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Apple may be readying a New MacBook Pro lineup for September with dramatically better battery life and support for 4k displays. These new MacBook Pro notebooks could come across the line and may include new Macbook Pro with Retina models.
If this is a new MacBook Pro with Intel’s Haswell processor users could expect a major boost in battery life. We could see a new MacBook Pro update for 2013 with Haswell processors and better battery life in October.
This new rumor comes from Macotakara and The China Times and points to New MacBook Pros in October.
Recently new MacBook Pro benchmarks appeared online showing an Intel Haswell processor and a lack of a dedicated GPU. Apple is reportedly making a 4k display that could arrive alongside the teased Mac Pro update. This fall Apple will release OS X Mavericks which includes a host of new battery saving features that can combine with the new processor to make the battery last longer.
If Apple chooses to introduce a new Macbook Pro in October we could see several devices come to store shelves including a new iMac. It’s very unlikely that Apple would ditch the integrated graphics card solution in the new refresh. Apple typically updates notebooks and the iMac once or twice a year with small spec updates, though some updates can bring dramatic performance or battery life improvements or a new design. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities outlines what buyers can expect from a new Macbook Air, when a MacBook Pro Retina 2014 update might arrive and why we could see a cheaper iMac this year in a detailed new Apple roadmap of potential announcements.
Kuo is a well-known analyst with a good track record on Apple products, but it is important to note that this is not a leaked Apple slide, and any of these potential release dates or features could change at any time. Rumors suggest Apple is planning a new MacBook Air release for June, and that Apple is planning a Macbook Air Retina with a new high-resolution display.
Two reports from March detail a new MacBook Air with a slimmer design and with a Retina display. In his report shared on MacRumors, Kuo reiterates a new 12-inch MacBook Air with a Retina display. Unlike the earlier reports that suggest Apple is planning the new MacBook Air release for June, this report includes a timeline with a New MacBook Air in late Q3 or early Q4, which means September through November is a potential release window.
It is not clear if Apple will offer a slight MacBook Air update in June and this new model in the fall or if the release dates from various rumors simply do not line up.
Expect a new MacBook Pro Retina update in 2014, but the details on what it will deliver are still sparse. Kuo does not share many details about a cheaper iMac, but suggests it could be the first new Apple product for 2014.
In the wake of the arrival of the new Macbook Pro, which is happening today, one may ask what are the real benefits of getting this one aside from your old Macbook Pro, or if you already have the new Macbook Air 2010? According to some sources, an insider is already leaking that the 2012 Macbook Pro will bolster a new type of design which would settle a new tone for all the Macbook Pro line-ups and this one is under development already in Quanta, Taiwan.
With this report, maybe you are that guy who’s already thinking if you should or shouldn’t buy the new macbook pro  today?
Mos def gonna wait until 2012.Im cool with my 2010 spring version and new one isnt significantly better. Im waiting for the 2012 redesign, I’m a MacBook Pro core i7 2010 owner maxed out with 8Gigs of ram and a Momentus XT Hybrid hard drive, the 2011 models are nice but not massively better than 2010 models.
The display resolution is 1440x900, upgradeable to 1680x1050 high-resolution glossy or antiglare. Apple’s fall event is now set in stone for October 22nd which means that new products are on their way. For weeks now, rumors of an Apple launch event have been swirling around, teasing prospective shoppers with a number of different products.
For weeks now, rumors have suggested that Apple could be revamping its MacBook Pro lineup with new Haswell processors, better battery life and faster Wi-Fi, things that came to the MacBook Air lineup back in June. This seems obvious for people following the rumor mill but for others that might just be coming on board, it’s a simple piece of advice that could prevent a major headache. The arrival of new MacBook Pros is not guaranteed and there is no telling how it might shake up its current offerings.
If Apple doesn’t announce a new MacBook Pro, which again would be surprising, then buyers can simply buy into one of the current models as the company would not likely introduce a refresh until 2014. Should Apple come out with new MacBook Pro models, there is a good chance that it will immediately put them on sale.
Right now, rumors suggest a release date a few days after the initial announcement, October 24th or October 25th to be exact.
We don’t anticipate site issues or major delays with the new models, if there are any, but we highly suggest gathering all of the pertinent information ahead of time.

