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The best part about the soft touch finish is that the phone sits wherever you lay it: your lap, car seat, sofa arm rest. LG made it so the soft touch finish fully extends around the device, even along the rim where it meets with the glass display on top (white version features a glossy plastic rim). My biggest complaint with the Nexus 5’s design was the large chin (bezel) along the bottom of the device. This would make infinitely more sense given the bottom software buttons already take away some screen real estate and would make for a phone that looks more balanced. What’s interesting is in a few side-by-side tests with the LG G2 (housing the same Snapdragon 800), we saw the Nexus 5 consistently beat the G2 when opening apps or loading web pages.
While we never place much weight in benchmarks, we feel obligated to provide the usual tests, simply because it gives us something a little more concrete than subjective opinions. The Nexus 5 comes in 2 storage options: 16GB and 32GB with no option for expandable memory (micro SD cards). Don’t get us wrong, there are instances where the Nexus 5 camera can deliver a really nice image. Comparing it side-by-side with the G2, I preferred the display on the G2 with much brighter whites, darker blacks, and vibrant colors. Of course we know a large portion of battery life has to do with software working along with the processor, so we’re hoping future updates will improve this number substantially. Like most good Androids these days, the Nexus 5 also features NFC for tap-to-pay transactions at participating retailers and Android Beam (now Google+ compatible) which is also convenient and something you wont find on an Apple device. Now comes the tough part of figuring out whether the Nexus 5 is worth your hard earned money. T-Mobile Tuesdays has been off to a rough start ever since it was announced, after another disappointing week, it may be time to pull the plug or change the process.
With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s launch right around the corner, we now have a detailed look at the next version of TouchWiz which could be pre-installed on the phone when it shows up in early August. If you were waiting for the HTC-build Nexus phones this fall, you might want to wait a bit longer. Want to view your smartphone notifications on your computer, send a text from your computer or seamlessly transfer files between your Android device and your computer?
See past editions of Android Wallpaper This week marked the 20th anniversary that the Nintendo 64 first became available in Japan.
The Yahoo Mail for Android app has received a pretty substantial update that is rolling out to everyone’s devices starting today. Chris Chavez reports similar up-and-down performance, with his first day being a bit dreadful, but the second day faring a lot better. Our developer, Steve, also decided to chime in, though you should note his statistics are a bit skewed. Thanks to the birth of my son, this review took longer to complete than I had initially expected, but I’d say that it has actually helped me get to know this phone better than some of our other shortened review periods allow. I’ll talk about the Nexus 5 as I would any other review, but expect another piece shortly to talk about these two brilliant phones side-by-side.
On paper, there are few phones that come close to the entire package that the Nexus 5 is offering, especially for the price. I know that I just mentioned price, but when you are talking Nexus phones, the price really is the star of the show. The device is largely thought to be based off of the LG G2, yet it’s almost half the price. And keep in mind that if $349 is too expensive, Google did manage to partner with T-Mobile, Sprint and Best Buy to give you on-contract or cheaper options. Again, the price is somewhat shocking when you put it up against the other top smartphones on the planet.
When you think of a new Nexus phone, you just assume that it will launch with the newest version of Android.
Thanks to its beautiful 5-inch HD display and on-screen buttons, the Nexus 5 highlights all of Kit Kat’s design changes as well.
It feels soft in hand, is unbelievably light at 130g, and since there is little bezel on the front, isn’t actually hard to hold in one hand even with its 5-inch display. Overall, the phone really does feel premium in hand, even though its made entirely of plastic (with ceramic buttons). It can look a bit washed out at times, but I feel like I see that with all LCD displays when compared to the somewhat over-saturation on AMOLEDs (which I prefer). Above, you’ll see some comparison shots of the Nexus 5 to other top tier devices at full brightness on Chrome and with a similar wallpaper.
When you slap a Snapdragon 800 into a phone that doesn’t even have a chance to be bogged down by a 3rd party skin, you are looking at one heck of an experience in terms of performance. We talked a lot about the Moto X having zero performance issues during our review of it, but man, when going from Nexus 5 to Moto X for a moment, the difference is obvious. Let me just get this out of the way by saying, yes, it sucks that this phone isn’t available to Verizon customers. In terms of availability, the Nexus 5 is available at far more retailers than any other Nexus in the past. For almost two weeks now I’ve taken screenshots at the end of the night to try and track battery life on the Nexus 5 because I was truly concerned from the beginning (see the abundance of screenshots). No, the Nexus 5 doesn’t have dual stereo speakers even though the bottom gives off the impression that it does.
