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Together with the new release of iMacs, Apple also releases all-new wireless and wired keyboards.
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The most noticeable one should be the disappearing of Apple logo on the Command key ( ), instead, the word “command” is printed.
The volume control and eject keys above numeric keys are shifted to function keys F10 to F13, and the “help” key is now a “fn” key. Apple MacBook Pro 13 - Some Quirks as a PC - Apple MacBook Pro 13: Can a Mac Be a Decent Windows Laptop? I have been running Windows 7 Ultimate from the beta stage and up on my MacBook Pro 17" (Early 2008) and have had no real problems. High contrast will make a screen easier to read and whatever, but if that MBP had a matte screen it would be yet more easy to see with no distractions. The wired version has full key layout with document navigation controls and a numeric keypad.
If you’re wondering why the keyboard looks familiar, it’s because it’s pretty much the same Bluetooth wireless keyboard Logitech announced not too long ago, with the exception that this model comes with dedicated buttons designed for Mac and iOS.
For the most part, the MacBook Pro functions as any PC notebook would, though with some of Apple’s features present.

Everything translates over pretty well—Apple has coded in the same popup animations for the hardware control shortcuts (volume, brightness, etc) for Windows, and the two finger scroll is simply the best in the business. I go through a lot of laptops, so I’ve gotten pretty adept at switching between various layouts, but for some reason the MBP threw me more than most. As I said before, it’s the best chiclet keyboard out there, even better than the ThinkPad chiclet keyboard. The whole point of a display is to see what's displayed on it, not to see what's reflected on it, which is also going to affect colour accuracy. To smooth out the transition between the designed-for-OS X hardware and the Windows system, Apple has included a Boot Camp utility to customize settings with the mouse, keyboard, and which operating system the notebook should boot on the next restart. The best part is turning the bottom right-hand corner of the touchpad into a right click button. I don’t know how or why, but two finger scroll on the MacBook Pro just works better than two finger scroll on normal Synaptics touchpads, and the entire touchpad just works. It just underscores this point: everything that makes the MacBook Pro a great notebook in OS X still makes it a great notebook under Windows, with a couple of quirks along the way to give it character.
I can read things easier on the glossy high-contrast screen better than on the matte-monitor.
Glossy screens are totally not usable as far as i'm concerned.Even in the pics posted here it looks ridiculous, imagine how much better and easier to see that screen would be outside without all them reflections over it.

There's also an intelligent power management built-in that conserves battery life by automatically powering down the keyboard while not using it.
Logitech also claims that the trackpad had been built to withstand fingerprints and scratches.
If either peripheral interests you, the backlit keyboard is expected to retail for $100, while the trackpad will go for $70. It’s pretty brilliant, and rectifies one of the chief complaints with running the older MacBooks and MacBook Pros under Windows, where it was necessary to Ctrl+tap to get a right click.
Apple likes to switch the control and function keys, Lenovo-style, and I think I got used to the OS X shortcuts on the Apple keyboard (which is odd because I never actually used OS X on this system beyond running the Boot Camp partition utility the first time). I can also read on the MBP outside (Texas).I would like to think that this isn't because of glossy vs matte, but because of contrast, period. I have another laptop around here with a glossy screen, and have a hard time reading it in a lit room.

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