Do not expect to be able to go into an Apple Store and snag anything other than the a stock version of the MacBook Pro. Instead, buyers who need to make upgrades or alterations, will need to make them online or in store, and prepare for varying degrees of shipping times. Prospective MacBook Pro buyers need to do their homework prior to next week’s launch.
Many buyers might find the MacBook Air’s 11-inch screen size to be a better fit and its cheaper price tag to be a little easier to swallow. For those that want a ton of power but don’t want the compromise, the new Mac Pro will definitely be a device worth looking at before deciding on a new MacBook Pro.
Obviously, there are going to be trade-offs between the two, things like portability and cost, but for those that have been teetering on the edge with their current MacBook, take a wait and see approach and definitely take a long gander at the new Mac Pro. That new MacBook Pro is not going to be a cheap device, especially for those that opt to buy the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.
For one, it’s nice having peace of mind, knowing that if there are issues in the first year and beyond, the device is covered. It’s not a necessary purchase on day one, Apple allows buyers to take up to a year to decide, but we suggest taking a close look at it in the next few weeks. That said, we highly suggest taking a look at MacBook Pro accessories, even if it may not seem necessary. The new MacBook Air which launched in June uses this processor and users report battery life of 12 hours and higher. The new Intel processors boast a better integrated graphics solution which could help Apple deliver better battery life. OS X Mavericks includes App Nap, which puts apps to sleep when they are hidden behind another app and Safari Power Saver which saves power when browsing the web. Here’s a quick rundown of Apple notebooks and All-in-Ones that still need a Haswell update. For spec updates like this Apple often updates the online store and starts selling a new version. A tech enthusiast to the core, Hemendra loves reading, writing and binge watching tv shows. Earlier reports suggest Apple would show off this new MacBook Air with a 12-inch display at WWDC on June 2nd, and possibly sell it later that day or the following morning. The first rumor lines up with Kuo’s description of a slimmer 12-inch MacBook Air and the second points to a MacBook Air release in the second quarter with a Retina display. This slimmer MacBook Air will reportedly offer a larger screen in the same size as the 11-inch MacBook Air to offer more power and productivity in a smaller package.
The current MacBook Pro Retina retails for $1,299, a $100 premium over the older non-Retina model. The iMac currently ships in 21.5-inch and a 27-inch models with starting prices of $1,299 and $1,799. There is not any information about the potential specs for a cheaper iMac, such as a smaller screen or new design. If Apple continues at the current pace it could be a very buys fall for new Apple products. On April of 2010, the upgrade was much appealing for it’s the first time Apple infused the Core i5 and Core i7 processors on the Macbook Pro making it the current most powerful laptop of the company, not to mention, it’s very thin as well – thinner than the Macbook Air of 2008.
Not only it’s the thinnest but it’s also the cheapest in which its 11-inch version is merely pegged at 999 USD. I mean, shelling out a minimum amount of 1.5K USD isn’t something wise if what you are getting is something you already have, am I correct? The graphics switching will work exactly like the previous models - it automatically switches between the GPU and IGP depending on what you're doing. The software is expected to arrive soon after the launch event and rumors suggest that the company could be offering some new hardware to usher in OS X’s new era. If true, OS X Mavericks would more than likely be on board with a release dates that are timed together.
That said, we would be shocked if the company didn’t revamp the MacBook Pro with Retina, at the very least, with a full on lineup change a distinct possibility as well.
Apple also recently released the Gold Master version of OS X Mavericks, the software that will likely be on board the new MacBook Pros, a sign that the release is imminent.
That means Apple ID, that means researching the competition and that means taking a look at the MacBook Air lineup to get a feel for the hardware that will likely be on board the MacBook Pro in just a few days.
For the most high-end MacBook Pro, users should expect the device to arrive within a few weeks, meaning, November.
While many buyers won’t need the power that the MacBook Pro provides, many others will find themselves questions whether it provides enough power for what they want to get done on their machine. The new Mac Pro is coming with a sleek new design and a ton of horsepower for those that need it.

Many people swear by the phone and in-store support and it’s especially handy for those that live near an Apple Store.
Apple does a great job with its designs but there is always a chance that the metal on the device could get scuffed up. Many people will ultimately decide to pass on them, but we highly suggest investigating them ahead of the October 22nd launch in order to get a sense of what may or may not work. The new processor also includes support for 4K displays, the latest high-resolution monitors and HDTVs arriving on the market. Apple also boasts better HD video playback which allows for better battery life while watching movies in HD.
Ditching the graphics card would close the gap between the two products and would lose apple a lot of revenue as people would buy the cheaper Airs. Apple sells a cheaper Apple computer in the Mac Mini at $599, but the last update was in October 2012.
It is possible Apple will drop to a cheaper processor, less RAM and storage to achieve a lower price.
There are also rumors that indicate that the company could revamp its MacBook Pro lineup with new MacBook Pros.
Buyers who need the basic models will be able to go into an Apple Store on release day and pick one up.
There are some great Windows-powered devices out there but there is also a big time in-house competitor as well.
For the average user, it might make more sense than the MacBook Pro which is aimed at those that need a ton of portable power. The new Haswell processor would certainly provide a big jump in performance over the last model, no doubt, but there will definitely still be limitations. With its dual-GPUs, 4K video support, and an array of high-performance processor configurations, the Mac Pro is likely going to be a dream device for those who need top notch performance.
After lugging around a MacBook Pro for years, the front of the device is dinged up pretty badly, something that not only makes it look bad but lessens its value, something that could come into play when it’s time to sell it for a new one.
The rest of the market is catching up – Apple need something special to cement their current position.
The company used a similar strategy to deliver a cheaper MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina in 2013. Here, we offer some tips for those who are thinking about buying a new MacBook Pro in the near future.
The MacBook Air just received big upgrades to battery life, processor and Wi-Fi in June and it’s definitely worth a look in the build up to next weeks event. Instead, wait a week because Apple is likely going to announce new, upgraded models that will keep the same price points as the current models. The MacBook has received a positive responsive so far, thanks to its great good looks, lightweight design and next-gen features.
It is 12 inches, has Apple’s Retina display technology with a resolution of 2,304 x 1,440 pixels. It has a slightly larger screen at 13 inches, which supports a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600.
The quality of the screen is, of course, very good.As you can see, there is very little difference between the display features of the two devices. The new MacBook has a 1.1Ghz dual-core Intel M processor, which isn’t exactly the most powerful processor in the market at the moment. The MacBook does have a respectable 8GB of RAM, though, and runs on a decent Intel HD Graphics 5300 card.
At its thickest point, the MacBook measures a minute 0.51 inches, which is a remarkable feat of engineering.
The MacBook also weighs a meager 2.03 pounds, making it one of the lightest laptops in the world.
The MacBook Pro has well-disguised fan vents which, while they are good at pushing out the heat out of the system, still make air-flow a concern.Both laptops come with a new Force Touch trackpad. In the future, we probably won’t need any wires to link our devices to any other devices in the vicinity.
The MacBook reflects the direction in which technology is heading- Apple has done away with all the regular USB ports and has built a single USB-C port on the laptop instead.
However, you will have to buy an adapter (about $20) to connect your regular devices to the USB-C port, as not many devices support USB-C at present.The MacBook has a single USB-C port, as we mentioned above.

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