Does the Nexus 5 (in its current state) have the worst smartphone camera of any top tier phone in 2013?
The 8MP sensor with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) was supposed to help the Nexus 5 be the first Nexus to offer an incredible photo experience. All UI criticism aside, the real story here is about the low quality you see after taking photos. The camera isn’t good in macro situations, has lousy depth-of-field, takes poor low light shots even with OIS, and is the worst camera you could have on you in a situation where you need a photo in an instant.
Upside down charging port: ¬†This might be nitpicking, but why on Earth did Google and LG put the microUSB port upside down in the Nexus 5? If Google can figure out this camera mess, you might be looking at a phone that is clearly better than all the rest. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. During the morning while i was at campus i had wifi on but switched to my LTE like mid day because some parts of my school can barely get the wifi. During this time, we’ve taken the Nexus 5 out on dates, slept with it, got real nice and schmoozy with the phone. This, along with the silky smooth soft touch finish, makes for a phone that feels great in the hand (or anywhere else for that matter).
I noticed that this creates an uncomfortable feeling when dragging your finger off the sides of the display. Sure, LG could have created a smaller overall device by simply chopping off the bottom chin but they didn’t. Lastly, it’d also allow your thumb extend further over the screen, making it easier to hit those hard to reach corner UI buttons in single handed use.

It’s pretty noticeable when moving up from a Snapdragon 600 phone and will be even more apparent coming from an older SoC.
Yes, some OEMs like to doctor their results but in the end benchmarks do measure something, even if it’s nothing more than the potential of the hardware within. Because Google wants to keep costs of the the Nexus 5 to a minimum, we get that storage is just one of those specs they need to cut corners on. Given that we’ve covered that in depth in a previous post, you guys can read up on that here. Also, video was nice, but for whatever reason, Google’s camera software only utilizes a single microphone when recording video instead of the available 2 (although rooting can enable both). We decided to do a quick comparison test, pitting the Nexus 5 against the LG G2, HTC One, and iPhone 5s in a dark comparison test.
That being said, I can only give you my personal experience, comparing it to other devices I’ve own or currently have in my possession.
Battery life is always a huge concern for anyone looking to buy a new smartphone and rightly so.
It’s not always mentioned, but the Nexus 5 features a micro SIM card, not the tiny new nanos. Of course, there’s the small minority of Android fanboys who love (and demand) constant and unhindered software updates directly from Google. No matter your console affiliation, there’s no denying the profound impact the Nintendo 64 had on the world of gaming.
His latest cycle was interrupted by a decent period of charging, so the 22 hours you see in his screenshot (below) probably isn’t the best representative of true battery life. We’ll be keeping an eye on battery life over the next few days for our full review, but we want to get an early idea of how things are going for the rest of you.
Sure, Google had to cut some corners (camera, storage, battery) to get to that price, but it’s something most will have a hard time resisting.
T-Mobile has monthly plans as low as $17 per payment while Sprint will hand you one for $49.99 and a contract. Almost all fall under the consumer-robbing, on-contract and subsidy model that runs you $199 or more along with a contract. From the new transparent navigation and notification areas to the new neutral color scheme, you realize as you use the N5 that this is exactly how Google envisions an Android experience. Both are subtle in design when compared to gold iPhones and bright Moto X custom orders, but that’s part of the beauty here. Now, it doesn’t feel as good as the Moto X in hand, but you could argue that the trade-off for a full 1080p display and package of top-tier specs is worth the extra size.
While the black is even more understated than the white, I’d recommend white if you find yourself frustrated by a material that attracts fingerprints with the best of them. Again, the Nexus 5 shows pretty neutral colors, while the Galaxy Note 3 tends to lean on the cool side. There is true power here, not a separated out multi-core architecture fitted with low-end companion cores. We know how badly Big Red users want a new Nexus, but for reasons we can only guess, this phone will not work with their network.
