from many online websites.

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