From Bumpers to Quick Covers to a well-built and previously mentioned wireless charger, you don’t necessarily have to take to Amazon or 3rd party accessory sites to outfit your new phone. You should buy Nexus phones, especially the newest from Google, which would be the Nexus 5. On the first couple of charges, I was barely pushing through 8 hours of use, some times even lower.
Instead, Google and LG put in two speaker grills, but sound is really only generated out of one of them (the left). Otherwise, I’ll be sure to keep my point-and-shoot, DSLR, or other camera phone handy at all times. But it’s the little quirks that give an otherwise boring, matte black slab some defining personality. It’s definitely a clear departure from the gaudy, glittery glass backing of the previous model. While using the phone with one hand and in landscape, I found my hand would actually cover, muffling the sound. When using HDR+ mode, you can shoot in even the lowest of lighting conditions and deliver a great image.
This is in no way the final word in battery life for the Nexus 5, and your mileage may (and likely will) vary. With options like the LG G2 and Moto X who offer phenomenal battery life, the Nexus 5 is up against some stiff competition. This means you wont be able to swap SIMs from your Moto X or iPhone 5s with ease, something we were a little disappointed with. You’ll also find the Nexus 5 is capable of wireless charging using your favorite Qi compatible charging accessories. But with the Nexus 5, Google is really targeting those fed up by paying steep monthly cell phone rates, simply to get online with a great smartphone.
That means it uses the power of Chrome, but it doesn’t get lost in the mix of the Chrome browser.
The dashboard shows you every piece of information that Google collects and associates to your Google account and gives you the opportunity to review and delete items as you please. Today has been a bit more mild for me, though I have yet to go through a full charge and discharge cycle so I can’t get an accurate beeline just yet. There were times that I grew so frustrated with the camera and battery life that I almost dropped it in favor of my Moto X. Google is doing something with its Nexus line that no other phone maker on the planet can do – deliver rock bottom prices accompanied by some of the best specs in the business. But since this is Google’s baby, you can buy the Nexus 5 starting at $349 with 16GB of storage or $399 with 32GB of storage, no contract included. Google is practically giving this phone away at $349, plus also letting you choose which carrier you’d like. Outside of some camera flaws (that can hopefully be addressed) and average battery life, there isn’t much here to complain about.
Whenever a new version of Android is released on top of a new Nexus phone, we always get a little blown away by how perfect it seems to run. It’s understated, all about the big 5-inch 1080p display, and without a design-sales-schtick. It’s much smaller feeling than the G2 or Note 3, and is probably more along the same path as the Galaxy S4 only without the gross, glossy plastic. The problem I had with it, was that I just came from the Galaxy Note 3, which may have the best mobile display ever made. The Nexus 5 may not have always-listening modes like the Moto X, but if you were looking for raw power, that makes things happen with beauty and grace, the Nexus 5 is it. Google may have sold out of the 16GB variants in both black and white almost immediately, but you still have ways to pick-up this phone, something that wasn’t the case last year when the Nexus 4 sold out for weeks at a time.
Sure, Google’s accessories are completely overpriced, but for the most part, are incredibly well-built.

Google makes Nexus products for developers in particular, so if unlocking bootloaders, flashing ROMs, and generally hacking the hell out of your phone is on your list of things to do with your new phone, buy the Nexus 5.
But as the days have passed with it in my pocket, it’s almost as if the phone is warming up quite nicely. My last remaining worry is the camera, however, Google is reportedly working on a fix for that. The other is either there for show or to help funnel out some of the sound produced by the other. We may get there at some point, if that new camera API can magically turn trash into water, but at this point we just don’t know. The camera completely fails to focus far too often, and never seems to focus long enough or on the correct object when you get it to.
Either way, over the last few weeks with the N5, I’ve been annoyed more than a couple of times at having to flip over the cable after failing on first attempts when trying to charge this phone. It has all of the right buzz words surrounding it, is incredibly speedy and powerful, looks amazing yet understated, shows off all that we love about Android, will receive updates the quickest, and is priced at a jaw-dropping $349. I reached roughly 13 hours and 27 minutes since i unplugged the phone this morning with 3 hours on screen time.
Especially since design-wise, you kinda get the feeling LG designed the phone to not stand out. As much as knock the Nexus 4, those smooth beveled edges on the display are sorely missed in the Nexus 5.
If speed is what you’re after, there has never been an Android device faster than the Nexus 5. Because the Nexus 5 isn’t offered at the premium price-point of other smartphones, I expect LG would skimp out on a few parts, the display being one of them. We found that on average (after tallying up a little over a week’s worth of data), the Nexus 5 hit a respectable 12 to 14 hours of battery life with light usage. Whatever the case may be, reports are all over the place and we’re wondering how things have been faring for those of you who were able to get a Nexus 5 unit by now. But remember, Google works with hardware partners to fine-tune the Android experience on their Nexus phones, so it shouldn’t exactly come as a shock. But if you are looking for a 1080p panel that’s not AMOLED and produces down-the-middle colors (not overly cold or warm), you will be pleased with what you see. Know that when you multi-task, open new apps, launch the camera, or simply slide to the left to open Google Now, that you won’t have experienced anything like it on another Android phone. You can capture entire rooms, outdoor settings, and any other magical moment that may require more than a single snap. I’m now regularly seeing 12-16 hours of use on a single charge with a mix of WiFi and LTE, and about 2 hours of screen-on time.
The left speaker grill is the one you’ll want to pay attention to, since covering it will pretty much mute your phone completely.
The good news is that we think it can be fixed with a software update that Google is reportedly already working on. I had to give up from changing settings in the camera app because I never knew what anything was. Images all sort of have that dreary haze of death that we complained about initially with the Moto X camera. The Nexus 5 camera is essentially the worst camera a new parent could have on them, all thanks to the reasons I just described. Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads A mixed Xperiance Reviewed: Sony Xperia X Performance The next generation Phone nerds, it's time to start caring about Huawei Unlocked!!!
My first class i spent the time sitting at my desk reading off my phone studying for my next class for an exam. Now just imagine if i had screen brightness at around 40% and didn't leave my lte for most of the day? It’s entirely possible this was an intentional move by Google to keep the spotlight on Android, and not the tool that delivers the goods (Google services). Believe it or not, the 1080p display used for the Nexus 5 is actually the same one used in the HTC DROID DNA (which I loved).
With that said, this phone absolutely flies through apps, wallpaper changes, task changes, videos, hungry games, and image editing.
Using their easy-to-follow, blue-dot UI in Photo Sphere, it’s the easiest way to impress your friends photographically.
Motorola’s new stance on Developer Edition phones makes the Moto X close, but again, this is a Nexus.
And that’s unfortunate, since the left speaker tends to be the one embedded in my hand with the phone landscape. There are icons for options, but not enough of a description or detail in the icon to let you know what you are looking for or about to change. I live in somewhat of a dark city in Portland, but things look a hell of a lot prettier than what these images show. Well, I know why – because there are so many other damn good phones out there like the G2, Galaxy Note 3, and Moto X.
If you think about last year’s Nexus 4 not even having an LTE chip and only working on HSPA+ networks, this is a major jump forward. I hate to be so straight forward and nasty about it, but the camera on this phone has been such a disappointment over these few weeks of reviewing it that I don’t know how else to put it. With some practice, I’m sure you could figure out the stock Android camera UI and become a master, but part of the point of a smartphone camera (at least to me) is to have it work seamlessly out of the box without a steep learning curve.
Next hour break i was on my phone doing what i normally do when i'm on break: reading the news, a video or two on youtube, a quick round of candy crush or plants vs zombies. Also, since it’s unlocked, you can take it almost anywhere in the world and receive coverage. Everything else about the phone has been great or at least good enough, however, the camera is in a D-league of its own. Next class was lab and i took out my phone here and then to google a couple of questions for my experiment. Sorry for the long post Reply Forum Google Hardware, Services & Apps Google Nexus 5 Google Nexus 5 - Yet Another Battery Life Review « Where to get this weather widget? After lab, made a couple of phone calls to meet up with friends (this was roughly around 4pm).
While on the way home played asphalt 8 while sitting and waiting for the train, streamed music from sound cloud, played some music from my own video player, showed my buddy a video on youtube. I went back out to meet up with a couple of friends but got really bored so i started playing more games. Did my normal thing when i was bored and began surfing the internet, catching up on news, read a couple of forums etc.
Sitting here now charging my device writing this post and i must say, i'm very satisfied with the battery.

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